Tuning into Spirit

  • Lately i am getting mixed messages of all kinds from the other side i am seeing pink roses and hearing the name James i want to tune into spirit properly so i can understand the messages they are trying to tell me . I have tryed meditating but with all the kaos of a busy house and bringing up kids and all i honestly dont get enough time to focus only when ive just got into bed and by thattime forget im totally out of it . I would really appreaciate anyones insight.

    Many Blesssing Love and Love Light LOap:)

  • Dear LOAP, I have started meditating and trying to connect with my Higher Self and Spirit recently but I can share what works for me. I too have a hectic schedule (although not as bad as yours since I don't have children) and find it very difficult to concentrate unless there is complete silence which I get only in the night. Before going to sleep, every night I meditate (unless I have been drinking or am not feeling well or am way too tired). I first try to calm myself with focus on breathing. Once the zip-zam-zoom thoughts settle down and I see I am no longer 'reacting' to the thoughts passing, which means they are simply flowing by and I am watching them from a distance I try connecting with my guides. I ask for help, I ask for healing, I thank them from my heart, I pray for people in pain and for those who need help, I ask for Reiki to me weak chakras, I do visualisation, I ask for answers to specific questions. I simply let those questions out and wait for answers without concentrating on the questions as such. I have found when I am calmer or not agitated I am more open to messages. They come as thoughts generally but I am becoming more confident in recognising which one is my intuition and which one my ego/intellect. There are thoughts that simply flow unnoticed, unattached with any emotion or feeling. They are more like whispers or floating texts and then I know it is a message for me. And then there are thoughts which come after a split second of 'thinking' activity and 'feel' fake and I know those are the doings of my own mind. I have found that at nights, when I am slightly sleepy or tired it is easier to fall into a deeper concentration and 'let go'. Maybe once the whole house is asleep and you are not tired it may work for you as well? Or if you are an early morning person then before everyone wakes up? When I meditate, even when I am looking for specific answers, I simply let go and generally the 'switch off' is also automatic. Like I simply know it is enough now and I should end my meditation. So I simply flow in the meditation wherever it takes me. I do not necessarily focus on answers or messages unless I am way too disturbed or confused because that disturbs my awareness which, I think is the main point of meditation. It prepares you to open up completely to be able to receive messages from spirit more easily, isn't it? Maybe, you too should simply let go and flow in your meditation and the answers to your mixed messages will become clearer?

  • On another thread Captain suggested to me a technique for connecting with Spirit. I have a problem of grounding and also about channelising my spirituality so that I don't live in parallel realities, so she suggested every morning and evening I could visualise my feet firmly on the ground and the top of my head open so that I could receive messages from Spirit yet remain grounded.

  • Aha, you see that is why I iron. It is the only time I get a few minutes to myself at least for my brain to think without being drowned out by kids noise. It is a good question, I wish too I could pick up Spirit and angel messages more clearly.Maybe the questions are not specific enough. Maybe we are focussing too hard on getting the message. I have 3 people lined up for spirit contact including yourself and I just cannot find the quiet for it. No solution. Kick the kids outside and lock the door like our parents used to do, well mine anyway, when they wanted some peace.

    Hope you are well.xxSheelagh

  • Hi Saggigirl,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with me , i did try last what you said the Captain suggest for you but my mind was wondering again ,its hard trying to stay focused when my enegry is scattered .I need to find a quiet space and funny enough thats usually when im doing the dishes similar to what Paddi said about the Ironing,. Do you mediate at the same time everynight ? As i have heard it is good in some way i can remember why .

    Many Blessings love and Light LOap:)

  • HeY Sheelagh,

    Lol about the ironing i must admit that is one thing i never doit unless a garment actually needs it , maybe is should take it up ,but then i know what would happen i would be stuck in front of the telly watching Oprah and would get no mediating done anyway. Dont worry about contacting my cousin i understand you are busy , i just want to know what these visions im having mean , ,whenever im typing to ConfuCap im seeing a bunch of pink roses and she doesnt reelate to it . I want to thank the spirit who is showing them to me as i love roses .

