What are my chances to get her back if. she is involved?

  • My x came clean. She said she is involved. She met me for coffee and asked me about every aspect of my life. Is there any real chance in getting her back. The guy she left me for she is still seeing.

  • She wants the best of both worlds,I don't feel that she wants you back genuinely,if she does it's only for a short term fix and she will use you.The fact she left you for another guy speaks volumes,and I feel that if she is able to,she will string both of you along at the same time,just be wary in her presence as she knows she has your heart still which is giving her the upper hand in this situation.I definitely keep getting the feeling that she will use you if given the chance,she is sussing you out and working around her next move.

  • Its almost a year since she left. All the reasons she left are gone. I know she did love me but the stress and drama that was my life was to much. I honestly would have left. My life has done a 180. I have accomplished so much in so little time. I think all the questions were to gauge my life with her current life. And compare. She obviously decided to stick it out with the other guy. Your right I still love her and that is my weakness but I wont make the same mistakes. She looked at me with remorse maybe because she was wrong about me or because she knew she didn't deserve the kind things I did for her. What are your thoughts on that?

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