AstraAngel Please Help

  • Got it! And I completely understand-just leave it up to the heavens and pray for him. Thats all I can do right besides if its meant for me, its meant for me, if its not, well-its not. I'll just pray for him and wish him the best meanwhile its just best to continue to focus on me. Thank you so much Astra Angel, god bless and take care! :)))))

    I pray for me and him both tonight. Thank you Astra 🙂

  • Hey I know this is crazy just thought about him and went the thread-I have too admit Im sort of nervous about his coming presence in my life. Don't get me wrong I miss him and I love him. I just don't want everyone to get on me about even dealing with him again (even in the slightest way even though dealing with him is never slight lol!). Im concerned about my happiness but Ive let my ego go and feel I have enough self respect but I can put my pride aside and be there for someone. I'm just slightly afraid of falling hard for him all over again just to be hurt. What should, I do any advice?

    I hate to ask this once again but this out of nervousness lol-Are we really going to come in contact in the Fall?

    And I notice you said something in an earlier post: What choice is he leaning towards, will it change once he talks to me?

    Six of Pentacles - i still have the feeling he really wants to work something out with you, I can't explain that it looks you are on opposite corners of life right now. Give and take is what I am hearing.

    What is the give and take about, give and take what?

  • 🙂

  • Hey Hey! :)))))

  • What else did he respect/love about me besides my honesty?

    Do you see me winning any screenwritig/film contests in the near future?

    What connected us together and keeps our bond strong?

    I'm really excited about this horror/drama/black comedy supernatural thriller Im writing (yes alot of genres go into this one-I really want to describe the plot but I Ottawa get it copywrittwn first but I give you a hint the kids a documenting thier exploits as they fight supernatural come trying go survive.

  • Hey Asia

    I will run through your questions in turn. My sense right off is that you really need to try and put him out of your head for the time being. I can look at the cards, however that might not be helping you right now. I'll take a look and then you can decide. I would focus on YOU though and not on this potential relationship.

    "I hate to ask this once again but this out of nervousness lol-Are we really going to come in contact in the Fall?"

    Death - Not looking good at the moment - this card is addressing your own personal need for inner transformation. This situation is probably driving you crazy so that you finally run screaming to Heaven for inner peace. Focus on yourself and your work. One positive application of this is to turn the personal drama into a script. Write it out in some way so that you are free of him - or say, you travel to Florida and discover that he is an alien - or a vampire.

    "What choice is he leaning towards, will it change once he talks to me?"

    The Fool - I do have this feeling that he want to try and get with you still, and start fresh. You can't let that chart you life though. It sounds like you are trying to decide what to do based on how he feels. You should not do that. Follow your own heart and for now it looks like your best course is inner transformation. Keep in mind he could be having "FOOL" feelings for about twenty other women on South Beach too... so don't let what he might or might not be feeling for you decide anything.

    "What else did he respect/love about me besides my honesty?"

    Seven of Pentacles - he respected you for your ability to make decisions related to material issues, finances and that sort of thing. That may not be an area he is so good at.

    Do you see me winning any screenwritig/film contests in the near future?

    These card flipped out of the deck like crazy

    The MOON, The Knight of WAND and the EIGHT Of WANDS - these are extremely positive and energetic cards of movement and victory - whatever you are chasing you are going to attain. The MOON tells me that your real forte is a certain emotional appeal and drama in your writing that will win them over. Very nice, keep working hard, and let these persona life dramas feed your creative soul and not rob energy from you.

    What connected us together and keeps our bond strong?

    Ace of Wands - a lot of fire and energy between the two of you - looks like it was pretty physical too. Very physical. The fire of passion was hot, however there is a difference between the heat of the moment and a love that can last a lifetime.

    You are on the right path, pray often, give thanks to God for the amazing life you are living, and will continue to discover. You are a very beautiful and talented lady and have a lot to look forward to!

    Asia - U R AMAZING! :):):):) You go girl. Knock Hollywood dead.

    Love, astra

  • Thanks Astra! And I won't just knock Hollywood dead, it'll be the whole world lol!

    You're absolutely right about everything. especially the part when you said to focus on my own transformation and not on this potential relationship. I really just need o continue ad focus on my life and desires and not get distracted. I was just very shocked about how he felt and when you told me he was coming back into my life-It threw me off alot lol but I dont need to focus on him or his feelings-just follow my heart and dreams (not so bad about the screenplay Idea withhim being a vampire or alien lmao that would be crazy! but kind of cool just might try it!). Something inside not just from the cards everything will work out ok for me I the nd even if it isn't the way I expect it to be.....