    Do you know Psychic Sally ? She is on Tv over here now and I would love to get a reading off her . OH and i remember being kicked outside to play deveryday and not coming in until it was tea time . Poor kids now they dont know what they are missing i feel sad for them . Hope to chat soon

    Take care Loive and Hugs Mags xx

  • Ironing!!! LOL I get messages when Im hoovering!!!! Guess I cant hear the kids when Im hoovering!! My meditation teacher said it mine be the white noise of the hoover and I seem to zone out when Im hoovering!! Funny isnt it.

    I find meditation fantastic. I need to get more disciplined at home so I can do it when the kids are in bed.

    Doesnt roses stand for love!!!! someone sending you love.

    kind regards cazmayo

  • I love Sally morgan shes great!!! My cousin went for a one to one with TJ Higgs (shes on the show Psychic Detectives with Colin Fry and Tony Stockwell) she thought she was great.

    Ive seen Tony live at one of his shows. Thought he was amazing. Would love a one to one with HIM!!

  • Hi Cazmayo,

    I have watched tv shows with Colin and Tony I would love to get a reading from Tony especailly and Lisa Williams as well . Ive just started watching Sally Morgan i like how she portrays the spirits exact emotions of how they feel you can see it on her face and in her body language .

    LOve and Light LOap:)

  • Hi LivingaPrayer,

    The show I went to see with Tony was great, and I was reminded to day about one reading he did during the show, he said there was a little girl in spirit and she had been murdered, there was a big gasp in the audience, he said we shouldnt be scared of the dead, but the living. Anyway, the neighbour of this poor little girl was in the audience, he gave a description of where she was buried, described the vehicle of the murderer and how she would be discovered. As far as I know, she hasnt been found yet, but it was amazing (shes missing 34 years).

    His reading were very exact!!!

    I love Liza Williams, she came to Ireland this year, but it was too far for me to go (I have young children) maybe next time.

    Tony does workshops in London.

    kind regards


  • Hi Cazmayo,

    Where abouts are you from ? Im from Australia and i dont think we have any psychics that are world renound . We have a case of a child who went missing over here as well and the police are searching for his body as i am typing this to you, as someone has just been charged with his murder ,he was 13 and has been missing for 8 years. It really breaks my heart i could think of nothing worse than to lose a child i would rather die a torterous death . I pray they will find him soon so he can go home to his family ,i know that nothing will ever bring his Family closure but at least they will know where their boy is .,Oh how awful tears are welling as im typing . I wish i could get Tony to give that family a reading .

    Love, Light and Hugs Loap:)

  • Hi LivingonaPrayer,

    Im from Ireland, but I have lived in Oz before, and am planning on moving to Perth!!!

    Thats awful about the little boy, my heart just break (being a mum of 3). Please God, his body will be found, so his family can bring him home. It seems inhuman to be, not to have that.

    I also light candles for little Madeleine McCann, (missing british girl) I have a daughter of similar age, and was heartbroken like millions around the globe. What it has highlighted is that thousands of children dissappear either murdered or trafficked. Sorry makes me sick.

    It did remind me that when I was also 3, I went missing in the uk, there was a big search by shop staff and security guards all over the place. I was found, down the street, across the road, quite a distance away. They dont know how I managed to get there. Dont know why I am reminded of that now.

    Anyway, I know Tonys work involves unsolved cases.

    There is a NZ psychic who has appeared on Colin Fry, he has a show with another psychic investigating missing persons/murders.

    God bless all those little souls missing xx May the angels protect you.

    Kind regards


  • I find when my house is hectic I try to go outside back to nature it help bring down to meditate.

  • Hey LOAP, sorry haven't been online in a while so couldn't respond earlier. Well, no I cannot meditate at the same time but I've heard it helps. Also, meditating in the same place everyday does too. I too find my mind too noisy at times to really tune in so I continue meditating, simply trying to gain control without tuning in or trying to connect. That also helps because isn't meditation more of a discipline than anything else? Then there are times when I am naturally clear headed and I can tune in well. Setting a time and place aside may really help you since you have children's routines to take care of!

