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  • Sorry about. that last post you can ignore it lol feel alot better now!;)

    Hey Astra I was wondering does Tim at my job like me (I heard and think he does-at least he sems likehe does lol)?

    I'm starting to have a little crush o him (just a little lol)-Ishe the guy in my reading you were talking about?

    How does he feel about me?

  • Asia118x

    He's shy, bashful, and has a lot on his mind right now, not sure what. (Nine of Swords + The Hermit)

    I am getting a lot of swords with him I would leave him be for now... there is nothing coming up once that was heart related so far... Could be something at work has him concerned?

    Okay, the Sun, this is starting to look more like it, although, be careful there is a baby in this card! SO YES, he likes you a lot however at this particular time he is really dealing with a lot of mental stuff, concerns or something. Once that storm passes for him I see him turning a nice eye your way.

    And the Seven of Pentacles - you are pondering something connected to your movie work, like equipment or something? Wheel card, this area is brightening for you some nice news and a new outlook somehow.

    Page of Wands, yeah some news there for sure, related to your movie work. Be expectant.

    King of Wands, this dude may be a door for you. You stay in prayer and meditation right now.

    And the Ten of Cups! Fantastic Asia, slam dunk. You are on the right path for sure. Stay strong my lady and you will find every pot of gold you ever dreamed of. You deserve everything.

    Blessings and good fortune to you Asia118x. Keep us all posted!

  • Thank you Astra Angel (and I definetly will keep ya posted lol 🙂 ) I definetly will leave him be for now. He seems to have been a little down lately but I been being myself and told I hoped he feel better. And nearness of news regarding film great!-Btw I am pondering alot of things about my movie-lots of ideas as a matter of fact. My boss seems like a great assest to me as well as far as contacts and film/writing is concerned (My male boss) Am I right?

    Is Tim just shy around me/ is that why he is shy around me because he likes me? (he's a sweet but very outgoing-he's a Sagittarius)

    Will he ever ask me out or out somewhere soon?

    Is the film news regarding the Austin Film Festival or me meeting someone or that contest I entered?

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  • Hey Asia118x

    Let's take a look at your questions.

    1. Your boss - Page of Pentacles - you two are sharing a lot of work, messages, writing or something, this sees you very involved. So yes, he looks to be helping you a lot.

    2. Is Tim shy because he likes you? Probably. Page of Swords. He gets tongue tied around you, so he withdraws and waits for a better time to ask you out, and still the situations have not been right.

    3. Will he ask you out soon - Six of Cups - this says yes, however I wouldn't wait on him. You ask him. Queen of Sword - you should be the one to push closer to him and ask. Once you open up to him and get him alone he will be talking just fine.

    4. Fim News regarding the Austin Film Festival - Two of Swords this says quiet on all fronts. Nothing yet on Austin. Soon though (the Chariot). Stay expectant.

    5. Meeting someone? Strength. Unless you are going to be meeting a lion, this says you may have to knuckle under a little bit longer before a man re-enters your life. This looks promising though. Three of Cups. Yes, very promising. Someone new, with patience.

    6. That contest you entered? Four of Swords. I am not showing any activity on this matter. Quiet and resting.

    Hey it sounds like things are hopping for you Asia118. You go. I still see tremendous things coming your way, your sprit is so bright and optimistic. Nothing will ever be able to keep you down is your theme song.

    Seven of Cups sees you contemplating a love matter soon. This situation with Mr. Shy could change soon, I would be the one to approach him though and see what he says. Bring a notepad with you and after you two have your Sundaes, spend some time writing a script about your time together, always work your art into whatever is going on in your life. I know you are already doing this, however it never hurts to get a reminder.

    Cheers! 🙂

  • Thanks Astra Angel especially for the reminder lol! I knew that had to be true about my boss-he seems to be the man with all the answers at times lol! The funny thing is I run into all kinds of people at my restuaraunt job and alot of times it relates to film work-I met an actor today who was the Marketing Director for Cadillac-he asked me to send him my script (he says he help make it onto a film-he knows people lol) and quite frankly I have a good feeling about it.

