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  • Oh and when I mean graphic-I don't mean your typical gore madness-that can ruin a horror movie although it has its gore moments lol! The story is very graphic in how it explores its dark themes and I do mean DARK. All of the kids in it have been through ALOT together but the supernatural and horror spikes the story and gives it an edge........

    Sorry about my babling-I just get so excited about this story-its also one of the fastest Ive ever gone through and wrote.......

    Well see ya around,Astra 🙂

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  • Hey Astra!


    I really love this new school Full Sail University but Im torn between these two cool programs-its Film Program on campus or a hybrid (online/campus) which is the whole enchilada of film for big budget and independent-you get a MacBook with loaded software and the school is fully equiped with studios. Then there is the Digital Cinematography program which is completely online (32 months) is like the little brother to film but for independent projects and documentaries mostly but you get the loaded Mac , lighting equiptment as well as the Studio camera-Sony Nex Sf100!!!!!!!!!!! But it has a little less classes than the Film program (classes that interest me Make-up, special effects)

    There is nothing more important to me than this decision-Im soooooo excited about both but I really really want that video camera (worth $70,000 on its own) and would love the freedom in creating my own movies-you know the one man band. But at the same time I want to interact with people, work on big projects and see how the big features work. The only problem is the Film Program doesnt work with a camera......I could take individual classes to limit costs while I pursue the digital cinematography degree so I can take up all the film classes I cant take as if I am in the Film program on campus so I can have extra knowledge and a camera too! Hahaa lol-What do you think Astra? Im so confused and in the middle.....

    What do you think/ What does the cards say?

  • Hey Asia

    I am excited about your film - hey I think the gore is great the more the better. I will never forget night of the living dead when it came out I though Romero was a genius, low budget breakthroughs. That is the really fun part of film making - yeah, sure hollywood can throw a lot of money at something and make dough.... the real magic is with someone like you who has the smarts to put something together with limited funds and her raw talent and SHE comes out on top.

    OKay on your film school, so let me get this straight..

    Option A) Film program on campus - incl classes that interest me Make-up, special effects (The only problem is the Film Program doesnt work with a camera...) (could add other classes so I can have extra knowledge and a camera too!)

    Option B) Hybrid online/campus - you get a MacBook with loaded software and the school is fully equiped with studios.

    Option C) the Digital Cinematography program (total online) which is completely online (32 months) is like the little brother to film but for independent projects and documentaries mostly but you get the loaded Mac , lighting equiptment as well as the Studio camera-Sony Nex Sf100 (worth $70,000 on its own) !!!!!!!!!!! (It has a little less classes than the Film program - classes that interest me Make-up, special effects). Would love the freedom in creating my own movies!

    Holy smokes - that option C sounds fantastic - I would love to get into that, I think I will look into that myself! I will look at the cards and see for you!

    Okay, let's look at the cards for you...

    Option A - Queen of Swords (r) - So this is the only card rev of the three - so it seems to have you on your head on this one. You are the queen of swords on this path. Very calm and "focused" - no pun intended ha ha - this path feels very calm and steady - for some reason you feel more like the 'director' here on this path.

    Ten of Pentacles - This is a pretty strong card to have show up here, has a LOT of material blessings and even love attached, the ten pents is payday with a capitol P. So this is a sign that this path will certainly land you where you want to go eventually in the film world.

    The Hermit - this card popped up and it was also turned over in the deck! That has been happening to me a lot more lately where cards get turned over in the deck - weird. So this looks like a sign that this path will see you much more alone and seeking your own vision apart from others, more cool blue, more isolation and apart from others. Is that what you want? To be cut off? I don't think so.

    Nine of Wands - wounded warrior - seems to be where you end up. Accomplished but with some bruises.

    Option B - The Hierophant - He looks like the WRITER and this path seems to play more to your writing abilities. Looks good.

    ANd eight of cups. Oh, hmm... something missing... you are walking away so this path has some aspect that you wanted and missed out on. So you are still in search of something here.

    Knight of Wands - this is a sign that this path will have you chasing this path pretty strong, by this time (3rd level of cards) you are still in "chase mode" and not "making it happen" mode.

    The Emperor - this sees you at the top of the world, ruling and resigning, however it has a cold kind of detached emotion. LIke you succeed however the fun is not there like you wanted.