    Is it a good idea that I write many stories at once (I get the enrygy of different ones at diffrent moments) ?

    I feel I am changing for the better but I still feel Im I the process of change and transformation-Is iot for the better?

    What is some of things that are holding me back right now?

  • Btw you're amazing too :))))))

    The funny thing is Astra Im also asking all these questions about my ex so I can definetly make sure I know what to so if/when we come into contact with each other. I feel I can do better (no offense to him) and just have more adventures in love as I chase my dreams but sometimes I feel we still have a slight chance and I still lovehi but now sure if that's my ego talking (What does the card say about my feelings towards him so i can help my self focus on my feelings?

    Is it just ok to pray to god and the angels and just leave tis issue alone or good/to heed my intution?

    how do I. know If my intuiton or emotins lead my decisions (personal question)?

  • AstraAngel, hate to ask you all these questions (One day if I can get into it, I give you a tarot reading, honest to god lol!!!) but I really been struggling with this one (the main reason why Im nervous about my ex being in contact with me)-Im a very honest, open person and I can close up but at times I find it hard not to be completely honest (either Im all the way honest or I'm just closed off)-I really want to put it all out there when we talk, my emotions they are too complex and I still very much really want to have a talk about everything that happened and my feelings. I want to seem ok and independent, I am but I cant hide my true feelings.

    Is it ok to put everything on the table when I talk to him or just keep it inside (I want to release it for me)?

  • Asia,

    wow, you really do have feelings for him no doubt about it. Hmm... let's answer your questions first....

    "What does the card say about my feelings towards him so i can help my self focus on my feelings?"

    Seven of Pentacles, Eight of Swords, Five of Cups

    You really had a material connection with this man. Shared everything together, and you were helping make decisions as regards material issues, even finances it seems. We saw the material connection before you recall. So there was a lot of physical energy there and choices, choices, you two were always trying to decide things...

    the Eight of Swords shows where you are at with your feelings. You are hemmed in you are unable to connect and yet you still harbor some emotional brokenness inside (five of cups). So the healthy thing would be to reconnect with him and make a quality decision to forgive one another and move on, or at least establish an understanding.

    I see this pattern over and over in life. One person in a relationship will be more mature and is following their heart and that can scare the other one away as they are still immature emotionlly and deathly afraid of commitment. So they run. Your ex ran. Didn't want to face his true feelings. And yet they run away from closure too! In other words, the light streaming out from you is like the light of Christ, very pure and accepting/forgiving... most people can't handle it and run. It is the pure love evergy of heaven and the LAST thing they want is to face you. In his case he has tried to run away physically (Miami?) to create some physical distance. They only problem is that we are all SPIRITUAL BEINGS so we remain connected in the spirit!

    For the one running this means they will try to escape in any way they can. They will try and lose themselves in career, pursuits of pleasure, substance abuse... anything... except to FACE YOU and arrive at a conscious decision to move on or forgive and stay connected at least as friends.

    A lot of people will hide and hide thinking that they have closure, when the reality is they do not. They only torture themselves and actually condemn their lives to more unsettled energies and regrets and all kind of evil. For YOU though, the exact opposite is happening, what they are RUNNING from is working a HIGHER SPIRITUAL MATURITY in you, so while they go nowhere, YOU are attaining a deeper love understanding and a more Christ like attitude toward all of life. So you are in a position to forgive him and move on, while he is unable to move on because he refuses to face his condemning heart and so he has invoked judgment and torment on his life until he decides to do the right thing and face you.

    It is very sad, however a lot are in this boat today... running from the call of heaven which is LOVE MOST PURE, and so they drown themselves in sorrows. Wandering through life, never able to find love, never settling down. They are the saddest people in life, who refuse to cry and stay connected with one another. Those who cry like you and me are the ones who are free. Because we are not afraid of our tears. They ARE afraid of their tears and become the lost little lambs that the angels want to reach out to.

    For you...

    "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."

    -Isaiah 40:31

    I don't know whether you have a religious life and that doesn't matter. What this verse is saying Asia is that as you WAIT UPON and SERVE a heavenly aspect of your life, and not let yourself become bogged down in other peoples problems, you are SET FREE to be the soaring eagle of life, free and so very happy! And.. in due season... the Lord of LOVE (Jesus I believe) will bring that beautiful love that you deserve into your life! On that you can be confident.

    You ask about praying OR following your intuition. You should be able to do both! What is your heart telling you?

