Virgo men... why are they so complicated

  • TO LovetoLearn

    In regards to your marriage to a Virgo man I would like to give you an award you passed everything with flying colors. My husband stays in the bathroom too long and since he does that I decided I will have the other bathroom to myself. He has the bathroom door close and I always respect his privacy that I always knock before I open the door. So the answer to your question is he probably does but you know what as long as there is no other woman there he can stay there as long as he wants to. I think our husbands are very lucky to have us because we accept the way they are and tolerate whatever quirks they have. He is not romantic too.

    My sister once told me that if she was married to my husband she will be bored to death & probably will leave him. A few years back this sister of mine that told me that comment said to me that her charismatic, romantic & attractive husband has a mistress and two kids on the side so would I chose that kind of man not in a million years. As long as I feel peaceful right now I'm happy. We are blessed Lovetolearn we have passed all the test.

    Many blessings to you

  • Thanks Magikal,

    Im feeling a little lonely right now & your messages really comforted me. Just not sure if I should contact him again or wait for him to contact me. We (he & I ) are quite insecure in relationships due to past hurts & he seems to be more so....

    Have a great weekend.

  • Dear Sunshine,

    Its always hard when you are dating & in a relationship.Men & women are different so there will be problems at times and sadly to say its up to us women to make this road easy for us or both of us. Its OK to be lonely at times it will pass. We get lonely sometimes. Like what I said Virgo man are difficult to understand 'cause they are in their quiet mood every now & then thinking & analyzing things ( I wish I could X-Ray their brains and see why they are always doing this). Meanwhile you are wondering whats going on & its hard on you. But I think most men anyway are like this (not as bad as Virgo though) when they are dating. Testing the way like what they say cause there are so many fishes in the ocean I have to find which one I really like.

    What I would like you to do is this "What is the most important thing about this man that you admire? Forget about love feelings thats where we get blinded and get lost. If he has that important thing that you like then be patient, be understanding & tolerate his ways to a certain POINT that you can handle. If you think its too much for you and its hard for you to handle it just move on ( he will probably chase you then but he will be back to his normal self again). There is no time frame on being patient because we dont know what goes on the mens head. It takes awhile before a Virgo man to feel secure and even that he will still have those quiet moods and you need to understand that because its nothing to do with you anymore. Anyway most signs that have been hurt before have difficulty of braking that wall of insecurity. You can try to contact him but not too often and dont sound too clinging, pushy or worried. He will pick that up.

    There is no guaranty in life. Even I'm at peace with my marriage now I still pray every morning before I start the day so I wont have any heavy dramas or problems or whatever that I cannot handle. Sometimes I get mad at my husband ( just the normal thing) but it goes away so quickly and back to normal again. It doesnot last long.

    Since I come from a religious family there is no problem for me to go to church as much as I can. I have seen a few 20years, 30 years of marriages crumble and I hope & pray it wont happen to me. I hate to say this but I think God likes to test us every now & then & see how far we can handle certain things or whatever. SEE HOW GOD IS THINKING OF PATIENCE.

    Many blessings to you and may you find the right one!

  • Dear Sunshine & emily26angel,

    On the latest discussion I came across the topic "Aquarius girl confused by taurus man"

    This topic should give you some insight. This aquarius girl is too much into the taurus

    guy (who is an earth sign just like virgo) She is driving him away.

  • hi, i'm new to the forums,but have been interested in astrology, tarot, etc... for many yrs. when i came across this forum i had to tell u some of my story. I have been back & forth 4 more than 10yrs. with a virgo man. When we met there was an instant attraction. i was working as a cashier & he came through with a friend, we just exchanged a glance that i couldn't get out of my head, a week or so later i went to visit a friend of mine & he was there he was along time friend of her husband. Anyway the next day he got my number from my friend & called so we went 4 a drive. I have never been more comfortable & relaxed with anyone. We were both in messy relationships so after a long summer 2gether it ended. A little more than a yr. later he was back, but not to stay. So i moved on & there he was again i was in a new relationship, & couldn't risk it 4 a man who left twice already(even though my heart was always with him). So a couple yrs. go by & hes back asking about me again, by that time i knew the other relationship wasn't working(he had drug problems) So we started talking again &he started prersuing me, but i had to back away from him because i wanted to end things before persuing a realationship with him. that relationship ended & we started seeing each other. All the statements about virgo men r so true, but they r also some of the things i love about him. We dated 4 a yr.&1/2 then he just ended it out of the blue & with no reason(i think it scared him) that was about 3months ago & we have recently started talking again. There is definantly chemistry between us & no matter how much time goes by when we walk in a room where the other is there's a sparkle in our eyes & a smile that comes from within. My heart is with him and i know his is with me, but can we ever make this thing work i can't imagine myself with anyone else & I beleive we come back together time after time because we belong together,& when we're together it feels like thats right where i'm meant to be. Do i trust in what i feel or should i move on & get off of this merry-go-round. i could really use some insight if anyone can help.

  • Dear Wil/Wil

    2 Red Flags I see in here

    1. He was in a messy relationship the insecurity wall is not torn down yet. I think it will

    be a long, long , long , time before he brakes it down. He might not even brake it down so more heartaches for you.

    2. After 4 1/2 years he ended the relationship with no reason. In my previous responses I mentioned that if a Virgo brakes up the relationship he is not going to explain why

    this type of man is nothing but heartaches. After 10 years off & on with him he did this to you

    more than likely he is not going to change.

