New beginings

  • Hi, today is the start for me of letting go of the past and start a fresh.

    I would like some guidance on how i can do this, and not retract back again, im nearly forty and have come along way in two yr in respect of how i see me and perceive others.

    My D.O.B 16/04/72

  • I did a general tarot reading for you and you do have a blessed reading, what I would consider a very good reading. You had to get off the fence and do something because you were stagnant and things weren't working out. This decision is made by your free will and will lay the foundation--it's a life lesson you are learning. I drew a lot of Major Arcana cards so there are several lessons here. This decision is an epic one/critical juncture so that you can move on. Although everyone has to make these decisions thru out life, this one will carry only positive reinforcements for you. This is a very creative time for you. Not really sure what brought about this transformation. Have feeling could be relationship or work related. This will help you in dealing w/people esp. at work. As far as work goes, being called to re-invent the wheel so to speak. You know you have a lot of hard work ahead of you but shows you'll reap the benefits. You have a fear that you won't make it on some level, maybe a relationship failed, something didn't work as planned. Maybe you feel all alone in this transformation. Stick with what you know and what your good at. Strength in perseverance. This period in your life could be called your apprenticeship period. Your being called to work together. In future you'll have to tell yourself--this too will pass. Your reading is saying that you can do this. Something extraordinary may develop from the ordinary. Seems your present situation is stable.

    Past--Hanged man reversed



    above situation--knight of rods

    below--4 of rods

    future--8 of coins



    environmnet--3 of coins

    hopes and fears--5 of cups

    outcome--wheel of fortune

  • Thank you Daliolite.

    I just by chance decided to start on-line dating two yr ago and that is the basics of my new finding myself again.

    I had just work and home, for years lost confidence and was pretty frustrated lonely pee off, and i had lost the real me in that length of time, i have gone through many let downs and gone backwards to learn what i feel i needed to learn,. Work have done stupid mistakes and my attitude to other sometimes misunderstood , but some did play me in hope id leave, still cant really see why they'd be jealous.. i can go off on my own on holidays ect, then.

    I hand,nt had a relationship for ten yr, and think i forgot what it was like, and needed to much that i got frustrated im sure i came across desperate, i just wanted to feel i joined a nsa site, and did finally meet someone i just clicked with.. the end result been where i am now.

  • Ive gone against my principles, met married man the gut feel to do was so overwhelming to do.. that was the start,

    The last one who ensure me single, had done a big number on me.. i was still vulnerable when i met him, so he will be last in that respect, i knew if i got talk to singletons part me hope for more, well i certain ally did with him.

    Im where i am know part o this.. i wont be so loose my self respect or principles again.

    I've also come to see that im not a introvert.. but a extrovert.

  • I'm happy that you've met someone. Some may perceive that you have more than they do, it may cause jealously. From past experiences (a few recent), I've learned not to mention a lot about me personally. Developing the person you are and finding your happiness is important.

  • I thought id met the right guy, as how we clicked and saw some things the same in the world, but along way he was deceptive , say he do things he didn't intend, and everything had to be on his terms, so its over its shame, had to be.. i will try not to wear my heart on my sleeve from now on.

  • To be my true centre,

    Be who i am and be happy with know that quote so suits and springs to from when i need closure and because , its from the very guy i started all this,, on-line dating.

    I feel his essence when time for closure and i remember his advice be who and be happy with it works for me!, i wasn't meant to meet him.. but he well my ideal..

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