Am I In Love Alone?

  • My ex fiance and I were together for almost 2yrs and have an 11mth old son. One day a couple moths ago he just left our house said he would return and never did . I later found out that he went and got married in another state he eventually returned but lied about being married. I found out the truth and he couldnt deny it anymore. After that he told me he still loved me that he made a huge mistake and is trying to fix it but in the mean time he wants to be in my life. I'm so confused does he really want his family back or does he just want to have his cake and eat it too?

  • He just wants to have his cake and eat it too. You won't ever be able to trust the man who is capable of doing what he did - that's way over the top on a scale of deceitful behaviours. You don't want a yo-yo parent for your son, do you ? Be patient, you'll find a good guy in a due time, if you are smart and observant around men. All the best to you, you deserve it !

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