Question for Watergirl18

  • Dear Watergirl

    I have taken a shine to a guy named Leo. Do you pick up anything here?


  • He is involved with someone else is what I am getting, but I think you are already aware of this, no? This is coming through as a losing battle for you and something you need to let go of - walk away from. Don't waste your time on someone who is unavailable. There are plenty of unattached men out there for you to take a shine to!

  • Hey waterfall

    Thanks but he is actually single...

  • Well, he came through as unavailable and there was also a feeling that infidelity was an issue - is this an issue you have had to deal with in the recent past?

    I did a new celtic cross for you today and this guy Leo is still showing up as not an option. In asking about your love situation, what came through is that there is a huge imbalance going on with you internally. Like there is an overindulgence in love and, sorry but the issue of imprudence came up again. I think you may just be trying too hard - seeing a potential lover in almost everyone you meet or just moving far too quickly. BALANCE. You need to get yourself grounded and centered - be more practical. You are coming through as pushing too hard and getting lost in fantasy. This is about your own inner strength and self-confidence. It feels like there is a very strong NEED for love in your life and that is why you try so hard to find it. There are some old patterns or habits at play here that need to be dealt with. Then you can let love come to you instead of seeking for it so intently - so you can enter a relationship for the right reasons and be able to build it on a solid foundation instead of fantasy.

  • Thanks Watergirl.

    Nope have not had the issue of infidelity in the past.

    So how do I deal with this inner strength and confidence - i thought i am pretty much confident in all aras of my life? Or how to get grounded/centred I guess is what you mentioned.


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