    And I figured that about Tim-I always see him eyeing me and other obvious clues-I like him too but I feel Im a little more focused on chasing my dreams and just waiting for a better time to incorperate a guy in my life (It has nothing to do with my ex (most girls are still stuck on thier exes lmao!) -Im just mostly focused on myself and my goals).

    And yes I have been feeling great lately although I get irritated when I dont have time to write (which is becoming more frequent due to my responsibilities) but I get over it because I have more time to process internalize-therefore come with exciting material.

    Astra I really hate to even ask (because I don't like to even think about it) but I sent a friend request to my ex sometime ago but I kind of regret it now because I choose not to even desire to have someone like that in my life (even if its the slightest involvement)-when I sent the request he hadnt been on in months (I only know because I saw it at the time-trust me Im no stalker lol) and at the rarest random times I see it no reply and page is exactly the same. Ive heard from other readers that he would accept it and would send me a message (I honestly I would probably delete him or ignore if he accepted it now lol-I just wish I never did it and Im not even on Facebook anymore). Its been pretty static ever since. I hate thinking about it, I just do from time to time out of curiosity.....

    What is going on with my request?

    Will he accept it (If he does or not really doesnt matter-I feel I have better things going for me)?

  • Asia118x

    Okay, well lets take a look at that facebook question....

    What is going on with my request? I drew the Eight of Wands which is a card of speed and quick events. The wands are flying through the air however they are not landing. So the sense I have about this question is not much is happening.

    Will he accept it? I drew the Two Swords which is often a sign of someone sort of closing themselves off. The lady in this card has a blindfold on, and is not doing much except sitting there. With that I would say he is not ding anything either. I would not hold your breath on seeing anything happen here.

    WHat else?

    Here are some more fun cards for you... let's see where this goes...

    Four of Pentacles and the Page of Pentacles - something nice is cooking for you with your film work... could this be the contact - actor you have been talking to? I look at these pentacles and I think film cans, and thy are both very much watching their pentacles - so someone will be looking over some of your film related material soon. Pages are also messengers so there are communications implied here as well, expect some very good news soon on your movie project.

    And a Ten of Pentacles - which is a re-affirmation that what was just presented is as was stated. And the Ace of Swords - which sounds like something very nice getting started soon which probably has something to do with someone, I am getting a gentleman, someone that could show up in the nick of time for you. Like a victory parade is what I am getting. Strong. Capable. Not sure who this is, it is a male figure who is a factor for you.

    King of Wands. Again a re-affirmation of what was stated. Yes, there is a man coming into your life, he appears to be determined, forceful ON your behalf. Someone who walks softly and carried a big stick. Not sure what that means.

    Six of Cups - yes, there is a sense that you are working together, he is helping you. Sharing together, harmony, not like the last time. Compatible, gentle, graceful, yet strong is the description I get.

    Hey I hope that sparks something for you Asia! You have some nice energies mounting on your behalf, look for those messages, and keep your mind open to new possibilities and avenues for your film work. I am getting something about new path that you might not have considered yet.

    Knight of Swords - something about the Night. Is anything you are working on or writing connected with the Night? Scenes? Something about the night, darkness, the moon, mystery. You should do a movie on Tarot reading vampires. 🙂

    See u later Asia118x! Bright skies ahead for you.... and now are. 🙂

    love, astra

  • Thanks Astra! Really appreciate this seems like alot of good is going for me-lots of excitement lol-DEFINETLY!!!!

    And about the film work-it just may be that actor Im about to send of my short script soon to him (he asked to see it) And wow spot on with the night thing! Yes I am writing something related to the night its a mystery yey more of a a thriller-drama and I have many other ideas and concepts of other scripts set in the night but the one that has my main focus is the one your thinking of. SPOT ON-you're really good at this lol!

    UPDATE ON TIMMY- for the past couple of days (especially ever since I suspected he liked me-but I havent really said anything) well he acts shy or a little different around me-he's outgoing but seems to be a little different around me, he flirts alot and is very touchy but he said (A while ago however) that he doesn't know about a girlfriend (this is through random talk)-do you know what he means by this-I think it had something to do with him working like crazy?

