AstraAngel will you help me?

  • Im having a very hard time with my leo. I feel like packing my stuff and running away. Im so depressed. I think I led it to be like this and I dont know which way to go. I didnt trust him from the start. Can you please help me?

  • Hi Carly83,

    Thanks for reaching out, my heart goes out to you. I can relate for sure.... let's see what we can discover here to help you out...

    I put together an eight card spread to target the relationship head on, and probe what exactly is going on.

    1. The present situation with Leo - THE EMPRESS - I have to say, this card really surprised me. THE EMPRESS is usually a very loving, nurturing, earthy personality. So for this card to pop up from the start tells me that deep down you have some very caring, warm feelings toward Leo. This is a very positive sign. I want you to hold on to this reality as we move through the spread. In spite of whatever tensions have developed, in spite of the disagreements or pain in your life with Leo at this time, deep down there is the EMPRESS love who is a nurturer. So I am really puzzled over what has happened between you and them?

    2. Your part that led up to the present situation - ACE OF WANDS (reversed) - Something started a while back in the relationship that was a little hot headed perhaps. Something was said, it planted a seed, and that seed has grown to create the present circumstance. The reversed tells me that it is an internal association though, not external. In other words, the issues appear to reside within you more than within the relationship. Have there been some heated exchanges between you two over the recent past? This is a fiery card, something hot triggered something that has grown up and now you are feeling some strong urges to move out at times.

    3. His part that led up to the present situation - ACE OF PENTACLES (reversed) Hmm... this is very interesting. I see two very strong willed individuals facing off for some reason. Like you each have some territory to protect. You are the wand, spirit and fire... he is the Pentacle, very earthy and material. I am almost wondering if something came up that tested the direction of the relationship and there have been some disagreements in approach or philosophy between you. Again, the ACE on both of your tells me you are each very strong, dynamic personalities trying to hitch your stars together, and it is not always easy to do that. You could be struggling for who the leader should be. However, the good news is that you both are very strong individuals in yourselves apart from the other. So you may be holding each other to some rather high standards in the relationship. Then, when the partner doesn't measure up, you may be feeling like "Well, I will just split and be better off!"... well, maybe, however you could then miss out on a very beautiful development your relationship is trying to go in. Often, there is some real pain associated with this growth, and you have to tough it out together. This is where love can save the day, it can be hard to find that though. Also, the fact that both of the ACES are reversed tells me that the issues you are each dealing with are internal struggles, not so much related to the other person. Each of you are growing as individuals, and finding your own spiritual paths, and could simply be trying to figure out how you can continue to relate in love to each other while you are going through this ascending development in your own selves.

    4. Your best response at this point in time - KNIGHT OF CUPS (reversed) - The Knights are about FOCUSING. And the Knight of Cups reversed tells me your best action at this time is to CENTER IN YOURSELF and develop your own internal love and support system towards yourself. You need to take some time away from Leo and nurture yourself for a while. Take some time away from Leo, go for a walk in a park, maybe an overnighter somewhere, by yourself. Check into a hotel somewhere and treat yourself to a wonderful dinner or buy a good book by an author you love. NURTURE yourself, and table whatever is happening in the relationship. Stay as sweet as you can toward Leo, force yourself to remain calm and collected, and smile and say so sweetly... "Leo, dear... I need a little time to myself, and I am going to the beach to explore what is going on IN ME. I love you too much to see this pain continue, and I need some time apart..." You really need some distance, even for a short time to yourself, and LOVE YOURSELF. You are the best friend you will ever have. Leo will understand.

    5. Leo's best response at this time - THE LOVERS (reversed) - The lovers reversed in this situation tells me that Leo needs to harmonize some disparate elements in his own personality. Something is causing him some fragmentation in himself. Two opposing parts of his psyche are trying to meld together and you might be caught in the crossfire. I see that he probably needs some time to himself a well to work through this. By you taking the lead here to get some much needed alone time, he will likewise benefit as well. He is struggling with something from his past perhaps, there might be some ancient love interest that has him wresting with something lost from his past. Leo's are strong personalities, and can be warm-hearted pussycats one moment, and bossy and roaring their will the next! I see you trying to nurture him in the midst of his ways, and wondering WHY is he acting like this toward me, when I am trying everything to be loving... and then begins the back and forth see saw of dialog that goes no where. Bottom line, you each have stuff to work through by yourselves, take some time apart and then come back together and see what you discovered during your sojourn.

