AstraAngel Please Help

  • Hahaaha lmao! ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT OYSTER-seems like it could be a comic spoof on of a ridiculous 50s movie on monsters-BRILLIANT! Nice to see your doing great keep it up on your work-you seem like a great writer as well.

  • Oh and by the way Astra! Thanks for everything 🙂 Hope to meet you down the road someday.....

  • Remembr us when your famous Asia:)

  • Definetly will Bluecat :)))) HOW RU-MISS U?

  • I'm good:) Glad to hear you haven't given up your dreams. I have a new set of Life Purpose cards, all about carrer and goals, let me know if you want to see what they say about your goals!and what thread to post it, I don't do it on here often, but you are aspiring and these are all related to that

  • Hey bluecat, I just got that deck too! The ones by Doreen Virtue? It's really nice.

  • HI Astra Angel! Yes I just got them , I had healing with The Angel for so many years I got them as a gift, these are the first I've ever bought myself, I'm still getting use to them, did you use those for Asia too lol? I noticed my daughter really likes these too, I always find them in her room:)

  • Bluecat, I had not tried them with Asia as she seems to have a good handle on her career path, we could sure that though! I do like the deck a lot, I got the travel card the other day... sounds good to me, its starting to snow here and I would love to find a warm beach somewhere! I have another angel deck called "angel blessings" and it is very beautiful.

  • Angel Blessings does sound beautiful:) Thats true she knows what she wants, and that is a great place to start:) I wish I knew that much lol, are you a cap AstraAngel? I harldy meets caps, but I like to because my son is,

  • Thanks Bluecat and AstraAngel for the card reading offers! How nice of you but you are right I feel like I have a good hold on my career path-but you know what it doesn't hurt to see what the card says it could be a little fun-wish I could try my hands at decks sometime-seems sort of fun 🙂 Hey Bluecat, I'd love to hear what the cards say!

    Been busy with writing got to 42 pages with my big feature (a horror-thriller-drama) documentary style) Im working on planning on doing more every night at least 10 pages (its the fastest one Ive ever gotten through besides Miami Nights (another screenplay I wrote a while back in my last year of high school). I feel a big buzz today don't know why and have a general feeling like everything will work out for me as Im in control of my own destiny just need to focus on the positive and not wallow on whats not working sometimes lol! Funny thing, actually was thinking of my ex-in a good way kind of miss our fun times together feel like I had a big buzz on his heart brought some joy to his life-I prayed for him yesterday but can't help but think good thoughts about everyone today even him 🙂 Man 2011 has been a journey-bring on 2012!

    Any reviews about 2011-how was it for you Bluecat and Astra?

    Hey Astra I was wondering how do you feel about the 16th Annual Fade In Awards screenplay contest Im considering to enter-is it legit?

  • Asia, I only get good cards in answer to this

    Three of wands, Four of Wands, go for it.

  • Alright Astra-thanks think I definetly will! 🙂

    Hope your Thanksgiving goes well-Blessings 🙂

  • Hey Astra! How did Thanksgiving go for you?

    Mines went pretty ok! Been excited to hear from a couple of contest and find out if I placed anywhere just to be anywhere would be exciting for me but of course I go for top prize lol! Still continuing to write as much as I can but Ive been pretty busy so writing is cut down to at least 2 days a week when Id prefer it'll be everyday but oh well, what can I say? Hope everything is going alright with you-Have a blessed one Astra 🙂

  • Hi Asia

    Yes, thanksgiving was nice, we ate out. The place where we ate overlooked the river and I sat there gazing at my old office where I used to work across the river... brought back some nice memories...

    That is good on your writing! You go! You will be up in lights before you know it, actually you already are... your circumstances may look like you aren't there yet.. but you are... FANTASTIC FUTURE for you creatively and in love...

    I am writing a lot too... some movie ideas as well... i love to write dialogue like you are doing... I do it for fun though I guess... all is well here... some days I struggle a little to understand some aspects of life however it is all good...

    love and light to you


  • Thanks Astra!

    And keep up the good work on your writing too-you never know how far you can go. You may be doing it for fun but it might be a real passion and career choice for you one day-You have pretty good story ideas!

    Im happy your Thanksgiving went so well-Thats pretty cool to eat over a river-AWESOME!!!! I've been thinking about my ex alot lately kind of miss him but nonetheless have good thoughts and praying so I won't harbor anymore resentment because I can't change the past. Maybe Im just thinking of him because I miss the good times and intimacy I shared with someone on an emotional level (We never had sex-Im a v i r g i n- Im very selective and keep my morals intact while I get to know the person well first) or maybe because we broke up right around this time.

    Sorry about my rambling lol-May great days forever come your way....

    Love, light and blessings


  • Bump 🙂

  • Hey Asia... bump to you too! ha ha

    Here is a reading for you on this lovely December 2

    The Knight of Cups - some guy is after you for sure... you still have a thing for that ex of yours you keep bringin' him up.

    Seven of Wands - you keep thinking about doing something connected with him, emailing, txting, calling, visiting, you really want to get back with him I believe.

    Four of Pentacles - you are stable, and doing okay materially... your career is going well... still, there is something missing, you really need love in your life. Bad.

