• When i woke up this morning i was ok. as the day progresses I keep getting this feeling that something is going wrong, will go wrong, or has gone wrong. I normally don't feel this way. I'm having trouble focusing on anything but that yuckie feeling in the pit of my stomach. Can someone give me a lil insight to help me get through this?

    Thank you!

  • Hello,

    I would trust your gut, be careful and check in with loved ones. Whenever I have those feelings they are always right. Try and really meditate on the feeling and you might be able to get a more detailed feeling of what is going to go wrong or who it involves. I dont know if you are psychic, I am not, but I have been told I have psychic abilities that I do not know how to use but that these feelings are the begining to becoming more intune with those abilities. Hope this helped a little, good luck today!

  • Thank you! that does help me. Right after I posted this my phone broke (minor deal, but a major bill)& I feel like that was probably what I was "expecting" because now the feeling is gone & I don't feel sick to my stomach anymore.

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