    Btw the way I catch him looking at me and tries to turn away when I look at him, acts quiet sometimes but doesnt want me to go and always messes up on what he is saying sometimes and gains his regular outgoing composure at times-is these all the signs that he likes me?

    The other day he acted embarrased (in a cute way like he didn't want me to know) when a fellow host said "ya'll make a cute couple (refering to me) out loud-and tried to control the situation lol-did he admit to someone to liking me or does he not want me to know that he likes me?

    Today he kissed me on my cheek and claimed he was joking around and told me he messaged me on FB and kind of sad I didnt respond-Is he just interested in s e x or is he really attracted to me/likes me?

    How should I contnue about this situation?

  • Btw what does he think about me?

  • Gentle bump lol :))))

  • Hi Asia118x

    Hey, btw that is so cool on your "night script" thriller drama, that sounds so awesome, I get extremely good energy about you and your work there. I am very excited for your path you have the courage and tenacity that says "Never give up, never surrender!"

    I also have a book on the back burner, a sci fi story that I always though would make a cool movie. Who knows, maybe one day you could screenwrite it and create a hit movie from it! It is wild and out of this world. Erotic, spacey, and it makes you think. I love to dream about possibilities like that!

    OKAY, back to your Timmy and what is going on there.

    He said "he doesn't know about a girlfriend?" That means he would love to have a girlfriend!

    Queen of Swords - He is hesitant in love because he has some self-confidence issues. He is not one to make the first move. You should approach him and invite him to coffee or something to break the ice between the two of you. Get ready though, you could be opening up something with him that will take off from there. Would you like that at this point in your life?

    Yes, the tongue-tied way he talks is evidence of some self-esteem or confidence issues. He has not had an easy time in love matters, and the Queen of Swords tells me that it is in talking that he feels the most exposed. I bet were you to read something he wrote (who knows, he could be a poet!) that you would be floored by the depths in him. They say still waters run deep and that is true with Timmy.

    You mentioned that someone said you would make a nice couple. What do you think? Do you feel that could be true? Did he admit to someone he liked you? Two of Swords, doesn't look like it I think the other person was simply having some fun.

    Wow, he kissed you on the cheek? Hmm... that's pretty bold. He claimed he was joking around.... Four of Cups, he's lonely. He is hoping something could spark up between the two of you.

    Is he only interested in sex?

    Eight of Cups - He would love to find a deeper love, he has had some real struggles there. He sees you as his Princess in Shining Armor.

    And that ties into your question about "does he like you?" the answer is yes he does.

    I would follow your heart in this matter. Do you feel good things around him?

    Three of Cups - there is really something going on here between the two of you. This card coming on the heals of the other two cups is an extremely strong indication of love in the air...

    Follow your heart, the doors will open in the right time.

  • Thanks Astra! I invited him to come to the movies with me sometime (his eyes lit up a little lol). Is he happy about that (something tells me he is)?

  • Is he happy about that?

    The FOOL - you bet he is! Watch his hands.

    Queen of Swords - he sees you as someone very special. Poised and cool, very classy. Have fun!

  • Thank you Astra! I must say this even though Im not angry at you Im just in an extremely bad mood and it gets more violent and intense every time my mood shifts as long as I stay in this house. I hate where I am at life and feel I cantmake any progress with myself and my career living here with m mother and father. I've decided to give up on going to school and just try a raw shot on making it in the film world. It's just I cannever get anything done with all these crazy responsibilitis ad streess from varios factors especiallyliving with my abusive father again.

    Why is this happening in my life?

    What can I do about this?

    What are my feelings towards my mother and father?

    Where is all this stress and excessive boredom coming fom and how can I stop it?

  • Hey Asia,

    sri you are having an off day. Happens to all of us. No problem, it will settle out soon enough and you will be right back to your normal, on top of the world self.

