Living on a Prayer: a bit of help?

  • Hi LOAP,

    Need a bit of advice into my situation.

    Been offered a job, an expansion of my current position. But I'm being pressurized into quick a decision. Is this new role the right move?

    Also, just started dating someone. Would like to know how he feels about me and this thing with us. Is there any potential here?


  • Hi Danceur ,

    Im so sorry i just seen this thread ,ive pulled some cards for you regarding your work situatrion and the cards that came out were ,

    1. 5 of swords - i feel that in the past you felt as if your job is becoming mundane is this right? I feel you are looking for more of a challenge instead of the neverending daily rut . I also feel That there was bickering of some sort going on .That was taking its toll

    2. The Ace of Swords- in the present represents new opportunities are coming into play you will be thinking alot differently towards situations , reassing your currant lfe path and clearing out the clutter that no longer serves you

    3. 8 of cups in the future postion represents that you will move on to new pastures which are more challenging for you so with this card in the future postion, i feel it would be a good decision that you should expand on you currant work postion , but you must make make sure there are no loose ends everything needs to be completed and put in order if this is going to be a great success . Did you find your ring yet?

    I hope this helps Danceur i will be back shortly with more cards for your relationship question .

    Lovew and Light LOap:)

  • Hi LOAP,

    Thanks for remembering - no I haven't found it. so busy with work, I wasn't able to go through my bag. But it's ok. I'm not upset about it anymore. Just very grateful you tried to help:)

    About the job.. I'm feeling v overwhelmed by the responsibility and the gap in my ability to take it up. Also I've achieved an optimum level of work life balance right now and what's bugging me is that this job will not allow me to keep up with my after-work committments which serve as creative and physical outlets. I need that balance to maintain my productivity and optimism.

    Do you think it will help if I voiced my concerns to my boss and see if we can work out a scope that will work for both of us?

    Looking forward to your other reading too..

  • Hi Danceur,

    Sorry its taken me a while here is your relationship reading ,

    Card 1) The Emperor - Your View of your partner ,

    I feel you will view your partner like a Father figure in some ways , as he will be the more dominate one in your relationship ,and i am getting a strong feeling that he is older than you. He is a very serious person who likes to stick to routines and sometimes this can be his downfall as he tends to get stuck in ruts and cannot adapt to change very well .

    Card 2) Knight of Cups - Your Partners view of you

    Your Partner is very interested in you and i know that you said you were only dating but, i feel as if he wants to take it to the next level of commitment i feel that this means seeing each other on a full time basis not only on weekends or here or there .

    Card 3)- Five of Cups - Your needs

    You are still dealing with some sort of hurt that has happened in a past relationship , you need to let go and move on from this in order for this new relationship to work. I see there are walls all around you , you need to drop your guard a litlte so that you can build up a trust with this guy, but of course still be on the look out for the red flags it pays never to be to cautious, but you have learnt from this past experience and you are wiser for it .You need someone who will treat you with respect you deserve,don't settle for less .

    Card 4) - 10 of Cups - Your Partners needs ,

    Your Partner needs complete happiness and joy that comes from having family as he is longing to settle down even though i feel he could be alot older than yourself . I truly feel he has always longed for this yet i seem to get the feeling that he has children form a past relationship but has never truly experienced this to the extent he would like to .

    Card 5) The Empress -The currant status of your relationship .

    I feel even though you have more or less told me that this relationship is still its infancy but with The Empress in the currant position it indicates that it will grow and flourish into something more prosper for the future .

    Card 6) Eight of Swords - The path you would like this relationship to take ,

    You want to be in a relationship where the word commitment doesn't mean being trapped or imprisoned as you still want to be your own person by spending time on your own as you are a very independent person who doesnt need someone around all the time to make you happy, but i feel that this card coincides with the five of cups and the past hurt you have suffered. I feel that this past partner was very possessive towards you or something along those lines and you defiantly don't want to go down that road again .

    Card 7) The Magician - The path your Partner would like to see this relationship take ,

    Your Partner would like to make sure that this relationship starts on solid ground as he wants you both to be able to communicate properly as he wants no skeleton's coming out of the closet in the future . He wants you to know where it is he is coming from and what he expects from the relationship . He wants to lay all his cards on the table as he has been hurt in the past and like yourself he doesn't want to make the same mistake again.

    Card 😎 The Hermit -Aspects of your relationship to consider

    I feel you are like The Hermit and often like to withdraw into yourself for long periods of time as like i said in the8 of Swords you are happy in your own company . I feel that your partner will take this the wrong way at times and feel as if you are ignoring him even though you will tell him this is not your intention to do so . I feel he will find this very annoying for him and it could cause alot of arguments in the future . You are not a Scorpio by any chance are you ?

