Libra lost and confused

  • Everyone I love and hold dear to my heart leaves. No joke. It seems that as I pass through peoples lives, I leave a wake in my trail. There is no smooth sailing in a parting with me. I have a lot of Scorpio (A LOT) in my chart and that might explain my intensity. My biggest issue is that I do not have many friends. Females seem to keep distance from me and I have no problem making male friends except they always fall for me and our friendships cannot continue. I do have trust issues. I have 5 planets in my first house so I wear lots of masks. No one seems to really, truly know me....except my ex Aries boyfriend. I don't know how he did it, but he pinned me down and pointed it out. I didn't see it at first as I was in denial. We argued a lot because I believe we mirrored eachother and saw our own despised flaws through one another. We both could not commit to anything, both liars, cheaters, manipulative and vindictive. I see that now. We saw our truths as ugly as they were. We really knew eachother. We always parted yet could not let go and returned to each other. Until June, then it all exploded into a nightmare war and we are no longer speaking as of then. I still feel so connected to him. My love for him is unconditional. I see him precious and beautiful, even after all he did to me. This tie is so strong. I know in my heart he feels connected to me. I just know this. Yet I feel we will never speak again. I miss him with all of my being. I yearn for him. I know he's not mine, yet I feel he belongs to me. I've dated many men recently and I can't seem to find anyone to keep my interest as I can't forget my ex. I just want to be released from this tie. I've learned HUGE, awakening moments of truth. I am so much more aware and stronger. I am ready to stop thinking of my ex once and for all and start building lifelong meaningful, loyal relationships. PLEASE HELP... How do I cut this connection???

  • I think it's more gratitude and appreciation that you feel for your ex, rather than romantic love. You love that he got deep inside you and brought out your issues. But that's really something you can do and should do for yourself. People make good mirrors but it's best if we can become aware of our true natures by ourselves to save any hurt we might do to others through ignorance of our faults. Self-exploration ought to be on the school curriculum. 🙂 It would make life a lot easier if we understood ourselves better so that we know what really makes us happy.

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