    Two of Pentacles here , you need to stay very balanced here and don't let your heart lead you to kdo anything you regret later. Pray for him when you think about him and leave it in God's hands. When the time comes a door will open (as heaven wills) and you could have the change to pface one another again. Perhaps.

    When the time comes to talk you should be very firm and grounded (King of Pentacles) - explain how you feel however do NOT let your emotions run away with you. Keep your feet on the ground.

    Judgment card - maintian sound judgment in this matter. This area of your life is trying to command more energies than are warranted. KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR CAREER and do NOT let this matter cause you any anxiety.

    Five of Cups - what is done is done, move on and focus on YOU and YOUR GOALS and let him slide out to sea - in his case that would be the Atlantic Ocean.

    The Magician - THIS is who you are! You are able to weave so much wonder with your talents you have a wonderful talent and should let that be your song. Then, in the right time love will come.

    I can't answer any more questions about him from here on.

    Blessings and peace


    P.S. I do have a fantastic idea for a movie script though... 🙂

  • Thank you AstraAngel! I had a talk with Blmoon today and finally came to the conclusion that I should just continue to focus on myself and do less talking (career wise) and doing so it doesnt interfere with my creative energy. I'm really dedicated to writing and shouldnt allow myself any distractions. I will just let God handle this from here on out. I prayed on it and let it be. Ive decided to just focus on writing.I don't know if Im going to be on the web as much but I must say I do appreciate your help and time. Hope Ive havent stressed you out at all-I have some personal issues I need to work on and have a very big dream ahead.

    And sure whats the script idea, would love to hear it?

    Any last reading for me about where I am at life or what I should work on as a person? ( I promise to you this is my last reading)

    Thank you soo much Astra! I really appreciate everything you do. God bless you (and I feel Im a very spiritual person, still working on my realtionship with God though hehee) but you truly are a blessing and I will never forget how much you've helped me. I'll thank you in my Academy Awards speech soon (one day), you have agreat one and get some rest (you deserve it)

    Love light blessings, Asia118X

  • Hey Asia

    That sounds great, you are a blessing, keep up the good work!

    Film Title: THE TAROT READER

    Starring Marisa Tomei and Liam Neeson

    Written and Directed by...

    My idea was simple... a movie about a tarot reader guy meets a distraught girl on a tarot forum and starts to give her readings. She is trying to reconnect with an old boyfriend, and the whole movie follows the readings as she is trying to figure out what to do to get back with her boyfriend who she (thinks) she loves. We never see the boyfriend. The tarot reader guy and he begin to develop a relationship over time, and they grow closer online. THey start to communicate by phone too.

    The tarot reader is so into her life, and is so determined to help her, he tries to do anything possible to get them reconnected. And he finally ends up flying out to where she lives in the hopes of literally driving her to her ex boyfriend's town in the hopes of tracking him down. So they are hanging out together a lot and start to get pretty close. Eating out together. They even stay at a hotel and have separate rooms. As the movie winds to the end, they do finally find the BF, and there is this real emotional scene where she is standing at the BF's house and he answers the door and is overjoyed to see her, and she has already fallen for the tarot reader though! And we see them talking but can't hear them.

    So the tarot reader is out in the car and the deal was that he would drop her off and leave. And he is sitting in the car, crying.. he loves her so much. Then... he is cryiing in his hands, his head against he steering wheel... the car has ben started.. and then we hear a "tap tap" on the driver's side glass... the tarot reader looks up and she is standing outside... and she is looking at him, and crying. He opens the door and stumbles out of the car and they grab each other and hold each tight, they are both crying their eyes out... and he tells her... "I saw this in a reading when I first met you... the Two of Cups... and I saw us together... "

    and they are both laughing and kissing, and she whispers to him, "I think you are the best tarot reader in the world... because you knew how to make me happy...."

    Camera pulls up, over the trees... then pans up into the night sky with so many stars and a crescent moon... a falling star shoots across...

    THE END... credits...

    I will be looking forward to seeing you on the Academy Awards.

    Love, astra

  • Thanks AstraAngel you will :)))) See you some other time. Im going to take a break from this website for a little while in order to use my own head, intution and focus on my creative energy and in the meanwhile make me stronger. I appreciate the help, support and light you've given me. Now its time for bootcamp and reality (Blmoon described it as bootcamp lol), I feel Im on the right track, just continue to bust my a s s and work even harder than that lol.

    Have a blessed one Astra!