    6. Advice for the both of you - THE DEVIL (reversed) - Limits come to mind. Boundaries. The DEVIL is a Saturn force that imposes some restrictions. Set some mutual boundaries and treat each other with greatest respect while the both of you come to grips with yourselves in this relationship. Agree that when you are together, you will focus on what is mutually supportive, and encourage one another in your personal journey. The DEVIL also tells me that when you do this, and treat each other with loving respect, you will come away with a new interest in each other, very fun ...and hot... Leo knows about that hot stuff, and you two have always enjoyed that part of the relationship. It is tough to try and understand why things could become so broken when you two have shared some really passionate times together... That is still there, though until you each do your personal work to go within and accept your differences, it will be lie dormant. When it was working though, it was hot for sure. 🙂

    7. The Outcome - THE FOOL - Yay! This is good sign... I see two beautiful, very independent souls who have done their required homework and established their own identities, set appropriate boundaries in the relationship, and now are enjoying a new lease on life together. The FOOL says innocence, childlike fun in your activities, and rediscovering what you both saw in each other to begin with. THE FOOL is all about faith and trust, that is really what you both are learning about, how to keep going in FAITH even when all hell feels like it is breaking loose. It is breaking loose because you are GROWING Star Children, and it has to be that way to grow, so often. If we were all perfect we wouldn't make the mistakes we make in relationships that sets us apart from each other. We aren't perfect though, and so the way we learn about love is to make the mistakes we make, say the things we wish we hadn't said, take the steps we wish we had done differently, and then we struggle with the resulting pain. HOWEVER that is how we grow! As long as we keep the faith and don't give up on each other! This is the wonderful opportunity between Carly83 and Leo. The opportunity to grow and stay together, having learned some beautiful deep secrets about yourselves. Because you are both very strong willed this makes for unlimited potential in the relationship. But the separate time is very important so you can keep growing individually. And that is what makes you so attractive to each other!

    8. The Mystery Card (key factor) - this is FREE BONUS card for you, and I am not going to charge you a penny for this one. 🙂 This will point out some little secret that you should know about the two of you. Something nice. 🙂 JUDGEMENT - The judgment card shows a family popping out of the caskets ascending to Heaven while an angel blows the trumpet. This to me is affirmation that there is a resurrection coming in the relationship, and it will take you to some heavenly places. As long as you keep the faith, don't give up on one another, I don't care what has happened, don't give up. There is a very wonderful angel over your relationship, I see the two of you engaged in something very wonderful together, very sexy too. You two know how to have fun... this card tells me the fun has only started for the two of you. This angel is frisky for sure. This angel knows how to use a camera in the bedroom. OMG I can't believe I said that. That is allegorical. I mean, use your ability to SEE each other in the most favorable light, like a camera. Don't be afraid of the truth about each other, don't be afraid to tell each other what you really want. Do it sweetly though.

    And... here is a link to some good video cameras... Carly, you and Leo have fun!

    Lights. Camera. Action.

  • Wow! Thank you AstralAngel!! This is a wonderful reading!!! You are absolutely correct with one bad seed planted and it growing immensely throughout the relationship. the way I have acted has left me in complete shock. Yes we both are tested to walk away. Back and forth its escalated to an extreme. Its was all verbal. Definitely internal. Im a total mess.

    Yes both of us are very strong individuals! We butt heads seriously. The sex is amazing!!!

    There is a lot of negativity and almost feels like depression because Im having a hard letting go of the way things were. Or what I could have done to make things work differently. I feel completely lost with this.

    There seems to be two outside individuals. One being his ex who has his baby and the other a guy I liked awhile ago. We threw both of them in each others faces. Yes I am giving my space now. I am stressed.

    Thank you for the wonderful reading!!!!! It has really put me in a positive mood!!!!!

    "This to me is affirmation that there is a resurrection coming in the relationship, and it will take you to some heavenly places.".... Im hoping & praying so!!!!

    We have already made videos!!! lol.. I wont give up & I hope he doesnt either!!! Thank you!!

