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  • Hi LivingonaPrayer : )

    I am partial to your style of writing and honest feedback and I am hoping to get a reading concerning my current dating situation. I am currently casually dating 3 individuals, nothing serious just getting to know each other and see where things go (non-exclusive, I prefer to take my time and get to know individual first). I have different questions related to each and I would be so grateful if you would be willing to provide some insight.

    The first I will call M: M is very sweet but I fluctuate between making him a friend or something more. I know he cares for me deeply and he's handsome and kind but is there long term romantic potential

    with M?

    The second, I'll call P I'm most attracted to and there's an easy rapport, but I sometimes question where I stand with him. He seems to be mentally away at times ( I know he is having some financial troubles currently). Is he actually looking for a relationship (with me specifically)? Is there long term romantic potential here?

    Lastly, the last male I'll call F, has been very consistent and thus far appears to be a decent individual. My main concern with him is the distance between us. Is he looking for a serious relationship? Is there long term romantic potential with F?

    If you are able to provide any insight i would really appreciate It : )

    I will patiently wait,

    Thanks a bunch - Snowball

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