Captain: Compatibility Analyis Please

  • Was wondering if i could get some insight on me and my partner. Just want to see how we work together, and what we need to overcome together.

    Mine :Oct 15, 1981

    His: March 5, 1983

  • Emotional undestanding is not immediately forthcoming in this relationship, and it usually needs many years of work to build trust and acceptance. The focus must be on forging a strong bond of empathy. The relationship is also troubled by a tendency to take the easy way out - to withdraw or even give up during times of crisis. Although the relationship can be extremely productive and successful in other areas, dealing with personal problems is not its forte. Your partner was born in the week of the Loner and so he may at times prefer his own company to yours - or anyone else's. In a love relationship, he can become inaccessible just when you need him the most. In sexual matters particularly, you can make demands that are too heavy for him to meet. In turn, you may be unable to handle his emotional needs or to give him the attention he requires. Despite such ups and downs, however, the two of you do have a certain magic that may enable you to get along remarkably well. If you can work out certain compromises and adjust to each other in these and other areas, you could even attempt marriage. If not, then you had better forget about it. But don't lose patience - the goal really is worthwhile.

  • THank you very much Captian.

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