Living on a Prayer: a bit of help?

  • Hi Dancuer,

    Open your eyes to John i feel you are truly not not seeing him, observe his body language around you and take note of his jokes as i feel what he says is very serious he just makes out like he is joking around but hes not he truly means it , he has left you a sign of some sort or given you a hint that he likes you in a joking way ? Has he ever asked you out and then made out like he was only joking? This is how he truly feels his heart is with you , i feel he has liked you for ages but has kept his feelings hidden ..

  • Hello LOAP,

    I would like a bit of insight into my near future. Very confused right now with my marriage and work. Any help will be welcome. DOB 06/06/1967.


  • Hi LOAP,

    It's not like that. We hardly know each other. Are we talking about the same John, or the same person? Some other J maybe?

    Have only been at this company 2 months and John travels a lot. We've only had a few conversations. His jokes are mostly about me being quiet - as I am, compared to the rest of them. Just figured he's ragging on the new guy (me).

    I feel a little stupid around him, cos he's extremely quick-witted and sometimes I don't get his jokes. But I do think he's a nice guy and funny also.

    He has asked me to lunch a few times along with the group of colleagues he hangs out with but I'm not interested to go. I generally keep to myself because it's how I process the stress I feel. Lunchtime is my escape from the noise.

    I think he has an interest in people in general. He loves to talk to people and knows how to extract details.

    It's prob fascinating/disconcerting to him that I'm conspicuous yet invisible (do you get what i mean); And that he can hardly get info from me cos I barely entertain him (or others). Not doing any of this on purpose by the way. Besides being totally weary of talking, I'm just wary of people here too.

  • Hi DaNCUER

    iIt is John from you work . I feel it very strong do you like dancing ?

  • Hi LOAP,

    Hope you are feelin better these days 🙂

    Well he's the only John I know. But it feels odd what yr saying cos I hardly know him.

    Wondering if you pick anything about N - she's a colleague. Intelligent, sassy and cool. Kinda like her, but starting to feel that I need to be careful around her.

    Yes I do like dancing 🙂 Hence the nic Danceur...hehe.

  • Hi Dancuer ,

    Thanks i feel heaps better now ,your energy is scattered right now you need to maintain focus set aside John and the other love interest for a while and focus on yourself . Your card for the day is the moon all is not as it seems and you are not seeing the reality of a situation . past fears are holding you back from moving forward . You need to face these past issues head on to experience true happiness in the future .

    Love, light and hugs Loap:)

  • Hi LOAP,

    Hope you continue to feel better day by day 🙂

    I don't have time to really focus on anything but work. I suppose if my energy is scattered - it's cos work is getting me down and I need to relieve the stress somehow. I'm not happy at work but I just want to try and hang in there. Whether or not it's a good thing (in light of the things you've seen), I love spending time with B. He makes me smile. I hope I do the same for him.

  • Hi Dancuer ,

    Thankyou i feel much better now thats great about B . Im sorry to hear that you re stressed aout with work . What country are you from ? if you dont mind me asking Im in Australia . I would love to go back to work but i have to wait until my kids get older .

  • Hi LOAP,

    Take it easy there ok 🙂

    Would rather not say hehe. I've got a slight soft spot for Australia & Aussies (cool accent, even though sometimes I don't understand) 🙂 I went there once, and I hope to visit again someday.

    Guess we're all supposed to be where we are, in some way or another.

    Just like now, I hate my work situation. I like learning but the circumstances are bad. But this is what I'm supposed to go through for now. So I'm really trying to take it with a pinch of salt, even though some days are so frustrating, I want to cry 😞

    Think it's really tough but rewarding to raise your kids. And Australia seems like a good place to do that. Hope that you do get some time to yourself to do your own stuff.

  • Hi Dancuer ,

    Thats ok i was just trying to make conversation . Yes i live in the lucky country us Aussies are truly blessed Hope all is well

    Love and llight Loap:)

  • Hi LOAP,

    Saw your other thread. Really hope you can take a break for yourself, every now and again. To be there for others, we have to be there for ourselves first.

    I am feeling really burnt out and tired from my job recently, so I know how it can feel to overextend yourself. It's a really messed up work environment, and I now see that it's cos of the direction and example the boss is setting. Workhaholic and with no respect for other's time and boundaries, and refusing to see that we are just overloaded. I try to limit how much overtime I do. But still, because it's mentally taxing, many days I go home, I feel utterly depleted. And though I've taken on this new role for over a month, there's still no word on the revised salary offer. I suppose it's low on the priorities because everyone's busy and I'm doing the work anyway. But I think it's really unfair 😞

    Anyway, I'm finally getting closer to some of my colleagues and they're seeing the real me also. Not that quiet girl, but the cheeky, kooky thing I can sometimes be 🙂

    B and I are closer but still with a nice healthy sense of space. We both need it. I just hope it stays easy-going and doesn't move too fast.

    Take care of yourself always ok LOAP? 🙂

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