AstraAngel - Need some Insight

  • I was reading and can see that everyone loves your reads so I couldn't resist. I am wondering if I will find love and have a relationship anytime soon. I recently had a guy from high school re-enter my life although I am not sure if he is interested and wants to pursue a relationship with me or keep it a friendship. If you could please give me some insight on him or any other guy that you may pick up on. Thank you for your time. I look forward to seeing what inforamtion you have to give. Love and Light

  • Good evening, my dear Khemosabie

    You will receive a most wonderful reading tonight from the Universe. We have a lovely full moon, everything is in place. You caught the energies at just the right time. I am honored to assist you.

    First of all, I can already tell how lovely you are within, how you have a heart like gold, and you fancy yourself Cinderella of that one distant planet, in a most far galaxy, we all call Deepest Love. That planet is orbited by two suns, Love... and Respect. You will most certainly receive good news this evening. On both counts.

    Let's see what the Heavenlies has to say about your questions... we will have some wonderful insights for you, I can feel it... the lovely Moon Goddess never disappoints. Her words are soft and searching, seeing what fantastic fortune of love awaits you.

    1. Will I find true love soon?

    SEVEN OF WANDS - My daughter, you have fought some very tough battles in your life. You were very wounded by something very early I can see. Traumatic on a core level. That sent you in search of respect. It is easy my dear little one, to find love. Who can find respect? You will.

    The prospects of finding true love soon? As bright as the moon above you. And tonight, that moon is smiling down upon your heart. Whispering, you do have someone. A match made in Heaven you could say. I see that for you.

    2. Will I have a relationship anytime soon?

    PAGE OF WANDS - Yes, yes yes. Pages are messengers, like angels you could say. This page has appeared to say your Knight has arrived. Also, the long night of your soul, my fairest one, is at last over. The Outlook is wonderful.

    You love to write I see, you have a way with words. You are hoping that your Knight likes to write as well, a poem once in a while perhaps. Something sweet and pretty. Not... too often. Just once in a while, like lace... enough to show that he loves to think of you. Written... at just the right moment.

    This Page is a truly a Message of glad tidings my Dear. Expect a message of wonderful news, very soon.

    3. Oracle, How soon is "very soon"?

    SEVEN OF CUPS - I am going to say pretty quick. My card shows a dark figure in a robe, standing with some options swirling around him. He appears almost like the hour hand, and the objects about him, are so like he hour markers on a clock. Pointing just a little to the right of midnight. I know this sounds fast, I would say perhaps hours! I know that may be hard to believe. You must though! Time has no meaning to him when he thinks of you. Pretty. Quick.

    4. Heaven, is he interested in me?

    THE JUDGEMENT CARD - ...and like a little mouse, she pops out. Like a little, lovely butterfly. So sweet and tender, like rice pudding on a velvet night. With the fireflies twinkling like stardust.

    When he saw you, His heart took flight. To places he had had only dreamed about. So far, far away. The land of Peter Pan, out a bedroom window with Tinker Bell lighting the way. He wasted no time stepping through the Looking Glass Door with you. He waited for the right moment, while no one was watching, and jumped out!

    Is he interested? That is the understatement of the millennium.

    5. What are his interests in pursuing a relationship?

    SIX OF CUPS - Yes absolutely, the Six of Cups tells me He is has strong interests. He seems to have a thing for creativity with you. It is almost like I see you working with him on a shared project or two. The energies of cooperation and blending together on many levels are strong. A very positive sign for his interest in a relationship that works on many levels.

    6. Or, what are his interests in pursuing a friendship?

    THE MAGICIAN (reversed) - You have turned this Magician on his head my dear. He would love to be friends, He would love to be anything, with you. This magician knows what he's looking for my dear. He finds a Queen like you, he stops looking. He sends a signal. You know, like the trains make as they approach an intersection...