  • Hi Astra Angel,

    Very nervous today I havent hung out with anyone in a looooonnnng time and I dont know if I have like a social anxiety disorder-Im very harsh on myself and and very self consicious (*in a bad and good way) of me and everyone's feelings which can be overwhelming. I feel I really need people that at least share common interest and passions with me but can be different also- I like to party but I dont smoke or drink whatsover. I feel people respect it but tooo many people do it so I feel very alone often.

    I went out today with 2 girls from work Ashley and Torri-it was alright until we went over her friends house and they were smoking w e e d and drinking-not my thing and plus they were my rides home! I wanted them to have fun but I care about my safety- I mingled sparingly (I was the new girl coming in to a close knit group-I have too warm up.) but didnt smoke at all and after an hour I had them drive me home and hoped they got back safe.

    How do my coworkers (besides Ashley and Torri) feel about me?

    Do they respect the fact I dont smoke or drink?

    Did Torri and Ashley find me boring? (Its ok to be honest)

  • Hi Asia

    How do my coworkers (besides Ashley and Torri) feel about me?

    they see you as a lone wolf. Someone who is hiding her feelings, and they are trying to get you to relax a little and open up. Still waters run deep and they are curious just how deep your waters go.

    Do they respect the fact I dont smoke or drink?

    Page of Pentacles - yes, they see that you are very focused on your life goals and dreams. They know you are struggling to break into the movie business.

    And Seven of Pentacles - they see that you are making a quality choice to refrain from these things and they see you standing tall for what you choose to step away from.

    Did Torri and Ashley find me boring? (Its ok to be honest)

    Justice - Well, this card looks like a very stoic lady who is impenetrable. Your friends see you as someone who is very aloof and come across a little cold at times. You are a MYSTERY to them, and they actually think that is cool. They would love to crack your calm exterior.

    And Page of Wands - they see you also as someone very spiritual, with a message for them from heaven. They need something you have to give them. Love.

    Hey nice to hear from you Asia. I hope matters are calming down for you, and that your screenwriting is going well. I am back painting again, that has been hard for me to get back to that. I am optimistic that my art can still work out for me, it has been an interesting journey.

    I am proud of you for taking a stand on the substance issues. I have struggled with some of this too. Thanks to Heaven for helping me to resist these things (so far anyway!) They become a crutch. And sometimes we need a crutch in life. And then we move on. You are an inspiration to your friends.

    blessings and peace.

  • NIce to see and hear from you too Astra! You should get back to art! Its very calming and relaxing. You love to paint huh? Awesome I used to love to draw. paint and sketch-all sorts of things. I use to want to be a tattoo artist-just didnt know if I wanted tattoos lol-kind of crazy huh? Lol! So is painting and writing you thing, how long you've been doing it?

    About the reading, I must admit I am a lone wolf-sometimes I love it sometimes I hate it lol! I just feel I use it as a crutch to protect myself so no one can hurt me but I do crave love at times. I should open up a bit more though, My anxiety and fear and run rampant sometimes but Im planning on looking into it a bit more (with medication maybe)

    I try not to come off as cold, I desperately want to open up really badly but Im afraid of rejection or being hurt (from betrayal, etc) at times so I have to gradually warm up-I watch everyone closely.

    Do you think they would like if I asked them (Ashley and Torri) to the movies?

    Is it ok to be more open then?

    Is my life changing for the better?

    How am I standing in my way of my personal/spiritual journey (what do I need to work on?) ?

  • And in advance and for all the previous advice and care you have shown me-Thank you! 🙂

  • Bump 🙂

  • Asia,

    You like to paint and draw? That's cool, you should totally do that again.. I am working on a really nice painting now and it is helping my get my mind back to being productive again. I had to work through a lot of junk to pick that brush up... it is calming, although I like to take breaks and give Tarot readings too! 🙂

    Its funny you mention the tattoo art, I have thought about getting into that too. Not seriously enough to figure out what you have to do to be able to do it, however it crosses my mind. It seems to be the one art form that people are actually going out of their way to have done, and I think the pay is decent. I will keep hammering away at fine art, and when that door closes so completely I can't open it with dynamite, I may try the tattoo thing. I don't have any tattoos myself. I think they are cool though. You have some?

    I have thought about offering my services for Henna tattoos.. they eventually come off, however you can do them for those who want something, like a party or something... a special occasion... A WEDDING... a first anniversary... finding out you are pregnant... that sort of thing.. lol .. no special license needed either.

    Yeah well you are an artist so you are going to be hurt. It comes with the territory. You can't be a true artist and not be hurt. Its what fuels your creativity, weird I know. Do NOT get on meds!!! You will turn into a zombie and your art and creativity will be lame, you need to FEEL LIFE in all of its PLEASURE and PAIN. You are not going to be a creative movie person, painter whatever, without the pain. You don't want the pain, go get a job at the post office.