    Card 9) 2 of Cups - The Outcome

    Wow you couldn't have asked for a better card to get in this position it represents the beginning of a long lasting relationship that is totally committed , so this is a great omen that it will all work out well for the future .

    I hope this helps Danceur, i will pick you some more cards regarding your job situation soon ,.

    Take care Love , Light and Hugs Loap,

  • Hi LOAP,

    Thanks again for the reading. Think I need some further help to put the reading into perspective.

    we grew into a gradual friendship since the beginning of the year. 5 months ago, he seemed keen but stopped just short of making a move. We only crossed the boundary a few weeks ago. We haven't really acknowledged that we are dating, but i guess we are, as it's not platonic (tho it's still in the early stages now).

    Here's the thing. So far, I just know that the fact he's opened himself up to me physically indicates he is interesed. I don't know if he is interested in me, as a person. Or if this is just physical for him.

    He is a Gemini, so this man has many female friends and he's very charming. But he also has a very quiet, private side. And I take it as a good sign that he is comfortable enough to show me that quieter side of himself. I'm a bit surprised that his reading indicates that he (Gemini) may have difficulty adapting to change - cos that sounds more like me. And yes, I'm a Scorpio.

    He is caring and gentlemanly in very quiet ways. Maybe he thinks I don't notice, but I do. He is older than me, but the gap is only between 5-10 years. Might have been married before. But I really don't know anything about his personal life. He is so private, you would think he is the Scorpio. As friends, we stayed safely in the realm of mutual interests. Never talked about personal stuff, feelings. I want to go there but I'm not sure he is ready. So I'm revealing things about myself to him and letting him open up about himself on his own terms (which so far, is only physical).

    He and I are just enjoying things in the moment, for now. It works for me this way, because you're right - I was terribly hurt before by an extremely possessive and abusive ex. And I want to take my time with any potential partner. And I want to be able to feel free in my relationships, and to do things on my own sometimes. As a Scorpio I exist in my head sometimes. But it seems to me, my friend is also like this, and he rather loves his independence and freedom as well.

    Your reading is very positive. I would like to think that this has potential to grow into something committed. But I do not feel at all (or yet) that he is keen to take it to next level (as in a more committed scenario). He seems to like this 'on weekends, as and when type of scenario. And he hasn't told me anything of how he feels about me, about this. He is physically expressively but there is an emotional disconnect. He is letting his physicality do the talking..which is fine for now, and in some sense. But it makes me nervous.

    I like him a lot, and I am physically and emotionally attracted. But I am scared to show him how I feel. Because I don't know where he's at, emotionally. Does he feel 'it' and is just now ready to show it, or does he not feel anything at all, and this is just friends w benefits?

  • Hi Dancuer ,

    Ive just pulled some cards asking for more info on your currant work situation , and i have to warn you that i see alot of quarrleing going on as you got three 5s ,and i feel its between 3 or more people . The cards that came out where

    5 of coins -

    This card normally represents finacial difficulties and hardships, i also feel a work place injury or something along those lines, and i feel that this could have been the cause of the quarreling im not sure if it is you that has suffered this or someone that you work with who is very close to you .

    5 of Wands -

    i feel that maybe there is some competiveness going on in you work place everyone is trying to earn brownie points ,and i also see a brown nose in your midst, be very careful who you talk to dont reveal all of your plans.

    5 of Swords -

    Well this quarelling is going to be a never ending battle, i feel youve put up with this for a long time now its defently time to move .I feel you should tallk to your boss but like i said in the previous card keep your plans to youself as someone else has already got there sights on this job .

    I pulled another card for clarication and i got The Empress

    This is the card of Harvest and Growth so i feel you have planted the seeds as you said this job is an expansion of your currant postion and this is a very positive card so i feel all will work out, and i didnt feel any problems with your after work commitments, but at the end of the day these cards are only a guide and its your desicion we all have free will .

    Regarding your relationship im married to a scorpio so i know that they can withdraw like The Hermit at times, and its just their way but its taken me a long time to realise this ,as i used to get offended sometimes buy his quiet spells . I strongly feel this guy is really into you , and this being scared to show him how you feel it will be ok just take baby steps, as i know Scorpios tend to hide their feelings well .Like i said i felt the walls up all around you , and i dont blame you, but i strongly feel you need to let them down a little . I feel a lot of tension and stress as well ,you are worrying to much and not interacting with others and this is where The Hermit comes into play i honestly i feel you are all work work work and no play , let your hair down live a little go out and have some fun.