    Option C - 3 of Wands - Now, we get into something cool, this path has you standing with the three wands looking out at the world and the ocean. This path looks like you are off and running and doing it a lot faster. So this path has you going for it with your own work, and you are actually creating your film work a lot sooner on this path.

    Four of cups - same as option B - you are missing something and it has you a little disillusioned..,

    The DEVIL - WOW. This says that the world, the flesh and the devil opens up for you and you are tapping into some 'powers' of blessing if you catch you catch my drift. So there is more magic energy associated with option C - I am getting that this is card of filming - like there is actually a devil character i the film (I volunteer ha ha I can play the part of real of a guy who likes to turn peoples lives upside down I already have a track record of that).

    SIX OF CUPS! - bingo. You get the devil, the little girl, and a community of like minded people all working together to accomplish their dreams!

    I have to say Asia, lookin at all of this OPTION C looks like the way to go. At least there you not only have some fun you get the love too. Option A looked good, with the Ten of Pents showing, however it went right back to being alone and then the wounds of life, so it doesn't seem to work for you in the long run. Although you do still make it.

    Also option C ends with two other cards I flipped over which are the Knight of swords and the king of wands so this tells me you will have your choice of any guy you want in path C (for movie parts)

    Path B also ends up with a Page cups and a Knight pent - so this also ends with PEOPLE you are associating with. For roles perhaps.

    Path A ends up with the 5 of cups (ugh) and the temperance card (another ugh) so this path doesn't look so good.

    My advice? Path C and add on whatever other classes you need to round things out. That devil card looks really, really interesting to me, if you catch my drift. This path has more fun per square inch than the others I believe.


  • Thanks Astra! I was leaning towards C anyway seems to be a much safer/ uh-uh uhmm cheaper choice lol!-Just wanted to weigh the others out agains each other. I would love to move to Florida but the only thing is I want the camera (it may sound shallow lol) but with the camera there is so much more I can do on my own and control. I might even be able to showcase my film at the Cannes Film Festival-plenty of big time directors made it big there including my favorite-Quentin Tarantino and he was just as broke and talented as I am. It seems with that route (Option C), I have more options available to me and everything seems to be in my control. Even thouhg I will be in school I will be writing scripts for contests (for the money and EXPOSURE) while Im in school so I can showcase what I do to all the big budget guys-to show them I am a leader and in control of my work. I couldnt bare to let someone ruin my script and call it theres and pin a terrible movie on me. I like feedback and advice but I must SHAPE the script and make it better so it will be MINE. With the camera, I can show my chops as a director to without having to go the extra mile to prove it-So when I decide to sell a script I'll only option it if I can direct it.

    Hey Astra-Ive been really considering selling the The Unlikely Avengers script to a producer or so-How do you think it will go (something tells me it'll be really good)?


    Do you think I should just create it myself somehow?

  • Sell it - the Hanged man - you could be surprised by what the "do" to your script. Which sounds to me like these are your children and you want to see then protected

    Create it yourself - THe KING of CUPS - Keeps you in CONTROL calling the shots, knowing what I know about you this is totally the way to go. Looking back you would be proud of yourself for going that route.

    I have an HD cam, (its not a high end Sony or anything lol) and a Macbook pro 17 - and ideas. My work tends to be rather out there, I think you would be a little shocked at my genre if I told you. Knowing how innocent you are and all...

  • Hey Astra!

    Thanks for the advice and don't be ashamed to tell me anything-I don't judge anyone. I've been extremmmmeeely bored lately and a tad bit frustrated although Im think I can control that aspect. I miss having friends or believing I did or being close to anyone. I feel alone and feel I going nowhere somewhere sometimes even though I feel I will make it. I just feel very alone. I barely have anyone I feel connected to truly anymore even with Alot of people around me.

    All I do is watch my little brother (who is an extreme handful), Im extremely poor, wish I have no friends (physically around me anyway) and stuck in the house and time passes by so slow. I really want to go out on dates but every guy I like doesn't like me and most guys I feel don't ever ask me out. Why?????

    I'm sooo mad that nothings happened yet and I can honestly say I didn't really like this year although it was an eye opener for me. Just wish I could move on and actually get the car moving as fast as possible if you know what I mean.

    Why hasn't anything happened yet?

    Why do no guys like me the way I want them to?

    I hate being so impatient just nothings come to life yet..........

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