    He feels that you are contented with this type of relationship so he will always be unstable with you.I think he likes sex with you thats why he keeps coming back. Maybe I'm wrong on this but I dont think thats healthy if thats all hes happy with.

    You should finally realized that the brake up is the last turning point of this relationship.

    It is your life if you want to be in this type of relationship so let it be.

    Many blessings to you

  • Well ive decided to to forget about my Virgo, yes he went thru a bad break up etc....but so have i & lost a child 8yrs ago...our only problem was that I wanted him to respect me and that my time is shared with my daughter & work as well as him & that id like him to consider that. It's not that hard, im an easy going type of person, i dont like to fight & argue lifes too short , but i want respect who doesnt?

    Good luck to you all who are dating Virgo's theyre more insecure than any other Ive met, so stupid. I love him! But i just want him to respect me...He's going to have to do a lot of talking to get me back...ha ha ye like thats going to happen! They prefer to talk to themselves... lmao 🙂

  • Dear MsSunshine,

    You did it right. Of course it takes time for a relationship to work out but if you suffer and knows this person would take a lot of work for you to handle its time to let go. Astrology, etc. are only a small part you have to deal with the reality of it.

    Dont think about your past bad relationships. If you do, the old energy lingers on and you will end up getting the same type of characters.You have heard women say "Why am I getting the same type of guy?".

    I have a few suggestions its up to you if you want to follow:

    1. Use incense (sage is the best second is sandalwood but theres a lot of cheap sandalwoods

    and it might not work so you have to get a good sandalwood for it to work if you cant find sage) on yourself and house (all around) to clear out that bad energy. Stop thinking about bad past relationships. You have to clear out the bad energy.

    2. If you can stay away & not be involved with any guy for about 6 months to a year you

    willl somehow get a new fresh start, a new energy and a new type of character.

    If you have not healed from the bad relationships you had and have not cleared out the bad energy I'm telling you you will get the same type of characters. THIS IS IMPT. THATS WHY I'M REPEATING IT.

    You can do the incense once a month or whenever you feel you still need to do it.

    Once a month is the best.

    If you havenot used the incense before be careful with it.

    Many blessings to you

  • Ms Sunshine

    If you have not used Sage before make sure you ask someone at the store to teach you how to use it. It has a very strong smell . I hope you are not allergic to strong herbs smell.

    When my husband smells it, he keeps on snizzing so I only use it when he is not at home or will be out for 4 hours or so. I'm happy right now ( thank you Lord) but I still use it once in a great while just so to remove all negativity that comes in. You never know theres jealous people, people that have wrong intentions, etc.

  • Thankyou Magickal,

    You're very sweet & I appreciate your time and will definitely give the incense a try....I have to do something as its nearly the anniversary of the night we met & his birthday was on Aug 31, so he's been on my mind a lot! I havent contacted him & its been quite easy but i still think about him a lot grrrr....

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  • I decided that David (the Virgo) isn't the right guy for me and now he starts replying to texts!! they are just far to complicated for me 🙂

  • Dear Miss Sunshine

    I forgot to to say when you use the sage be sure you open up all the windows and the doors.

    You should smoke every room of the house or apt. A little smoke around every room will help clear the rooms. It doesnot have to be a large smoke just a little & walk around each room (clockwise) is enough. Opening the doors and windows clears old stale and so new energy comes in. Also you never know what type of people used to live in their so the old energy of people could still be in that place and you are getting it. Nowadays I just do mine every 3 months or 6 months just to clear my place. It makes me feel good and also sage is good luck. You never know it might give you good luck to meet the right man this time.

  • Dear Emily26angel

    You being a cancer Virgo will be so difficult for you to handle. GOOD FOR YOU!!

    Many blessings to you

  • Hello,

    While I was browsing thru, I fount this post that really interested me. I appreciate your advise Magikal. This way I can understand better My virgo male. I am currently "dating" a virgo male. Is hard to communicate with him. He doesn't talk at all, now I can understand. I have told him how I felt about him. is been 8 months since I have known him. I don't see him as much since he lives an hour away. Its hard for both since our schedues. However, when I see him. I melt. I am emotional cancer as you all know. But when I am around him he brings a balance. He is to his own. However, When i want him to pay attention, I aways find a way, that's when he i in front of me. He is not the biggest talker, He avoids any converstations that can bring him to a decicion making process. He is a clown. and i love that about him. that makes me feel that he feels confortable around me. However, Is been 8 months and I want to take it to a more serious way. So that i can know him more deeply and see if its ok to continue this or start seeing someone else but he doesn't like talking about it. However, he mentioned that we had to do something because of me living so far, I aked to you rather me to move closer? he Said he wasnt sure. However he wants to work it out, but I don't know when, he said he was going to think about it. Hahaha, so with him I am a patient Cancerian. Is funny because I have never been patient with anyone else before. But My heart really tells me that I like. I feel for him like I have never felt for anyone. However, I can't have someone that just dissappears without calling a week or two but then sends a text out of no where at midnight saying good night...hahaha I So i can understand other people. People but at the same time I am not willing to wait years for him to come out and say if he wants a relationship with me or not. So who knows what will happen. Just waiting and see. Keeping as well my options open even though he feels like he is my other half when I am around regardless that he doesn't show too much affection. But his calm way and his smiles just eats me out.

  • Im a Libra woman with a Virgo male... and he is really difficult to decipher.

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