    Whooo... whoooooo... whoo, whooooo-o-o-o-o o o o o

    In CW, or morse code, the signals the trains give would be the letter "Q". Two longs, a short, and a long. In radio language a "Q" is often preceded by a "C". And "CQ" means "Seek You". So yes, he is seeking you. As this card is reversed, I would say that his relationship interests have the slightest edge.

    7. Universe, can you provide any more insights for Khemosabie?

    THE MOON - Affirming a very positive change for you in the romance area. As we have a lovely full Moon tonight, the Universe is whispering to you, your own moonrise of a true, respectful and tender relationship comes to you. Sooner than you expected.

    8. What about another gentleman for Khemosabie?

    THE KNIGHT OF PENTACLES - This tells me you do have options. There appears to be a rather distinguished soul, a secret agent type out there for you. A bit of a recluse though, these Knights can be elusive and sneaking about at times. He sounds like a nice man though, it doesn't look like you should ever have to call the police on him. He's got a little gray. Oh, and he might be married. The signals are a little weak there, however I do catch the merest hint of a marriage-type situation.

    9. Is there any further information Heaven can provide, to assist Khemosabie in her quest for true love?

    THE TWO OF PENTACLES (reversed) - Travel. Reversed tells us that this is in development. It sounds like your mystery man likes to travel. At least he fancies that with you. I am hearing something about Italy. Or Australia. And an island somewhere in the South Seas. Begins with a B. With a lovely beach.

    Yes My dear Khemosabie, I see a beautiful new love entering your life very, very soon. It looks absolutely angelic. I hope that helps you.Thank you for showing confidence, and trusting me to provide this reading from Heaven's heart, on a a beautiful moonlit night, especially for you.

    Love, and Light to you as well.

  • That was a wonderful reading... I hope you find who your looking for... I to was looking for love, I asked the captain for help and i have just recently met someone.

    I was wondering astraangel if I to could have a reading. Im really excited about this guy but im not so sure if he feels the same about me. My name is Emma and my DOB is 26/06/1987. thank you x

  • I think hes a Virgo if this helps x

  • Hi emily26angel

    Let's take a look. Another wonderful evening tonight, the Moon still pressing in upon us deep, knowing energies.

    Dear Universe, Emily26angel is excited about this guy she recently met, however she is not so sure that he feels the same about her. Can you shed some light on the prospects for their relationship?

    EIGHT OF PENTACLES - He is busy. Making something. His world centers around a lot of efforts on his part. He is really thinking, dreaming of you though. I see him daydreaming about you, he has a smile on his face. Is he the quiet type? Be patient, this has much potential. Still waters run deep, and his waters are deeper than the night. You be the night to him, and he will light up your world with stars above.

    Advice: Let him be himself. Keep doing as you are doing, stay cool, calm and collected. Or at least pretend.

    THE FOOL - You have wanted to play the fool for some time for the sake of love, and this is your door to that enchanted land. You have nothing to fear, be strong. This door will open many secret places within that you have wondered about. Parts of you that have been locked away for some reason. So there is a strong aspect of your own submerged energies that play a bigger than life role in shaping how sweet this relationship can be. You are setting the tone and the pace and he is delighted to play with you, relaxing in your wisdom. As a Virgo, his is a mysterious love, almost other-worldly. Do you like science fiction? You are stepping into a very moon-like man, he is deep, and cool. He may not show his feelings as passionately as you are used to experiencing with a man, however, don't mistake that for any lack on his part.

    When the candles are lit,

    when the soft night descends,

    when you reach that place you always dreamed of,

    let yourself go, and don't look back

    Advice: Open your heart to his presence around you and let yourself go.

    THE DEVIL - Some pressures, just a little, right? Is your air conditioner in your home broken? It feels hotter than normal there, for some reason.

    Advice - Long walks. Cold Showers. And plenty of bed rest.

