What to do with my scorpio man

  • my boyfriend constantly accuses me of cheating will he ever get over his insecurities?

  • Being a water sign and even more so a scorpio,if we go by astrological meaning then no,he probably wont,he will always feel insecure,even though you aren't doing anything wrong.I have found that scorpions and cancerians are usually the most fragile with these insecurities...males when they let there guard down even more so.

    Unfortunately,sometimes no matter how much you re-assure him,it will always be in the back of his mind and it's probably not because of anything you have even done,this can go back to childhood and his nature of being possessive and naturally just wanting you so much that he takes on this attitude as he fears losing you...I know that might be quite a weird way of showing this,as it could push you away...but really,it's because he is so fearful of being hurt..I feel this does go back to something that has happened to him in either a past relationship that has left him constantly fearful of being cheated on...or childhood with possible abandonment issues.

    The best thing would be to have a D&M with him,but being a scorpio it may take some time to bring his defenses down enough to allow himself to express how and why he really feels this way.

    Please keep me updated on how this works out for you x

  • It is my understanding that once a scorpio man is hurt it is very hard to get them to let go of that, so I am guessing he was cheated on in the past and hasnt found a way to let that go, and maybe he never will. But I am also guessing based on what I know of scorpio men that somewhere in his heart he knows its not true or else he would have left you by now, so maybe he will stop.

    But keep in mind astrology aside that most times if someone is always acusing you of something it is because they are the ones guilty of it.

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