    First off, whatever you are feeling right now I don't care how down you are, is a temporary thing. Something is shifting in your life and you are feeling some energy adjustments is all no biggie. You see your Mom and Dad or your home like, or Texas as the culprit, the reality it is simply some shifting energies as Heaven is arranging a new life for you.

    You know what, the first thought that came to me reading you post was "this aspiring film lady needs to be IN HOLLYWOOD", i mean that is where you want to end up right? Or were you planning on working from an office in Houston and flying to the sets in Hollywood back and forth? I say Hollywood is where you need to be. So I want to plant that thought in you. So, imagine yourself in Hollywood, wouldn't that "feel" like you are making it? At least it would be a start, right?

    You seem to be focused on your surroundings as an issue... so why not focus on taking some steps toeward changing your surroundings so that you FEEL like you are making progress toward your goal, that would be a great first step don't you think?

    So we can talk about that.

    ANd you know what else? Maybe school is not the best thing for you as a creative person. I say you are ready NOW to dive in and write those scripts for real and get going on the REAL thing instead of waiting around for someone else to TELL you that you are creating the good work. Anything you write will be good... as long as you can get it in front of the right people, you are GOLDEN.

    So I say that these "ugh" feelings you are having right now are simply heaven's way of helping you to embrace the possibility that you will be entering into the Hollywood life as a creative individual a LOT sooner than you expected!

    So, why not focus on two things. 1. What would it take to relocate to Hollywood. DO you know anyone there now? Wold you have to get a job there? You can do that. Do you need dough to make the trip? We can figure that out.

    So while you are working on that, keep writing your heart out on scripts. I mean HARD. And determine that what you are doing is going to hit the screen. And also get yourself some business cards and come up with a name for yourself and a title, and get a bunch of business cards. ANd i would start putting them everywhere. Grocery stores. Minit markets. Telephone poles. ANd keep that up. ANd once you get out to Holywood, keep doing that. Get your name out there any you can. And start making calls to anyone you can, starting now, and then when you get to Hollywood you can call and set up meetings with the film companies. When YOU believe in yourself, then others will beiieve in you. It really doesn't even matter that much how "great" your script is. Believe in yourself and fight for the success that YOU DESERVE as a divine spiritual being, and when you show your work around, it will read like the best thing ever!

    As you turn the corner from "one day I will be doing my dream" to "I'M DOING IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!' a light bulb will go off and then, it won't matter what your mom and dad do or say. YOU will be convinced in your heart that you are going places and YOU WILL! Your mom and dad are not your problem, Houston is not your problem. There are no problems. There are only opportunities. ANd when YOU start seeing your life as already in the FLOW of what you are wanting to do, then you are there, making it happen, and NOTHING can stop you.

    So you are already a success, it is now only a matter of time. It will come and there is nothing that can stop it. You simply need a few small adjustments, get some b cards, make a brochure for youself, get one of those books that lists all of the places to send scripts to and start doing that, and don't stop.

    Also, go buy a movie poster somewhere, with all of the actor and crew names on it. A movie that you really would say, "Wow I wish I had written that screenplay!" and find the screenwriter's nae at the bottom and paste YOUR name over that... then put that movie poster on your wall and every time you look at that poster, say to yourself, "Wow, that was a pretty dang good movie, one of my best! A lot of fun that one!" do you see? You are scripting YOUR LIFE now, using some simple mental tools that can reshape reality.

    It is all energy bending, the easiest thing in the world. Start doing these things and you will be a success before you know it.

    So now, we will find out how bad you want to be a film screenwriter.

    Love, astra

    Oh here are some cards...

    Three of Swords - yeah you are hurting. Consider it material for a film one day. Write your feelings into that script you are working on.

    Three of wands - start planning out how you are going to accomplish the things I suggested. Do a little something on each goal every day.

    Nine of wands - you will achieve every goal you set out to do. You may end up with some scars. So what. You see scars in movies. I watched the movie "Species" today and let me tell you, what that Alien Female did to the humans she tried to mate with left some real scars. Actually it left them lifeless however there "would" have been a scar there had they lived.

