Cards of the same suit pulled in numerical order

  • hi-last night i was reading someone's cards and she pulled 4 cards from the same suit in numerical order! what does this mean?!

    the facts:

    -the cards were clean, well shuffled and the deck was cut three times

    -the cards were spread in a circle formation and she pulled from different parts of the deck

    -the position of the cards was NOT back to back

    -we are using the Daughters of the Moon Deck and the suit was Blades...


  • oh and by not back to back i mean that she pulled two cards of the same suit in two consecutive positions. next she pulled other cards for other positions and then she pulled two more numerically sequenced consecutive cards for the next two positions.

    i use an unusual 4 card spread but so you have an idea she pulled:

    5 of blades for the issue or subject

    6 of blades for the circumstances or influences

    clarification cards

    7 of blades pulled for clarification on the circumstances

    8 of blades pulled for the final result position

  • A friend of my did a reading for me a few years ago and i had a very similar drawing, I would really like to know the meaning behind such a drawing.

  • isn't this like having a straight flush in poker? this has to mean something important.

    If Blades are like swords then maybe someone used to a more common tarot deck can translate??

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