  • Hi Guys

    Hi Cazmayo

    Which part of Aus have you lived in before? Im from Melbourne never been to Perth would love to go maybe one day . Ive heard Ireland is beautiful as well would love to go there i just totally love the accent . That boy that went missing so far they have found a pair of matching shoes and 3 small bones its so heartbreaking you should see his Mum poor darling ,i just want to reach into the Tv screen and give her a hug and tell her everythings gonna be alright ,but its not and it never will be ,they are doing dna tests now and that could take weeks . Madeline McCann its very sad i dont want to sound judgemental but i will never understand how her parents left the children unattended like that , i know that things happen out of our control but to leave them alone i just cant comprehend it . Maybe i am to overprotective . It very frightening now a days poor kids cant go out and play properly anymore its like a ghost town you never see kids playing in the streets . Michael Jackson sings a song about missing children its called the lost children

    "The Lost Children"

    We pray for our fathers, pray for our mothers

    Wishing our families well

    We sing songs for the wishing, of those who are kissing

    But not for the missing

    [CHORUS 1]

    So this one’s for all the lost children

    This one’s for all the lost children

    This one’s for all the lost children, wishing them well

    And wishing them home

    When you sit there addressing, counting your blessings

    Biding your time

    When you lay me down sleeping and my heart is weeping

    Because I’m keeping a place

    [CHORUS 2]

    For all the lost children

    This is for all the lost children

    This one’s for all the lost children, wishing them well

    And wishing them home

    Home with their fathers,

    Snug close and warm, loving their mothers

    I see the door simply wide open

    But no one can find thee

    [CHORUS 3]

    So pray for all the lost children

    Let’s pray for all the lost children

    Just think of all the lost children, wishing them well

    This is for all the lost children

    This one’s for all the lost children

    Just think of all the lost children

    Wishing them well, and wishing them home

    I dedicate this to Maddie an Daniel I pray that they will be home soon safe and well.

    Love , light and hugs Loap

  • Hi Leeangela253,

    I never thought of going outside thanks for that ill give it a go ,when my little one is at kinder .

    Love , light and hugs Loap:)

  • Hi Saggigirl ,

    Ive tried to use what i call queing time you know when you are waiting in line for the bank or at the grocery store ? to calm my energy thinking only positve thoughts ,and visualizing what i want and sending positive affirmations to the universe and its really calming as i am a patient person but somtimes its cheeses me off waiting in ques and i use this when im stuck in traffic as well . Shame i cant close my eyes and mediate in these situations . Thanks for your insight , i will try to work something out about setting a time .

    Love , Light and Hugs Loap:)

  • All the best to you LOAP 🙂 And please share more often. It's lovely to interact with you.

  • Hey saggigirl,

    Nice to hear from you again, would love to hear more about yourself , are you into tarot cards at all ? I am and i have many oracle cards in my collection as well . Im into most things spiritual except for astrology i never got into that .This reasin i joinedt his site was to chat with people on tarot cards what about yourself ?

    Love, Light ans Hugs Loap:)

  • Hey LOAP, tarot cards are out of my purview yet but I am thinking maybe I should start...you know this is the second time I've been asked...

    Tell me, how has tarot reading helped you in your spiritual journey? And what do you practice it for? Would love to know if you'd like to share!

    (An aside to this conversation and back to the original one of tuning into Spirit messages, the other day I very clearly was 'told' to 'learn to depend on myself'. It just came like that, pat! I mean I asked and was thinking of a hundred questions to ask a hundred people while visualising opening up my crown and there, this thought comes in, as clear as daylight. The visualisation IS helping me. Also, I have a small note on my desktop about tuning into the Universe for answers that I read every so often to help me stay on my path. If you like I could post it here. Synchronicity helps me a lot in understanding messages too.)

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