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  • Hey AstraAngel. I'm new here and I need your help.

    I have the BIGGEST crush on my best friend, Nathan McNabb. I'm a Virgo, he's a Libra. We're the same age, but I'm a few weeks older than him. I have recently told him my feelings for him and we both agreed that even though we'll be good together and have a fun relationship, we don't think it's a good time to start a relationship because he's going off to Florida for College while I'm staying in Virginia.

    What I want to know is:

    1- Does he like me the same way I like him?

    2- Do you think that we have the potential to end up together?

    3- Do you think that we can overcome a long distance relationship?


  • Hi Majesstic

    Let's see what comes up for you...

    1- Does he like me the same way I like him?

    THE HANGED MAN - He does like you a lot, though at this present time he sees you in a different light than you see him. His arms are tied somehow, there is something holding him back from going all the way with you, in the way you would like to see the relationship to head. This is temporary.

    2- Do you think that we have the potential to end up together?

    SIX OF CUPS - Yes absolutely! Very positive sign here that there is something beautiful between you two. Very kind, mutually caring love between you and him.

    3- Do you think that we can overcome a long distance relationship?

    ACE OF CUPS - YES YES YES! Majesstic, it does not get any more positive than this! Continue as you are presently doing, don't change a thing. Stay loving and supportive of him while he goes off, keep your long distance relationship light and sweet and nice while he is away, and it looks like something wonderful will definitely grow between you. Let matters evolve naturally.

    I am curious about the Hanged Man feelings he has for you, let's explore than a little more.

    Q: Universe, please clarify what he is feeling in the present circumstances towards you?

    THE DEVIL (reversed) - I'll tell you what, i think he is really resisting some very strong desires towards you since he knows he is going to college... he doesn't want to start something that he knows he can't stop. I see this as a sign you two are very hot for each other, and he is battling that within himself. My advice to you is to be very loving and supportive of him, knowing that he has some real submerged passions towards you. He knows that were he to let himself go with you, it could cause the college trip thing to change, and that must be very important to him.

    You are on the right path, stay in a supportive, loving place towards him, and I see that passion growing. I see some trips back from college just to SEE YOU. It is that intense.

    I hope that helps! There is really something very strong between you two. Treat that with respect and patience and a wonderful outcome is assured.

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  • Yeah I see what is going on.

    He has been involved with this other lady, and they have shared a "2 cups" type relationship and it was nice, however she is now pushing for something more 'serious' and that is 'the lovers' - and yet he is reaching for the Moon, and has a lot of identity issues he is still sorting out about himself... so he is hesitating about her and you are still out there too... he is pulling away from everyone I think... trying to tune into his own heart... this other lady is certainly on a one-track path though, ace of cups, the 2 and the lovers around here. His only cup is within the moon card... so his focus is on a higher love now or he is wanting to go that way....

    You are the 7 cups within, dreaming of love, and you are reaching for the ace of swords, clear thinking about this situation... you have stable and optimistic swords above you and below also so you are steady in your thinking...

    My sense is that he still really cares about you... this other person I don't think that is as solid as the connection he has with you. You he can see in his dreams, you he can imagine beside him, you he can hear your heart...

    I would sit tight and let time work in your favor... you really love this man don't you? Heaven has ways of making that work out....

    Hope that gives you something to think on?



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  • Hi majesstic11

    "I'm not sure if the Nathan and the other girl are still dating. He texted me after seeing me on the street once during the summer, but we haven't talked since then. I had a dream about him last night where he confessed his love for me and now that's left me really confused. "

    I saw where you are having dreams about him? This has been going on a while it sounds like?

    I can draw some cards and see what is hinted at...

    First of all, we can ask about this question:

    Nathan and the other girl still dating?

    3 of wands and 3 of Pentacles - looks like it. A pair in some way?

    Now, let's put that aside and talk about you. Doesn't matter about the 'other girl'.

    I drew these cards

    3 of wands

    Page of Wands

    2 of Cups

    Queen of Pentacles

    Ace of Wands


    The general sense that I have from this is that he would really like to be dating YOU and not this 'other girl'... drawing the 3 wands again ties it back to the first question, so it could be that even as he is with her, he is thinking wishing of you. Do you have a history with him?

    The Page wands is a risk, he would want to risk a step with you

    for a relationship (2 cups)

    He sees you as someone very beautiful (Queen Pentacles)

    Who is alone or isolated (Ace Wands)

    and maybe he sees you with others, so he doesn't try to chase you.

    The overall feeling I got from this reading is that he does have a thing for you however he believes you to be unreachable, or already involved. So he doesn't try.

    You could try to hint to him you are available? Figure out how to get that message across to his brain.

    Does that help at all?

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