People are drawn to me!! It can be overwhelming!

  • I know that this may sound totally conceited, but trust me when I say I'm really not! But people are drawn to me like a moth to a flame. I have no idea how to explain it. At work I can barely ever get work done b/c people are ALWAYS stopping in/by to speak to me. My boss gets sooo annoyed with me and he tells me I need to cut them off and tell them I have work to do. Which is fine, but it's not just one person it's numerous people daily!

    Yesterday I went to cracker barrel for dinner with some co-workers. I was there the week before and had a great time with a friend so I suggested we go there last night. Anyway, as I am walking by the glass windows toward the entrance the server from last week is BANGING on the glass windows and waving to me. She literally reached across a table (where two people were sitting AND eating) to wave at me. I waved (not really remembering who she was or how she apparently knew me) and proceeded to walk in. She stood at the hostess table and pretty much made me and my co-workers sit in her section and she talked to me like I knew her since we were kids. REALLY ODD.

    What makes it even more strange is that I am TOTALLY introverted! Only speaking to people when I feel necessary! I'm not an outgoing person so it's not like I'm this social butterfly. I'm always getting invitations to go to lunch, go out after work or even a little more if you know what I mean. It bewilders me!!

    I know that I'm pretty as far as looks goes, which may explain the reaction I receive from men. But I get the same from Women who I know are straight and not interested in me in that way. I guess I'm flattered that people want to be around me, but I don't know what vibes I'm giving out that's saying "look at me look at to me talk to me". Because most times i feel the exact opposite! I'm exhausted by the time i get home b/c of all the interactions!

    Does this happen to anyone else?? I don't want to be ungrateful that people want to talk to me, but it really does drain me.

  • BTW my boss gets annoyed by people stopping in to talk to me..but HE'S ONE OF THEM!!! He does the exact same thing they do and doesn't even realize it!

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