Intuitive Friend or Foe

  • I have had numerous readings that said I was a very intuitive person. I think I have always had feelings of things that were about to happen, etc. but I never really thought too much of it. Actually, I couldn't really put it all together. About 10 years ago I was driving with my Uncle on a highway and we were driving behind a commerical van that ladders, etc. stacked on the roof. I got a sudden feeling that the ladder was going to topple and told my Uncle to change lanes. The ladder did fall and we narrowly missed being involed in an accident.

    For the last few years I have had strong feelings about people I've met and have been quite accurate about the kind of person I, on our initial meeting, thought they were. Lately my feelings about people have gotten sharp and 'for lack of a better phrase' I can instantly feel whether a person is good or bad. I know that is very black and white, but I feel like I can immediate sense something about them. I also feel like I can 'see people's secrets' or things, personality flaws etc. that they are trying hard to suppress. I know that sounds off but I can look at a person and can pinpoint that they are hiding something and can often figure out what it is if I spend some time with them for a while.

    My intuitive antenna usually gets blocked when I meet someone who has ulterior motives. Both times I got stumped trying to read someone's energy they were men who were interested in me and I was not attracted to them. I was with someone for 5 years and the break up did not go well. After months of back and forth he seemed like he'd given up and wanted badly to meet for lunch. For a moment, I truly felt like he had bad intentions. I was truly afraid to meet with him for what he called a friendly lunch/dinner. I have been frightened in that way one other time in my life. Like I could feel he was up to no good.

    I dismissed it and tried to say, after 5 years of knowing him he wouldn't hurt me. But that feeling was very strong and I am still had I did not meet him. Besides the fact that the relationship was over, there was no reason to meet him.

    Have any of you ever had chilling moments like that? And did you follow your intuition?

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