    I hope this helps Danceur and i just want to say a big thankyou to you for letting me read for you it was an absoloute pleasure

    Take Care Love , Light and Hugs Loap:)

  • Hi LOAP,

    Thank you for your readings.

    It is a horrible time at work. My supervisor was unexpectedly hospitalized and she'll be away for a month while we have inherited her immense backlog of work, most of which we don't know how to do - and will have to run around for answers.

    Feel very down and negative about the job. You are right about the brown nose. My friend is very keen on the job and she's been very upfront with accepting the added responsibilities. I've gotta hand it to her. I'm just very turned off the situation.

    Not sure how to proceed now. Because I feel that I may make a mistake on my judgement of the job.

    You are definitely right. I'm not interacting much now, esp at work. I'm stressed into silence pretty much.

    As for my friend - I really don't know. Just take it slow I suppose, and hope he doesn't get turned off. I enjoy the moments when he's warm and close, but then there are times when he's quiet and cold. Although I like him, I don't want to get hurt. his changing moods (gemini) scare me. If he really likes me, as you feel he might, he's really good at hiding it. Physically expressive when he wants to be, but cool as a cucumber otherwise.

  • Hi Danceur ,

    You are very welcome just take things one step at a time , i understand that you are stressed out with everything i strongly feel he likes you , but you are very good at hiding your feelings as well ( Scorpio Traits ) and i feel he could think that your not interested ,so like i said you have to let the walls down a little bit show him how you feel .

    With your work situation im glad you could relate to the brown nose , keep your wits about you im sorry i feel she could be talking to others behind your back and not only about work be careful what you tell her about your private life as well ,as she is very two faced .

    I hope it all works out for you and thanks again for letting me read for you

    Love , Light and Hugs LOap:)

  • Hi LOAP,

    Just curious, in your experience, what would be some Scorpio traits that annoy you, or you wish we were more aware of (in how they affect others)?

    I've got to make a decision tmr about whether I'll take the job. Basically I was offered either the new portfolio or to swop roles with the brown nose (so in the end, it seems i do have a more long term opportunity at this company). To be fair, she's very capable and I feels she deserves the job more than me. But I'm also curious about the job - should I take it though there's a nagging fear that I could leave prematurely because of the workload or stress? Or just swop roles (i don't particularly like her job either).

    Please don't take this the wrong way, but is it possible in your readings about my friend - that yr picking up my vibes, not his (or maybe it's some other guy)? That I am the one who wants to take this up a notch, and not him. Or maybe he feels this way about someone else? Not me?

    Cos LOAP, I really don't feel that he likes me all that much. You won't believe how cold he's been towards me the last week. I know he has aloof moods, and it may have nothing to do with me. But I can't help feeling he's lost interest...again.

    Tho I've been hurt in the past (as have many people), I'm generally open with people whom I trust. I remember your advice to let down the walls more, show him how I feel. I want to - its just his changing moods that send the walls back up. Whenever i sense that he's being distant, I back off straight away, thinking he needs space. Like this week.

    Sigh.. I think I really don't understand guys...

  • Hi Danceur ,

    I will do him a celtic cross reading to find out what going on but as im typing this to you what im picking up on is he is scared of making a fool of himself and that is why he is not showing you his true feelings . I feel he is waiting for you to make the first move but do what you feel is right .as i know you have been through alot as well . My scorp husband tends not to express his feelings at all there are still some days when i dont know where i stand with him . He runs hot and cold as well ,and he can like The hermit card go into himself and not conversate for hours on end ,,and this has been extremley frustrating over the years as ive often thought ive done something to upset him as to why he is not talking . Now 17 years later i dont take it personal but it still does drive me crazy .

    The job is decsion is a hard one i feel you have to do what is best for your family commitments

    do you have a child ? As im feeling a child around you very strong or is it your mother ? i feel that you look after someone as a carer as well . You dont need extra stress if you are looking after someone as well listen to your heart it will guide you .

    Will be back soon with a reading for your love interest .

    Love, light and hugsLoap:)

  • Well he's communicating a little this week which is good. I took the initiative and asked him out twice, for 2 separate occasions. And he said he couldn't - either has work commitments or has something else arranged. I said that's fine.

    He's a busy person and I understand that most of the time, he doesn't have time. But I always feel if you like someone, you'll find and make time. Or if you can't make it, you'd suggest an alternative or initiate next time round. But he very rarely asks me out. We mostly spend time because sometimes we're heading in the same direction. I would understand if he's scared - so am I. But I think right from the start, I have been the one reaching out to him more. It should be pretty obvious to him that I want to spend time with him, at the very least.. Look forward to your reading.