    THE EMPORER - Someone needs to relax. I think it is your Virgo. He must maintain, make sure, keep a strong face, look immovable, like the Rock of Gibraltar. Don't believe a word of it. All show. Virgos look stone cold confident on the surface, and they will never, ever make a mis-step. Under all of that Mercurian steel, however, there is a man soft and loving. Perhaps the offering of a picnic somewhere by a little river would be nice. It needs to be natural, and somewhere remote. Bring an extra blanket.

    Advice - Go slow. And wait for an opening. You will be glad you did.

    SIX OF PENTACLES (reversed) - I see some gentle touching. Your hands, I think you are reading each other's hands perhaps. Yes, you are probably ready for the "holding hands" phase of the relationship.

    Advice - Feel your way to him, touch yourself, then you touch him. Don't worry, it will all make sense when the time comes.

    NINE OF CUPS - I think the picnic turned out really nice. Matter of fact, it looks like the entire Universe shows up to cheer you on. Love, like midnight black, a melting into one another, until you don't know where the one ends and the other begins. This NINE tells me you are wise, in that you will always hold a little back for later. And you two should always do that, keep some little surprise for each other once in a while. Always be moving toward something new, keep dreaming. I see the two of you in a place of opulence really, a very refined place, is this a beautiful home? I know that sounds a little early to start planning, however, there is much happiness here, I see a beautiful life together. A lot of touching. And a lot of quiet times too, when the distance becomes as beautiful as the nearness.

    Advice - Keep moving forward, I see matters improving and getting brighter and brighter

    And one more card I believe...

    THE HIGH PRIESTESS - This is a wonderful sign that Heaven is really watching over you emily26angel. You have much favor on high, you are surrounded by the energies of love and a desire for understanding. The HIGH PRIESTESS is here to give you that understanding of yourself, so that you can most appropriately respond to your Virgo. It is you that must embrace this wisdom for yourself, and thus ignite your relationship into the place of fire and passion and closeness you have always longed for. She says to you, "Do not fear my Daughter, let yourself go." She seems to be telling you to open up more to him, be more forthright, and be not afraid to show your weak side. He needs to see how you handle your limitations and any broken places. When you are most yourself, simply as you are, that is the most beautiful part about you, your innocent honesty. That is your gift.

    Advice - Sink into something silken soft once in a while, and dream, dream, dream.

    I hope that helps, the Moon is really opening out some lovely depths as she wanes. Peace and Love.

  • thank you for that. thats a really nice reading x

  • Thank you soooooooo much for the insight. I have to agree with the many others, you have a great sense and style for reading. Keep up the good work! I would like to get some clarification

    if I may, please. You mentioned that someone would be interested in me who you thought might be married could you give me more information on this guy. Why he would be interested while still married. Also, when do you think the guy fromn high school will let me know that he is intersted as he comes and goes. Is he afraid of his feeling for me or is there a female involved with him. As he doesn't come around as often as I would think a person who likes you would. Again, thank you for your time. I look forward to your follow up. Love and Light

  • Hi Astraangel

    Im wondering if you can shed any light on this one. Last night me and David (the Virgo) spent the night together... not the first time but it seems he has gone a bit cold on me. its so frustrating, I know he likes me, its took him a long time of chasing before i agreed to go on a date with him! i now get mixed feelings from him. I text him this morning to see if everything is ok and he said yes but i have since text to see what he is up to on the weekend and he hasn't replied. Do you get anything from this xx

  • Khemosabie

    You are welcome. Heaven gets the credit I am simply the one flipping the cards.

    Let's take a look at your specific questions, one at a time.

    Q: You mentioned that someone would be interested in me who you thought might be married could you give me more information on this guy.

    Okay, I am going to pause right there and take this as a question. Okay? You need "more information" on this guy.

    First Card - JUSTICE - this card I had already left on the deck from this morning, so not sure that it counts, however there it is. The deck shows a beautiful lady sitting in front of a screen, two pillars, and a sword in her right hand. (The side of action). There is also an owl in the picture, the symbol of wisdom. So this gentleman has an interest in a certain lady who he perceives has a keen sense of justice, and possesses great wisdom, no doubt from her schooling at the College of Hard Knocks. Could this be you? Do you feel that describes you?

