Shuaby, Captain, Watergirl18 Please Please help

  • Hello and thank you for reading my post,

    I'll try to make this shirt...

    I passed my nursing exam but it's taking the boards of nursing a while to issue me my actual license. I realy need to work a.s.a.p. Doin anything at this point bills are long over due. I need your help to understand how much longer it will take me to get my nursing license. Boards say it can take 8-12 weeks to get a reply. In order for me to find a job in anything I most likely have to lie and leave out that I went to nursing school.

    PLS I need some advice I'm stuck and wana move on with my life and start accomplishing more goal 😃

    Thank you for your time ❤

  • Not shirt, hahaha I meant to say short

  • Hi Sweetoty,

    I normally don't like to do timing questions with Tarot, but have had some success with it recently. I drew 3 cards and got the 2 of Wands, 2 of Pents, and King of Wands.

    The 2's suggest 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 months. The King of Wands signifies a fire sign. We are currently in the fire sign of Leo, so 2 days would fit. The next fire sign is Sagitarrius which begins November 22nd. So if you do not hear from them by next week I think it is safe to say it will be the 2 months to late November. I know that doesn't help you much, so I did a Celtic Cross...

    And, wow. You have been going through so much disruption in your life lately. The entire spread reflected instability, struggle, conflicts (both internal and with others), strife....basically major upheaval. Just remember that these challenging times are always followed by major growth so hang in there.

    The major message that came through is that you will be working in your chosen field and you need to CALM yourself right now. I know you are going through some pretty dramatic change in your life, but all the tension/worry/anxiety does not help you - it actually pushes the good stuff away.

    Your near future was The Empress which gives me the same ambiguous answer as the first 3-card spread I did for you on timing. She can signify reaping the benefits of your hard work (which goes in line with receiving an answer very soon), however she can also signifiy a delay in getting this reward and needing to be patient.

    Your Advice (other than to calm your mind and emotions) was the 8 of Pents. Now, this could signify several things. (1) It could be telling you to be patient OR to be patient, but there still may be some work to be done - like contacting the people involved to make sure your paperwork gets processed in a timely fashion; (2) it could be telling you that part-time work for the time being is a suitable course of action. Not sure where you live, but this is the time of year that party or holiday decoration type stores start hiring part-time help for the Halloween season. You won't need to lie about nursing school or have to make a long-term commitment. So maybe you should just start looking to see what's out there with regard to part-time or seasonal work; (3) it could be a message that you need to learn to manage your money wisely or even look into what type of benefits are available to you until the nursing thing comes through. My suggestion is to heed all three options!

    Whichever way, the outcome was good. You WILL get your license. You WILL be working as a nurse. You WILL do well in your chosen career. You WILL be earning money and things WILL be looking up!

  • 😃 😃 😃 Watergirl18,

    thank you so much for this reading and your time. This anxiety I feel is overbearing but now thanks to you I now have something to work with vs just hearing the clocks tick-ticking.

    Thanks so much a gain, it's such a relief...

    Okay so I deft get my butt moving in this part time work 😃

    ❤ ❤ Watergirl18

  • Hi Sweetoty, Have you tried the hospitals. Explain your situation and maybe could work as an aide until your license arrives.

  • Daliolite,

    I read your mssg late last night. I haven't done that. I submitted a couple of apps on line but as of today I build some balls to go in and talk to HR.



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