Anyone available for a reading,please

  • Would just like to know about anything that comes through.

    Interested in my health,finances,children,etc.

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  • I'll get to a reading for you soon.

  • Thanks for responding. Looking forward to your insight.

  • There is no time like the present. Your life lesson now is to know yourself. Are you in control. Your in a position right now to take control and if handled correctly could be to your advantage. I'm a card reader, not really psychic. There seems to be an imbalance between having and losing. I get the impression that something is or will be mishandled. There is a childlike presence over this situation. Has money been mishandled. There was a breaking away possibly relationship break-up in past. Be careful of overindulgence. You are being shown as bonding easily, social. Environment is actually in your favor, see you in creative type environment. There seems to be issues that will affect outcome in regards to power/control. Will you be in control or submissive. Take a look at things and figure out if you want to be in control or submissive. Could fall into servitude. Maybe you're afraid to say what you need to say. On outside looking in, so to speak. Just glancing at these cards kinda reminds me of someone that won money in the lottery and somehow lost it. I believe this reading is telling you to take hold of situation, follow it carefully.

    Present--Wheel of Fortune

    below situation--Chariot

    above sit--6 of cups

    past--6 0f swords

    2 of coins


    5 of coins

    You--3 of cups

    environment--queen of rods

    hopes and fears--8 of swords

    outcome--5 of cups

  • Thank you so much,Daliolite.

    I am in a state of worry right now over money matters and also my sons marriage. I have copd and cant quite do as much as I once did and there is really no one else to turn to to get the job(s) done. I have recently found someone to come in & help clean so that has lifted one load for me.

    The misuse of funds sounds like how my Dads wishes werent met when he died and to this day (sadly) I have issues with how my mom deals with it all.

    I do need to speak up about some things in my life right now. Cant seem to find my voice & where do I even start? Just always try to keep the peace.

    I really do appreciate your time and expertise.

    Thank you


  • Are you alone/single. Are some of the money concerns re money for son's wedding. These two things are present in your reading. I understand keeping the peace. My mother is living w/me now. Are you also trying to keep the peace in re to this marriage. Do you feel it's a bad idea. The 5 of cups is a painful, emotional card in your outcome. I'll wait for you to explain (if you want) how you feel about this marriage. It helps me in relation to the position the cards are in for future readings, etc. I'll explain more.

  • At first I was against this marriage,but I have warmed to to my dil and hope they make a long happy life together. Son doesnt seem to be as committed to it as she is, thus the worry.

    Yes,I am alone and happy that way. I have been married (more than once!) but I am either too selfish or I pick the wrong guy or probably both. Not looking for another 'strings attached' relationship. I dont know, I just seem to be lost. Again. What is wrong with me? I mean I have lots more to be thankful for than most people, so why do I feel so awful. Sad. Upset. Hurt. Afraid.

    I have tried to improve myself by quitting smoking. Gave up alcohol years ago. No drug abuse. Try to place my faith in my God and live a decent life. I just feel I am never quite good enough. Like I am one step away from being 'there', and then I am right back at the starting line.

    Thanks for reading and letting me vent.

  • I was trying to decipher the meaning of the Empress in re to your life. I kinda saw you as the queen of rods which is a good card. After the Empress I drew the 5 of cups that literally shows a couple outside the church (not a favorable position.) This empress may be your soon to be daughter in law. If it is, there's some type of concern re this marriage--power struggle or financial. If it's you, it would be your worry about the marriage. In your past it does show you turning away from what was. I'm glad you conquered that. Your faith will get you there. May want to seek out some activity there to where you could give back something. There's alot of people that struggle w/alcohol and your experiences may help them. A lot of people need to feel that they are not alone. If not, I think the area that interests you by giving back might help. A lot of people feel outside the church and never go. Everybody, me included, fall short of perfection. But I know my faith is special and I know yours is also. I could go on and on about relationships. They are so hard it seems now. The statistic is only about 48% survive and single-parents are the dominant households. Don't be afraid to open-up a little more.

  • Thanks so much. I try to open up yet I feel people percieve me as pushy, a know-it-all and arrogant. It couldnt be further from the truth. I have just lived and learned a good bit in this life but seem prone to committing the same stupid mistakes over & over. Im almost certain there is a lesson I really need to get and hold on to.

    Appreciate all your time & talent!

    Thank You,


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