The Captain~ A reading, please?

  • Hello there!

    So I have made a new friend... And I was wondering if it would ever be a good idea to move it past a friendship. Would you mind helping me? My birthday is 3/3/90, his is 1/17/87.

    Thank you!


  • This relationship has an empathic connection, but its greatest challenge and focus is often mutual acceptance. The key here is building trust, which can require some patience, for the two of you are very different temperamentally and may not get along at all for long periods of time. Learning to relate, however, can turn into a marvellous process of self-discovery for you both, one that will help you realize the true value of your relationship with each other. There is a strange chemistry at work here, in which competition can ultimately foster admiration, irritation can lead to acceptance, and selfishness can become sharing. It is often through a common activity or interest that this working-out process takes place.

    A love affair between you will hinge on your friend's ability to accept not only your need for privacy but also your choices in friends. He can be very demanding of your attention and must feel that he is number one in your affections. In a friendship too, being dubbed your 'best friend' is perhaps of overly great importance to him, perhaps indicating in both situations a somewhat immature and egocentric attitude. Marriage does have a chance of success if your partner can learn to back off rather than being so possessive and controlling of you, his wife. You yoursself may have to relinquish claiming attitudes and give him as your husband more freedom.

    Diplomacy and patience will have to be cultivated in this relationship, for the road to acceptance will not be an easy one. The two of you must demonstrate a willingness to compromise.

  • I see, I see... Thank you, Captain! So far, talking with him is fine, a casual friendship is all I'll go with for now. Maybe I'll just go with the flow, like I always say I'll do. I appreciate your time 🙂 I hope you're having a good day!

    ~ Angela

  • This post is deleted!

  • Mind if I ask for another?

    How about 12/15/1988?

    ....Look any better or?

    Please let me know if I'm being too greedy! You're so generous for helping so many people!



  • AV, I am here to help for as long as you or anyone needs it.

    With this second relationship, it is easier for friendship than love. You two would be better suited fighting on the same side of a cause you believe in, rather than as lovers. A love affair here will demand most of both your energies. Although you may find this situation satisfactory, your friend will be resistant to giving up his other interests and may feel resentful if forced to do so. He can be much more demanding of attention than you are, yet may not return the favour for you. He has a great deal to learn from you about human feeling and meaningful action - assuming he is prepared to learn, that is. And if you are not convinced of his commitment, you may pull back. Mistrust and an uncompromising attitude can make a love affair here very tiring and difficult to sustain.

  • Thank you! That's what I needed to know... Sometimes my imagination gets carried away from reality and I start to see things I WANT to see and overlook things I should consider.

    Maybe I'll get an imaginary neck brace to keep my head on straight 😛

    Have a fabulous weekend :]


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