    The Hermit - stay holed up and keep working at this, limit your love life to only what is helping YOU get where you need to go. Find a guy in Hollywood!

    Knight of Cups - could happen! Make THAT a goal!

    The Tower - and it could be explosive for your career.

    You are a smart lady Asia... you can do all this, you are brilliant at what you do.

    Knight of Swords - there is no stopping you.


    Love, astra

    P.S. i picked up the three box set of Species 1,2 and 3. Some of Hollywoods best films ever. I actually kinda like the idea of aliens coming to earth and breeding with mankind. Why not?

    heck Asia too bad you are in Texas and I am up here in Washington or we could start making movies tomorrow! I have access to a Panasonic HD cam. and I would love to make movies! I think it would be fantastic! I was actually on screen in a movie I was an extra in, with Jodie Foster many years ago, she was younger then. It was filmed in Savannah Georgia. And let me tell you Asia, when I left that set, and went back to my "normal" boring job,all I could think of was that movie. It was like a magical fairy land, with a lot of people all working together to create something creative and beautiful.

    You are doing fine... you are on the right path... a little bump in the road, so what? I get 'em all the time. You need to let off some steam? Go for a walk in the woods somewhere and "let heaven have it" give them an earful over how disguted you are with your life. They'll listen. A lot safer than yelling at mom and dad. 😉

  • Update on Timmy 🙂

    Talked to him today-told me a little more about himselfhe writes poetry and is going to UTA soon but commuting from home. He also old me ofhis past with exgirlfriends and it was tough! He's been hurt several times and says he swears off relationships for now until he finds the right one.

    Does he think that can be me?

    Does he know I like him?

    How should I carry on from now on-Im too afraid too b blunt and show too much interest before he actually asks me out?

  • Sorry to ask you any random question about my ex-Im over it ad there is stil random questions that linger in my mind at times-I get intrigued and curious so I ask lol. (And you answer them with clarity and honestly it really helps close the little holes I have concerning that-even though Im still good just curious)

    How does my ex remember me?

    Does he respect how I exited the relationship?

    Does he know that he hurt my feelings at the time?

  • Hi Asia

    I'll field your questions in order...

    Does he think that can be me? The Empress - YES

    Does he know I like him? King of Cups - YES

    How should I carry on from now on-Im too afraid too b blunt and show too much interest before he actually asks me out?

    Wheel of Fortune - Let matters turn on their own. He will ask you out. Seven of Cups, he is even thinking of that right now.

    And your ex...

    How does my ex remember me?

    Four of Pentacles - Security and home

    The Tower - and it all fell down

    Queen of Cups - he still has very fond feelings for you

    So... he remembers you as someone he had hopes of building a home life together with, he remembers how it ended, and nonetheless he still has affection for you.

    Does he respect how I exited the relationship?

    Queen of Wands - YES, he respects how you acted

    Does he know that he hurt my feelings at the time? Three of Cups - YES. He regrets it and...

    The Empress again - wishes he could reconnect somehow with you and start over.

  • Astra sorry for not saying thank you in my last post-you truly an angel and a blessing on earth! When I say I appreciate it, I really mean appreciate it! If there is anything you need-advice or anything I could help with let me know :)))))))

    About Timmy-that's great! Wow I felt kind of awkward putting myself on the line-trying to make it obvious while not making it too obvious if you know what I mean lol! He asked me to go get a drink with him somewhere but I declined because Im 19 (wow! lol) but I think he was shocked

    Was Tim shocked that I liked him?

    Does he respect me?

    Kind of interesting to hear my ex feel that way. We haven't spoken since the break up-I was too hurt too but honestly I feel he is a very wounded person and honestly isn't the best choice for me. Its best too leave it in the past honestly being that he is involved in some dangerous things-I would love too help him or maybe be friends but it will take me a while to warm up too him like everything is A-OK lol!

    Why hasn't taken out the time to TRY to call, text, Facebook or reconnect with me?

    WIll he ever contact me or comeback into my life again?

    Does he see me as someone who could help him or will I ever help him in the future?

  • 🙂

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