    And the job - I haven't said anything yet. We've been so busy and I'm so tired, I'm starting to fall sick. I don't have a child, and I'm not a caregiver but I do have a senior cat whom I look on as a child. And he is a committment. All along I felt that I would never want a job that takes time away from my family and my personal commitments. You are totally right - it is a tough call...this job. I dread having to give an answer, but I think I might give it a shot.

    Are things ok with you? Seems like it's my turn to say Love, Light and Hugs. Hope all is well, LOAP.

  • hi Dancuer,

    Sorry i havent done your reading yet my son has been sick and my energy has been very low everytime i pick up my cards i have a draining feeling come over me so im afriaid i will have to leave it for a while until my energy picks up and i have to give my cards a good cleansing . I have to tell you that i see you in the future looking after people like a carer i almost want to say a nurse but i feel it could be to do with people with disabilties . Have you ever thought of going into this field before ?

  • Hi LOAP,

    Don't worry about it - just take care of yourself and your son first.

    I have thought about it - but I can't go into the caring profession or counselling or anything like that. i care about people too much, and i tend to either do too much or feel too much and it hurts me. Can't stand to see people suffer...

    Nt sure if yr picking up on how I used to care for my ex. He had a mental disorder, though he was very high-functioning. I was there for him so much and too long, putting up with his abusive behavior, mood swings, and all kinds of outrageous things, depersonalizing the illness from the person etc, until i went into depression. So now, though I care a lot for people, I do try to maintain the boundary in only empathizing and not bringing their pain into my life. Because I have enough of my own.

    Unless yr referring to me taking care of my parents who are getting on in years. To be honest it scares me. I haven't never known my parents to be frail and I don't know what i would do if I had to become their caregiver.

    Once again, HUGS 🙂 You sound kinda burnt out. So do take care of yourself.

  • Hi LOAP,

    It suddenly occured to me that you might have been referring to physiotherapy? I was interested a while back mainly because of my own issues with joint problems. Am one of those people who doesn't respond or gets worse with conventional therapy. So I've had to read up on my own, try to figure out what's wrong, experiment and find ways to alleviate the problems, or what to avoid. So I thought maybe I can do this as a profession. But I felt discouraged to try because of the risk of injuring myself in the process.

    PS: Hope you're feeling better 🙂

  • Hi Danveur ,

    That might be it but i feel you will actually be caring for others as in like a nurse or carer would Im sorry in still havent done your reading my energy is still low , lately ive been tapping into peoples energies as this is something that i cant control and i did a reading for someone who has refused caner treatment and after it i felt so drained even though it wasnt a one to one reading it was an absent reading .I am hearing the name John while i am typing this to you do you know anyone by that name ? I feel it could be spelt the same way as my sons is Jon .

    I hope all is well and i will get on to that reading when i get chance ,

    Take care

    Love , light and Hugs Loap:)

  • Hi Dancuer

    Ive done you a 3 card realtionship spread as im sorry but i cant totally focus on the celtic cross at this time . I have to say the vibes i got was that you both want different things ,i feel he wants to settle down and you dont want that right now in your life ,. He is looking for a ife partner. I am being shown through the cards that there will be a conflict of of some sort between you i feel that you are totally opposites . I see you wanting to branch out and further your career and i feel he will think a womans place is in the kitchen barefoot and pregant .

    Card 1) describes you - Strength

    You are a very independant person who knows what you want out of life ,you have been hurt in the past and now have the courage to stand up for what it is that really matters to you and i feel that it will be a long while off before you are even considering thinking about settling down permantly and having children .

    Card 2) This describes your relationship - 5 of Swords

    As much as i feel he is interested in you ,i feel that once you get to know him properly in a relationship you will be very unhappy as i think you will both get on each others nerves all the time . Im sorry but dont feel that this will last as you will both feed off each other and there will be no end to the conlifct in sight .it will only escalate .

    Card 3) Describes partner or love interest

    I feel he wants to settle down permantly and i said this in my previous reading as well he longs for complete happiness he wants the whole package , wife and kids . Im sorry im not getting these same vibes from you i think he is a really nice person but you are both not on the same page i feel conflicting interests between you . and i have to say that i feel he is one of those really nice guys that would do anything for you but i have to say i feel that you will become bored of him very easily .

    I hope this helps and im sorry but i have to tell you what i truly feel i hope i havent caused any upset at all . tarot is only a tool at the end of the day we all have our own free will .