    Death - you are changing in your understanding of love, there is a 'new you' arising from the ashes of whatever happened with him before. yes it was painful. it is also dead and gone. Doesn't mean that something new and nice can't start up with him again - or someone else?

    Is it someone else?

    The magician.... I do see someone else... there is so much baggage with your ex... the drugs... you don't need to be in that again... you DO need love though... what can we do about that?

    Page of Pentacles - there is someone... wanting you... The Hierophant... a writer guy, spiritual man... who has his eyes on you. Someone in your screenwriting world I believe... a mentor?

    Ace of Swords - YES! There is a man you are already involved with who is helping you in some way with your film writing... and you had not seriously considered something with him... you had thought he was out of reach... now you are changing in your assessment... you are developing trust with him again...

    Page of Swords - He is a prolific writer as you are, You enjoy reading his work.. someone in Hollywood you admire... he is an idol to you...

    Ten of Swords - ouch! Was there a man you were involved with from your past? Who was also interested in film work too? He affected you greatly?

    Five of Pentacles - someone shut you out, was this him? This looks like a stage set or something... I want to say you had an involvement with this man... creatively...

    Strength - There were words... harsh...

    Knight of Wands - he was chasing his dreams while you were chasing yours... and it broke your heart that you had to split up...

    The Hermit - this threw you into isolation, you sequestered yourself away, you tried desperately to lose yourself again in your own world, your own creativity, your own dreams...

    Three of Cups - still, you cannot help but see something with him again. He comes back to you in your dreams... there are visions of happiness, and love, and a life with him. You do not like to talk about him but he is back there...

    The Knight of Pentacles - you wonder what he is up to... what he is doing... you seek him out secretly sometimes...

    Queen of Cups - you still love him

    Who is this man, Asia?

  • Hey Astra :))))

    How have you been came up with any good ideas?

    Well about this reading pretty deep I must say lol! I definetly do see where you are going with the death card-Ive been changing alot lately not just in love but everything-I can see alot clearer just ready to get on the saddle and go! But hey Im probably just learning patience but it will definetly pay off in the future. It's just my enviroment and mood swings (I beleive it's bipolar disorder lol) stresses me out from time to time but Ive been writing alright for the most part!

    Hmmm screenwriter guy-I can't think of anyone like that most of this reading because the only guy Ive ever dated is my ex and Ive never had any harshness go on with Tim (we never dated though) So I suppose this guy is my ex-he was interested in my stuff but I wouldn't say he's a writer.i'm pretty sure the last part is me still loving my ex.

    Who's the guy that's still interested or chasing me? (Im curious if it's not my ex?)

  • Hey Asia

    Yeah, I guess he could be your ex... I was getting it was someone else.

    Got the Lovers card that's intense. And the Tower, that's intense too.

    So, something beautiful beginning while something else is failing (and needed to fail). Could be anything, a life concept, relationship, paradigm anything.

    I am writing a lot, some fun script material, nothing appropriate to share here though ha ha. But fun.

    I have some ideas... would like to put a team together at the right time. We'll see... everyone trying to do their own thing and going nowhere. Creative people (especially in movies ) should be together, collaborating. That is where the future is...


  • Thanks Astra 🙂

    Even if you did get someone else, wouldn't hurt wish I could just go out and have fun. I'm always bored (not with my writings and such) and rarely get to go out and have fun which is why I working my way to get a license (which is so-so exciting) but unfourtanetly the excitement ends when I realize I really won't be able to get a car. Sucks 😞 but oh well lol! Just keep going-finally believe I found my calling-Ive been checking out this new film school that been checking me out for awhile but Ive been researching them for some time now and decided Im going to apply there its in Orlando, FL and its an AMAZING film school with backlot, studio cameras and EVERYTHING-you even get your own MacBook with software loaded all on it-the only thing is the housing but I have a feeling it'll all be worked out 🙂

    Im soooooooooo excited about it! Im setting my sights on April so I can have to get adjusted to the move and save any extra money (my JUST IN CASE money lol) and have to transfer both of my jobs. I really feel this has a great chance of working. In the meantime, Im entering all these screenwriting contests (actually getting ready to hear from some too-hope Im a finalist somehow or at least placed somewhere) and Im also been aiming for exposure. Yes the money would be lovely (I need it REALLY REALLY BAD-lol) but I really want my ideas up on the big screen and will work hard to get it there. So, Ive decided to try to sell and option my supernatural thriller-horror-drama script called The Unlikely Avengers of Death Valley (Copyright 2011-2015). Its very graphic and different unlike anything else out there honestly which puts me at the forefront for it to be a great sell-I feel soooo good about this script so Im rather excited! Im been doing a lot of rewrites on it though just to get it perfect but yet spontenous and original-Hey as they say in the writing world-Writing is rewriting 🙂

    Say, about your scripts-regardless of whats in it (even if you can't put it up here lol) they seem very inventive, different and nonetheless AWESOME but whenever you need a team member-let me know I'll be the first one to sign up! 🙂

    Good luck to you, my fellow Hollywood writer friend 🙂

    Love, light and blessings


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