AstraAngel Can I get some guidance :)

  • So ive been diong spreads in general and like you said i took the four of wands out and have had it with me. Last night I put it back in the deck an sure enough it came out in pretty much every spread so i took it out again and just asked the cards for some guidnace in general about this. Could you help me interpret this further.

    I really do appreciate all the wisdom that you have given me and appreciate this more then you know 🙂

    This is what i got: Signifier


    What is this card trying to represent: Five of wands

    • You are feeling the stress of continuous competition - finding your ideas being continually tested through conflict and disagreements.

    -I need to be firm and state the facts to clarify the situation and get the cooperation i require

    • Stop trying to destroy or end the battle - begin to seek to find an outlet that will allow you to compete fore

    • Validation of principles, spiritual options. A possible or likely reordering of priorities. The struggle to rationalize the intuitive.

    When Can I expect to see results from this:

    Two of cups knight of wands strength

    I take this to say two months....I may recieve a message of some sort which will test my strength on what it is really


    Im suppose to go to a wedding in exactly two months....

    Where will lead: Eight of wands

    Something (a fact, a point, a bit of information etc) that has been missing - is about to be discovered

    Why does this need to happen: Ten of cups

    I have always seen this card as a scene of enjoying a family, enjoying a partnership, basking in a completed task

    How Do I feel about this: Three of Pentacles

    I feel as though something has been successfully concluded and it's now time to take it further. Go to the next step.

    One of the meanings of the card is that of Initiation according to a few sources.

    Outcome: Six of cups / Empress

    ummmmmmm the first thing i thought of was pregnancy

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