Please tell me what 14 means in numerology

  • I''ve been told multiple times that 14 (Or 5) is the most unlucky number in numerology and that 7 is the most lucky. I don't feel 7 is the luckiest or that 5 is the worst. Does anyone know anything about numerology to explain this to me?

  • Weevil,

    There really is no number that is the "most" lucky or the most "unlucky." Numbers are neither good or bad, it depends on the individual and how they decide to work with the energy of the number.

    True though, some number can be more auspicious than others, but every number has a positive and negative side.

    The 14/5 is a Karmic Debt Number, you can read more about it in my post here:

    7 in itself is a spiritual number, and thus a testing vibration. It can be auspicious, that is if you know what requirements the number has, and are willing to adhere to it.

    Another thing you should be aware of is that certain numbers are toxic to certain people, that is because we all have different numbers in our charts. So example: if you are a life number 3, then the number 7 may not work for you, UNLESS you have another prominent 7 in your chart, or other numbers compatible to it.

    So for you, it could very well be that 7 doesn't work for you, and maybe 5 does. All depends on a number of factors.

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  • Very informative! Thank you so much for the link!

  • Good to see you back Marky:)

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  • Thank you Sheila!

    Been working on some other projects, and sticking to answering more Numerology related type of questions, rather than being a "reader" on here.

    Wow, summer has come and almost over! Next Christmas!! Eek!

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