Fathers marriage

  • Hello everyone! I would like to ask a question regarding my family. I was wondering if my fathers marriage was going to last? Her DOB is Feb 8th 1965 and his DOB is April 18th 1958. Thank you ~

  • This marriage will struggle as they are two very different people. Your dad will find it hard to cope with his wife's emotional neediness and her depression and dark moods. She can also become irritated or angry with him for no good reason. This would have been much better to leave as a friendship.

  • Wow hit that all on the head. Thank you.

    Are the dark moods part of the depression or something else? Dark moods with her are bad. I just leave her alone because i dont like to deal with it. I just dont know what the problem is?.

    So you see him sticking with her then Captain?

  • Your father's wife is one of those Aquarians who loves humanity and causes, but can't stand people. Yet her image is very important to her. When her imaginative visions of the world fail to manifest, she can become very morose and disappointed. She can also be very restless and rebellious at times and will never conform to what others expect of her. So it may be that she will leave your father first. Your father is very money and comfort-oriented and finds it hard to share his financial assets which will not go down well with his wife. Also, what he wants is not always what's best for him, and he may find that he has made a poor choice in his partner. He also likes to be in charge and can be very controlling - his independently-minded wife will not tolerate any of that sort of thing for long.

  • Thank you again captain.

    I feel they rushed into this marriage.I clearly remember my dad saying "oh, somebody wants to get married". Wondering to myself.. Did he really want it?

    I just get up set with all the negativity i feel from her. I dont know where it all stems from and why she treats people the way she does. I guess we are two very different Aquarians. I always see fakeness with them when conflicts arise or whatever.

    I really feel my father has changed dramatically. I dont know if it is him growing or from her? I want my sweet father i knew again. I hope the day comes..

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