Need help with Tarot interpretation.

  • I would love to hear another interpretation of this Celtic Cross reading.

    Significator: Knight Cups

    Crossing: 7 Cups

    Crowning: Chariot

    Base of matter: The Lovers

    Past influences: Queen Wands

    Forthcoming: 7 pentacles

    Where one finds oneself: High Priestess

    Views of others: Hanged Man

    Hopes and fears: 2 Pentacles

    final outcome: 3 Wands

    Thank you in advance!

  • Hi mystcarrie

    I'll give you my two cents.

    Situation: Knight Cups - You have a love issue that you are focused on to the exclusion of orher matters.

    Crossing: 7 Cups - Your are imagining relationship possibilities in this area.

    Crowning: Chariot - You have a deep desire to travel, to have life carry you along to the 'something nice'

    Base of the matter: The Lovers - You are desiring to bring together the aspects of yourself, your inner self-concept, into one harmonious, peaceful expression

    Past influences: Queen Wands - You have focused on your own self-sufficiency and personal integrity in the recent past. Your are confident.

    Forthcoming: 7 Pentacles - You are managing your resources

    Where one finds oneself: High Priestess - You are relaxing into a more unified concept of yourself. You are finding that life is a lot simpler - and fun - than you had imagined!

    Views of others: Hanged Man - Others see you as a little different. In a nice way.

    Hopes and fears - 2 Pentacles - You are deciding to pursue your dreams. You are at last behind the best friend you'll ever have. Yourself. This is a little fearful at times, as material security is very important to you. The Universe says "do not fear". Your dreams are in Heaven's hands.

    final outcome: 3 Wands - Everything works out nicely for you after some adjustments. You are now beginning to really enjoy the view you have labored for. You are now planning something more as well.

  • Thank you so much AstraAngel. Really appreciate your input.

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