    This lady is also holding a pair of scales. He likes to weight things out in his mind. He is probing for deeper truth. So, if you happen to get in his cross hairs, you might want to watch out for his inquiring mind. He likes to investigate the "hidden things". If you can provide the "hidden things" he is looking for, you could have a shot at a nice relationship.

    Q: Why he would be interested while still married?

    THE FIVE OF CUPS - This is a pretty clear reason. Something failed in the love area. He has been standing around for a while considering the spilled milk, now he has a choice to move on. Or make cottage cheese.

    Q: Also, when do you think the guy fromn high school will let me know that he is intersted as he comes and goes?

    THE SEVEN OF PENTACLES - He is facing some sort of decision regarding you. This appears to have him in a bit of a quandary as he tries to figure out what to do. Timing hinges on his decision which has yet to be made.

    Q: Is he afraid of his feeling for me?

    THE EMPRESS (reversed) No. He has a well-grounded appreciation for you, and sees you as someone very concerned, with a warm, nurturing heart. He has been afraid at times, however, that is in the past, something he has learned to understand. The reversed card tells us he trusts his heart in the matter.

    Q: or, is there a female involved with him.

    THE FIVE OF SWORDS - No, I don't see a female on this card. Just a guy holding up some swords with a silly grin, like he just stumbled on them at the beach. With two other guys in the background looking down at the sand, "Hey, where are our swords?" This is the card of the quick-change artist, so even though no woman is depicted, my advice? Watch your step. You have no competition, still, watch your own heart.

    ...As he doesn't come around as often as I would think a person who likes you would.

    THE NINE OF SWORDS (reversed) - He has had his own share of self-induced torment to contend with, so that impacts his willingness to come around more often. Reversed, this influence is receding.

    Thank you Universal Positive Energies for a nice evening of your guidance.

  • emily26angel,

    Im wondering if you can shed any light on this one. Last night me and David (the Virgo) spent the night together... not the first time but it seems he has gone a bit cold on me. its so frustrating, I know he likes me, its took him a long time of chasing before i agreed to go on a date with him! i now get mixed feelings from him. I text him this morning to see if everything is ok and he said yes but i have since text to see what he is up to on the weekend and he hasn't replied.

    Do you get anything from this ??

    THE MOON - The Moon energies reflective and searching. This is what is going on between you, nothing to be concerned about. Let matters resolve quietly, be patient, all is well. Reach out to him in your heart even when he is not around. You share a connection.

    KNIGHT OF PENTACLES - Some movement soon, work related. This feels like your world of security is changing for the better and will overshadow whatever happened in the MOON phase.

    I hope that helps emily26angel, I would relax, you are always in the arms of New Jerusalem, our Heavenly Mother. You can trust that everything, everything is always, always working out so wonderfully for you. And everyone around you too!

  • Dear AstraAngel, I am intrigued by your readings and would love if you could do one for me.

    There is a man in my life, a close friend, who I feel a very strong connection to and deep love. We are both on the same spiritual path and have much in common. However, he says he has chosen celibacy- we were both previuosly married before to others and now divorced. Often his words and body language say something different and because our connection is so close, I can feel the conflict and tug of war within himShould I protect my heart and pull away, or be patient with the situation assuming there is hope for a romantic relationship? I am so confused. Thank you!

  • thank you astraangel,

    Your readings are wonderful. Blessings

  • Hi Leslye

    Thanks for your questions, let's see what comes up for you.

    "Should I protect my heart and pull away..."

    The TEN OF PENTACLES - "A physical crossroads", you have established ways of centering yourself so you appear to be strong, and so I don't see pulling away as something you need to do. You should be able to work through your situation with them.

