New man.. any insight??

  • Ive just met someone, hes a virgo I think. I really like this guy but im getting mixed vibes from him.

    can anyone do me a reading please

    thank you






    1st CARD (PRESENT) - 2 of Challices (Cups) - its suggests that it is shared feeling between the both of you. He feels like he is getting mixed signals from you to. the best thing to do is to open communication & get your feelings out there so he knows, & ask him his true feelings. some times the hardest part is getting over the "hurdle" of expression.

    2nd CARD (FUTURE) - 5 of Penticals - this cards suggests a difficult time, but it's more of a finical or material loss. The people on the card may have loss material possesions, but they still have each other.

    3rd CARD (ADVICE) - The Emperor - the advise this card gives is not to try to force this to happen. let it happen naturally & in its own time. Be aggressive, be brave, & be bold about where you stand, but dont be forceful. that will only force him to retreat.

  • wow I am going thru the same thing how funny...these virgo men sure know how to make a lady go crrrraaazzzyyyy lol...... goodluck many light

  • thank you enne,

    I know moonraiz, its driving me mad! I just cant work this guy out! good luck with your guy.

    Blessings to you to xx

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