    You are afraid of rejection? Why? I get rejected constantly, and I am now used to it. I don't give a flip. I refuse NOT to wear my feelings on my sleeve. I like watching people run away from me. I don't care any more. Its the only way to fly.

    You watch people closely because you are an artist. You are gathering material for your art. It can be hard to open up I know. I don't like to either, although I am getting better at it. You and I should go to a party together and try something... you point out some guy you want to date and I will go bump into him...

    "Say... I know you! Jim from the bowling alley right?"

    (The guy you want to date) "No... you must have the wrong guy."

    "Are you sure? I could have sworn... Well, nice to meet you anyway! My name is Mark... Mark Spikes... " (and I extend my hand for a handshake)

    "Robert Cummins."

    "Nice to meet you Robert. Sorry about the mix up, I thought for sure... So what do you do Robert?"

    "Oh, I'm an senior account executive at Smith Advertising Agency."

    "Oh wow.. that sounds like a good job.. pay well? I am currently out of work, looking. And judging from your finger looks like you aren't married either?"

    "Yeah, the pay is good. And your right, not married."

    "Dating anyone?"

    "Sort of, nothing serious..."

    "Yeah, I'm in the same boat... hey Robert great to meet you I am going to mingle some more... take it easy bro!"

    (Okay Asia.. then I circle back to you, on the other side of the room...)

    "Okay Asia... his name is Robert Cummins, not married, available, and he's making good dough at an ad agency..."

    Then, a little while later, after Bob has had a few drinks... you just "happen" to bump into him...

    "Oh.. Hey! Robert! What a coincidence! I haven't see you in the longest time!"

    "Oh hey... do I know you?..."

    "Oh sure, I worked at The Goldman agency over in Dallas and we met at a presentation a year or so ago!"

    "...what?... oh yeahhh.... I remember... I guess... "

    (you extend your hand and give him a nice flash of your pearly whites)

    "Asia. Asia Hugerly!"

    (you shake his hand, and also move in a little closer... )

    "So, Robert, how do you like the party so far?"

    "..oh fine i guess... Asia huh? From the agency in Dallas... yeah, I remember now... how have you been?..."

    "Yeah, I'm kinda bored. Hey Robert, why don't we freshen our drinks and walk outside, I'd like to hear how things are at your agency. Ours is kinda going through some changes..."

    "Oh sure Asia.. that sounds good. So what exactly do you do at... Goldman did you say?..."

    "Oh, you know, the usual. Here, allow me, what are you having, I'll grab us drinks!"


    Okay, you also have some questions...

    Do you think they would like if I asked them (Ashley and Torri) to the movies?

    Two of Pentacles - YES

    Is it ok to be more open then?

    Justice - YES! Justice sees all, hears all, tells all... you need some close girlfriends you can totally open up to.

    Is my life changing for the better?

    Knight of Cups.... well, as long as you call being in love something better, then Yes.

    How am I standing in my way of my personal/spiritual journey (what do I need to work on?) ?

    Six of Wands. Nothing. Keep being the caring, open, sensitive, compassionate, tender hearted, heavenly lady you already are.

    I hope that gives you some helpful encouragement Asia... I hope your screen writing is going well... you should do some painting too! You are right... it is a calming influence...

    let me know when you want to try the party trick.... 🙂

    love and light 🙂


  • Thank you so much Astra and btw the way nice scenario lol! I would love to do the party thing sometime!

    Hey if tattooing isn't your passion thats ok-there's all sorts of art! I dont have any myself but would really love some-mostly hidden though (already know which ones I want too!)-I sort of want to wait til I have my career established plus the money to get them lol! And Henna! I think that would be great for you its seems like a fun line of work and the best part people want it over and over since its temporary-there'll always be customers-I totally think you should do it!

    I was really thinking about what you said about pain and you're right!- I feel in the end enduring it and living through it makes me special and makes me an even better artist especially when I manifest my feelings in my work.

    Thank you so much Astra! We should definetly hang out sometime but be careful-paparazzi might bother you lol!

    You should join in on my Blessings thread labled Blessings, Blessings and More Blessings. I list all the blessings I can think of to help keep me grounded, happy and motivated even when Im feeling down to turn my mood upside down and believe me it works (for me anyway)! It really keeps me pumped for my day. Hope to see you there some time and as always Astra, appreciate the help, love and advice!

    Blessings 🙂

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