    "or be patient with the situation assuming there is hope for a romantic relationship? "

    THE SEVEN OF CUPS - You are imagining possibilities, so yes, remain patient and let your heart be your guide. There is always hope, in any situation. THE FOUR OF CUPS - Yes, something in a wait and see moment love-wise... definitely patience, matters will resolve...

    I wish resolution in this matter for you. I am starting to wonder if his choice of celibacy was a wise one. At least with you in the picture.

  • Thank you for the beautiful reading, AstraAngel. I have no interest in settling or having a relationship for relationship sake, so I will patiently wait. This feels like it could be a love of lifetimes, epic love. There is that intensity there along with unconditional love between us. I feel in this life he has a lesson to be more in the world. He started out early in his life as a Trappist monk, left that and got married. Divorced after a very tragic situation in his marriage and then buried himself in his spiritual life, i feel as a means of avoiding being hurt again based on things he has shared with me. We are very much alike, emotionally, sometimes it feels like we are in a stalemate. I have twice shared my feelings with him and each time he gently said that he did not have romantic feelings for me and said his life at this time doesn't allow a relationship. Each time, his body language and eyes have said something different. We have a telepathic connection, I physcially feel him even when he is not near. I know having me in his life has awoken something in him and I can feel the battle going on in him. I do sometimes wonder if I am confusing a spiritual connection for an intimate connection with him? The energies can be so similar. So confusing. Friends have said to me if the two of us ever get together it will be like a supernova. Maybe that's what frightens him. Many Blessings to you.

  • Thank you for the insight your an angel sent from the heavens. I agree with you any many who likes you wants to give you there time. We will always be friends although loveres not sure on that one. I want a man who adores me and wants to spend time with me and you stated he is not sure what he wants with me that is a concern. He has be divorced for four years his wife cheated on him so I have been told. As for the married guy is he a guy who has been married or getting out of a marriage and still holding on to the hurt. Do I know this guy or will he be coming in? Thank you again. Love and Light

  • Dear AstraAngel, I have a couple of follow-up questions for you. My celibate guy and I are very similar creatures emotionally. Walking wounded and afraid of being hurt again. I have a feeling if one of us can move past this fear, it will open the door of the heart of the other. My first question is, what do I need to do for myself to open my heart and move past my fear of rejection? My second question, is, how does my man perceive me in this moment and how will he perceive me in the future when my heart is clear and open?

    Many thanks for doing this reading.

  • Hi Khemosabie,

    Not sure I am an angel... the angels I know are all lovely and bright! 🙂

    I will give you what I see for you in your present position:

    TEN OF SWORDS - something has been really weighing on your thoughts, and it has reached the point where it can no longer continue. You are relaxing and resting from a time of some intense mental debate.

    NINE OF PENTACLES - you are pulling back now into a more stable a fulfilling security, your life should be experiencing more flexibility in your family, material associations.

    THE PAGE OF CUPS (rev) - there is a sense of emotional risk here, you are wanting to move forward on a love issue and that has you in the present, as this card is turning those energies are very strong. You are feeling some messages too... perhaps you are sensing the heart of the one who loves you. Even though you are not physically together.

    ThE FOUR OF PENTACLES (rev) - security is changing for you, you are finding more evidence that your efforts are panning out for you. You can see tangible signs that what you have believed in will work out for you in obvious ways. Keep doing whatever it is that you are doing right now.

    Let me see where your high school friend situation is at...

    THE KING OF CUPS (rev) this says emotional matters are reaching a peak. This energy is turning so this is happening right now. You probably feel a sense of premonition about the two of you.

    THE HANGED MAN - his perspective is changing about you. He sees you as...

    THE QUEEN OF CUPS (this was under the KING of Cups card) - this sounds nice as regards this man, it sounds like he is doing some soul searching and attaining some new insights about you.

    THE TOWER (under the Queen of cups) - your world-view is being shaken, and this will have an impact on your views as regards the men in your life.

