I see & hear spirits

  • i really don't come onto these forums - however lately i am beginning to see & hear more spirits. I am not nervous or scared when this happens, my body also indicates when there is a presence. I don't think i am in tune with the other side or any thing, but the worrying thing is that i can not control when or where it happens.

    My mother has schizophrenia and has see and heard voices and is on heavy medication for this, but my grand mother was a medium and often held seances.

    The reason i know i am not crackers ;-/ is because when i do see and hear spirits i have had eight different friends with me when something has manifested, be it a vision, or sound. They have only ever experienced this phenomenon around me, but i have also had lone encounters.

    I suppose i am just looking for that proverbial answer - to help me understand what is going on.

    The only way i can describe these encounters it that be it visual or audio - time feels relative. (the encounter probably lasts between 5 to 20 seconds, but it feels like 5 - 20 minute has passed). I can feel a presence around my body and the hairs on my arms may stand bolt up for the time period of the encounter.

    I am really not sure what to do about it all, or what to make of it to be honest.

    I was given a psychic circle board by a friend i used to work with, and have used it to commune with spirits, with surprising accuracy as the information shared to others whom participated no one could have known, and i have also made skeptics wonder, is there something? I read that if you were given a board then you were meant to have it and use it? Another friend also bought me tarot cards and they seem to be working well also, i practice on friends of friends, then i don't know anything about them.

    I have been like this since approximately 13 years of age. This is another strange thing. In my family there is a 13 year gap between my younger cousin Emma, and a 13year gap between me and Emma mother Joanne. there is a 13 year gap between Joanne, and my mum, and a 13 year gap between my mum and my aunty (her sister). and it goes on for another 3 generations.

    I suppose you can read to much into things in life, but if any one does have any idea whats happening or can explain i would be grateful

    thanks Adam (",)

  • Well, I personally believe schizophrenics are really hearing spirit voices, but many in science and medicine would disagree. I think it only becomes problematic when a person begins heeding and obeying the often destructive messages they hear. Not all spirits are good and kind. You can choose to either pay it attention or ignore the voices, just like you would ignore any people's voices in a crowd. It all just means that your psychic senses are blossoming.

  • Thank you for your response 🙂

  • Hi, It's good when these things manifest so others can see, hear etc. I think that's the best validation so they, in fact, don't think you're crazy. I'm not saying to care what others think, however you'd like them to know what you're in fact experiencing. I have visual manifestations about once a year that others can see (after I show them.) This has been happening for about 15 yrs. I've had a few experiences w/spirits--lite orb. murmurings. In my personal life, with people I know, I'm very accurate with predictions about what is going to be said or done. I can be working in the house and it'll just come to me. Something that'll be said word per word. I guess I'm good at analyzing motive or reaction. It'll just hit me though. I won't even be thinking about them and it just comes.

  • I don't know why it blanked it out so I'll say I "see things."

  • yeah all sounds very familiar to me. I am thinking of opening my chakra as been told that will help 🙂

  • And always protect your self and seek your higher self or spirit guide, good luck and be safe!

  • It sounds like your chakras may already be quite open.

  • Google 'chakra test' and you will find some sites where you can find out which of your chakras are open and which ones are not.

  • Hello,

    Thanks everyone in advance for all the inputs. I believe in the spiritual realm, yes. I believe that it overlaps with our realm, so occasionally we can see them and they can see us. Usually, I feel them more than I actually see them. In dreams however, spirits become a little more tangible.

    Thanks and Cheer

    Simon Neil

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