  • Im just extremely stressed about this and want more than anything for us to work out!!!

  • Hey Carly,

    I have been there where you are. My wife and I only recently have had to deal with relationship issues like you can't imagine, its been going on for a few years. Like you, a lot of verbal, bringing up of negative stuff from the past (ugh, hard to let that go, and yet we must).

    Only recently I had a set of divorce papers printed out! I just got back from a two week trip away from her and the teenage kids, and it has worked wonders. A new love understanding seems to be gaining ground between us. Getting your space I believe will really help the two of you.

    Are you journaling? That can help A LOT. I have been journaling for many years, it provides a safe place to vent. I can't honestly say that my wife and I are out of the woods, however we prayed together last night, simply acknowledging the Universe, that we are open to everything working out for the highest best. That would be something really therapeutic for you and Leo to do...simply hold hands and pray that the best be done in each of your lives... THY will be done, that sort of thing. Always be open to a miracle, they still happen! Then no matter what happens, you can know that it has turned for the best. I believe the goal for all of us is to maintain a lovely caring, kind attitude towards the parter, even if your paths go apart. You want to keep a sweet spirit towards him no matter what. Wish positive energy his way, when you are the most stressed.

    Everything will work out for you though, I know that. Keep the faith, whisper often "everything will work out, everything will work out.." say that until you find yourself whispering that all day long. And keep thanking Heaven that all is working out in your life. Thank Heaven for the problems, the stress, thank the Universe for everything. Then you build energies in you that will help you weather any storm. These issues are given so that we grow, not to destroy us and our relationships. I see you and Leo simply evolving... that caterpillar in the chrysalis stresses out because all of a sudden it is dark! You and Leo could be in the chrysalis phase, where all seems dark. The dawn is coming though... HANG IN THERE.

    Here is another card for you I just pulled:

    THE PAGE OF WANDS - I am working from a book by Gail Fairfield and she says of this page, "Taking Identity Risks"...." the old self image was fine, as far as it went, but it was limited. Now, you're determined to be all you can be, and daring to see yourself as a more adventuresome person." So, this seems to shore up what we talked about earlier... you are growing... expanding your boundaries... you and Leo are stretching your wings, and sometimes those wings hit one another - ouch! BUTTERFLY development, it happens, you are both ascending is all. Keep a loving attitude no matter what. I will be wishing RESOLUTION for you and praying that all works out well - and it will! 🙂

  • Thank you so much AstraAngel!!! and for the extra card!!!! I have been holding onto an old selfmage that I was when we first started dating. Thank you so much!!!!

  • Would you mind pulling another card. As things have improved since.. until recently it just stopped. Do you see me ever having a child?

  • Carly83

    Five of Wands - something is still being adjusted in the self-image area. You are in the midst of some reassessment of yourself. So that interior work you are doing is coming along.

    And then to your pregnancy question...

    The Empress - that is about as affirmative a yes as you can get. I saw a big display of Pampers diapers and Gerber baby food at Walmart today... must have noticed it because Heaven knew you would be asking me that question. 🙂

  • Astraangel can you please pull another card for us again? Thank you for the other ones!

  • Not sure if you are looking for the truth or just what you want to hear, but taking a risk anyway....

    There seems to be a lot of back-and-forth or going around in circles with the two of you. Lots of fights and arguing or disagreements followed by separation - if not a physical separation then emotional distance. You are learning about the balance of give and take in a relationship and growing out of the need to try to control or manipulate others with your emotions. It's almost as if there is an addiction to drama here. This, at its core, is about you finding wholeness within yourself. This is what is causing the imbalance in your relationships. You really need to take a step back from this one and spend some time with yourself. The circumstances between the two of you, although a learning experience, have overstimulated you and you are in need of some "down time" to regather your composure and see things more clearly. Ultimately, the abundance, love, fulfillment and completeness you are seeking through a mate is something you need to find within.



  • You are awesome too by the way. i only ask about having a baby because I was in a 5 year relationship with I was younger and never got pregnant. It worries I might not ever get pregnant. Thank for sharing the signs!!!! Love it!!! Im the same way.

    Also what about finding a job? Will I find one in time for my sisters wedding? To get my dress and all?

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