    THE FIVE OF SWORDS (under the Tower) - so your change of views towards this man (men?) shows you adjusting your thinking which will in turn pave the way towards a nice relationship one way or the other.

    And the ACE OF PENTACLES - is the Seed from which new life materially grows. Whatever is happening with you and your companion appears to work out nicely on a material level.

    You asked about the 'married' guy... THE STAR (rev) and THE MAGICIAN. I believe we had the Magician on the original reading too, for the High School guy. Interesting. The STAR says resources, abundance, possibly connected with this guy. I don't see any hurt indicated here as to whatever situation he is coming out of.

    Of course, we really don't know that he is married. We do know that you deserve a wonderful life and wonderful relationships. That much I know with all of my heart.

    Peace and love.

  • Dear Leslye,

    Let's see what comes up for you...

    "My first question is, what do I need to do for myself to open my heart and move past my fear of rejection?"

    ACE OF PENTACLES (rev) Begin something new, something creative and sweet. Perhaps an art piece or something, or write a poem, it needs to be material though, and express your feelings about him through this material expression. I will bet that were you to write a real letter to him and pour out your heart you would find him really opening up to you. Sometimes when we talk face to face, we lose that opportunity to reflect on what is being said. And that may not be working for you two. I would say try sharing your feelings about each other in other ways, art works or similar. You mention you are both the walking wounded, you sound like artists to me already.

    It is people like you who are really, really sensitive that must bear up under a lot of abuse I believe, not that other people are harsh so much, as you are so sensitive and empathetic. So that makes you very, very vulnerable. It is a great gift, it is also a vulnerability. You can't have one without the other. So you are both like this, and the vulnerable part sometimes wants to step in to protect you... so you aren't hurt again.

    You need to move past that and be completely open, then you have nothing to fear. My belief is that you should hold on to your highest ideals about yourself, and how you see love. Fasten your heart on that, and don't let anyone talk you out of it! Now, you are established in what you feel and think, then the Universe can work on your behalf bringing about that idea of life. You will either then find A) Your present companion becoming more like that and you are both communicating very sweetly and tenderly, or B) you will find someone else. One way or the other though, you will find what your heart desires. The important thing is to focus on what your heart desires, and not on another person's views to the exclusion of your heart.

    I really have the sense that you two need to have a real heart to heart. Maybe pick out a nice evening and put a dinner for two together (do you ever cook together?).

    "How does my man perceive me in this moment?"

    DEATH - he is going through something transformative at a fundamental level. I would be patient and let him get through this time. Something on the inside of him is fading away (self image) to be replaced by something bright and enduring. I'll bet once he gets though this he will be a changed person around you, much more carefree and light and breezy.

    and EIGHT OF SWORDS - eights are organizing, this is about organizing your thoughts and beliefs. I think he see's that you are formulating some new ideas about yourself, and this could be part of the reason he has pulled away a bit, to give you space and time to do that.

    "...and how will he perceive me in the future when my heart is clear and open?"

    THE HIGH PRIESTESS - nice. This bodes well for you in the future, and this even tells me he sees you this way right now, though it is submerged a little while you are changing some of your own self concepts and ideas. He sees you in a most favorable light.

    My heart really goes out to you Leslye, I can tell you are both going through the wringer on this one. Patience is in order, you are smart to be gentle and calm and patient, he loves that you are like that. Be sweet and supportive as you are doing, the relationship will head in the direction it needs to, no worries. The art approach or writing somehow about this can be very good, maybe you are already doing that. I am wishing you bright light of mutual love and a sweet harmony between you two.

    And once again, THE HIGH PRIESTESS so you are in good hands, Heaven is taking care of business for you, keep going as you are. You sense his presence because I believe you two have a connection, so as long as you keep the faith and take care of yourself, this situation will resolve the way it should, I believe nicely. When you mentioned you sense him even when he is not physically around, that tells me something very special about you two. He feels the same about you I am sure.

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