    Take care

    Love , Light and Hugs LOap:)

  • Hi LOAP,

    It's kinda scary the way you describe the transfer of energy. I wasn't expecting you to do any readings on my behalf cos I already understood from your previous messages that you were not feeling ok. I'd never want someone to be hurt on my behalf 😞

    Thanks for still doing a reading (you didn't have to).

    Admit I'm now sad, cos I really do like him. I relate to some of what yr saying. I do have a hunch that if we ever had a chance to get into a proper relationship, we might not get along. He does strike me as being very different from me.

    Only thing I'm unsure of is the settling down part. In my first few readings about 6 months ago, when I was interested and he was not, I was told that I'm ready to settle down, and he doesn't want to have a committment and is not ready. This is totally opposite. From your reading, it seems that things are reversed. And actually, it seems like this current reading is way different from your initial one which was very positive.

    I wanted to get married 3-4 years ago. I still do want to settle down - if that's meant for me. it's just that now I really want to be with the right person, and I want to take time to know him.

    To a certain extent, because i enjoy my freedom and because I've never had many opportunities with guys - I try to convince myself (and others) that I am happy being single and free.

    But truth is I long to be loved and with someone.

    I've never been career-oriented - as terrible as that sounds. what i want out of life is to have a normal job, being able to subsist comfortably, nurture my talents, continue learning and growing, and have a happy and loving relationship.

    What i'm realizing now as someone who wants to get closer to him - the demands/schedule of his job makes it difficult for him to have a relationship. I do think he secretly wants to settle down, but has either gotten used to being alone (or at least not be in any productive relationship) - because it is difficult for him to give a commitment to anyone. And I also sense previous hurts may have made him committment-shy. That's why he comes off as just wanting a limited relationship.

    Not so different from me..maybe that's not a good thing. I dunno.

    As for 'John" - yes I have a colleague John. He seems nice and tries to talk to me sometimes but I'm just stressed out at work and am being The Hermit. Gosh, please don't tell me it's supposed to be him...LOL.

  • Hi Dancuer ,

    Yes I feel John has a soft spot for you im sorry about the reading but its what i picked up maybe Tellstar will be able to give you a better reading . I feel that you are going tho be career orientated as i am seeing you doing something different in the near future its coming up very soon and again i feel it is to do with working in carer type job i keep being drawn to say Nurse have you ever considred this at all ?

  • Hi LOAP,

    Please don't worry about the reading. It's not so much of trying to get a 'better' reading. You all have gifts and I respect that. some of you see much further, others just the near future. Sometimes there is a confusion of energies and people pick up others around me instead.

    So it's just hard sometimes trying to relate what you (or others) pick up, to the situation itself. There are things that don't seem to fit, and things that do.

    Even with the career/job bit. everyone has a different take. I don't want to be a carer/Nurse. I had thought about it before as I have the disposition to care for people. But I just feel it will take out too much from me. Just like maybe what yr experiencing right now with feeling drained.

    In the last year, I've experienced an increase in instances where friends come to me for advice (go figure?) and/or comfort. Somehow even tho my own troubles are a-plenty, caring for people is something I do instinctively. Captain said I have a healing way about me (I guess when I'm not being too emotional and frustrated). And maybe those close to me can feel it. It's just that now I'm learning emotional boundaries.

    But to do a job which requires so much 'heart', and to see people in difficulty and pain everyday, would probably cross those boundaries. It will make me sad. For that reason, I do not want to be a carer/Nurse. But i guess who knows what will happen right?

    At the end of the day, we all want to be happy. And it's hard to accept when what we want is not what is going to make us happy. And I thank you so much for sharing what you see with me. And I'm gonna keep asking ya for advice (once yr feelin better).

    A big HUG for you, LOAP, for being there for us.

  • About John - yes I picked up on that too - that maybe he has a soft spot. But then again, he seems like the friendly sort who likes talking to people.

    For the life of me, I don't know why...LOL. He's tried to find out about me and teases me a lot about being quiet (Hermit at work). And I'm giving half-answers/cryptic responses (not on purpose) to shoo him away.

    Just been so stressed out and overloaded at work, that I don't want to talk to people much anymore. They've literally thrown the responsibility on my shoulders and I don't know how to handle this and trying not to make too many mistakes. So it's really hard.

    And when people go into small talk, I get annoyed, cos it breaks my focus and it's very draining for me. I'm praying I don't snap at anyone, least of all John. Cos he's a nice guy. Just catching me in the wrong circumstances.

    In July, I went through a week or so, where I said nearly nothing for days. Whenever I'm upset or overloaded, I get this way. And I never noticed it until the last few months.

    I suppose these are the kind of Scorpio traits that you've learn to handle, but which still drives you crazy?

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