Lost a precious ring last week

  • Hello,

    I have joined this forum after many failed attempts to find a precious ring that I have lost last week.

    I came back home, I was in a rush to prepare a meal for my little son, I took it off in the kitchen (or that's what I think), and completely forgot about it for a couple of days (too much going on recently), but it was gone, I have literally torn the house apart trying to look for it, my daughter is helping too but we just cannot find it anywhere, I looked in all the drawers, all the bags, pockets, under the furniture, everywhere I could think of, but I just cannot find it and it's not just any ring, it's very precious to me. I have asked many times for St Anthony's help, but I still cannot find it.

    Any help is greatly appreciated as I'm going on holiday on Friday and was hoping to take it with me as I've been wearing it for the last few months due to its sentimental value.

    Thank you

  • Check your purse.

  • Thank you Captain, but I went through all my bags, one by one, and I still cannot find it it's driving me crazy!

  • The message to check your purse was very strong. And it's a purse, not a bag.

  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you, I have 2 purses and checked them thoroughly but sadly nothing, I don't understand how it could vanish just like that

  • Sometimes images just pop into my head, this may or may not help,....I see bag..which could have been paper or handbag....slipping off finger instead of taking off...did you switch handbags at any point...color brown came to mind...pocket and/or pocketbook.......that's it...all I have ..Cyndi

  • Good Luck!

  • Could you have put it (or it ended up) in someone else's purse?

  • Thank you all for your replies, I appreciate each and everyone.

    I took out a pair of jeans to wear (one which I haven't worn for over 2 weeks) and I put my hand in the pocket and it was there! I was amazed and shocked because the jeans was in my wardrobe and I never touched it, so how that ring ended up in there is beyond me! But I'm just too happy now and I can go on holiday tomorrow fully relaxed.

    Thank you all

  • Wonderful! have a nice vacation.

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