Likes and Dislikes about Scorpios...share your words!

  • Doug - lololol read the thred to the part of hot like fire and the brains part! sooooo trueeee!...we LOVE it!

    And on that note, coming from a scorpio woman, yes Cancerman deal with your emotional issues with her, she will be more accepting of your feelings if you learn to share. A crab shift's from left to right...scorpions wait patiently under a rock... but not for long. So if you meet a scorpio woman, the dance will be beautiful, just follow the beat and let it all shake out! lololol ALL!

    Doug, I give you permission to write to me (others will not get a reply, therefore please respect my wishes) I would like to communicate with you, to your discretion.


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  • Wolf....lets do the back door approach to connecting so we respect the admin policy here..I'm on Doug Robinson just connect with me and we can exchange emails from there..dont get all hot and bothered by the use of "backdoor'...LOL

    Cancer men are sooo clueless..I mean to have a Scorpio woman and NOT take adavnatge of what he has...Man !!!! It amazes me that woman I date don't take advantage of me !!! I have to laugh when I think of the crab moving sideways and backwards...who came up with these symbols of damn funny....I like to ask someone their birthdate just to get a visual of the dont even need to readi it...the picture says it all...I feel sorry for Scorpio females who are in a relationship with a cancer..I know its because of the emotional intensity meter...but man for the cancer it roght there....I mean it's right in front them, no games....the prize is yours !!! Scorpios dont play with the truth, it's all black and white..and the crab moves sidways and backwards...then dives into the sand...what are scorpio females thinking of....I personally think, scorpios should be exclusively with would easily see them on the streets...because both the males and females would be smiling, glowing, happy and so freakin energetic....RIGHT !!!!

  • Wolf! I'm under Douglas Robinson Operations Manager, theres a picture of me standing..that's in Linked In...this is the best way to connect unless we use cryptic language here....

  • Wolf ! is someone reading this each time a new message is sent ?? I'm at

  • To Admin..I;m giving someone another way to contact me. You can read on here that both parties agree to reach out, that shpuld be up tp us. It will be on another site so it has nothing to do with here. Thank you for your cooperation and we will respect the Tarot Site rules and guidelines.

  • got it!

  • Hi everyone (Cool thread ScorpWolf-wish I could've used it months ago lol)

    I came to the tarot website after a very abrupt yet rough breakup with my ex Scorpio right before I moved in with him.I acted as if I was ok and decided not to contact him ever again but I was really hurting from it and it took time to heal (we had a pretty deep connection-I felt and dated for a year and a few months) especially since he was my first love. I decided to just get too the root and get some healing from my childhood issues and for the most part Im fine as of now. Here I am mingling-not really dating or talking to anyone heavily and focused on my future as a screenwriter and film director and doing ok-I just got a reading here that tells me he misses me, still sees a future with me and will come back into my life.

    Do Scorpios usually come back after no contact for awhile?

    And on what terms do they try to comeback as friends or as a lover?

  • Here's my story here:

    It took me awhile to get over him and actually be ok with it all but I still love him but afraid if he will hurt me again and don't want to look like a fool in front of everyone else for even dealing with him-Any advice???

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  • Hello Asia, thanks for stopping by. I've read your linked topic. Well for one I'm glad you put in your age at the end of the thread, because that was my question from the start. You too are very young for you to feel so close to him. He is not ready Dear Asia. Young Scorpion males are brutally honest for certain things, not all...they master honesty as they get older if not already instilled at a young age, and this is not his case. Yes, the intenseness and sexual part of scorpios can make it hard to understand them and still love them like crazy. He is not at the same level of maturity as you and you will be better off concentrating on yourself and futur. I don't see him for you. If he does come back, you'll need to remember that he is still a "baby" in the sense of emotional evalution. You are stronger mentally and you will need to give that strenght to yourself only. That being said...if he comes back when he's about 25...then maybe, but not before. Up to you! Hope this helps...take care Asia.


  • Thanks ScorpWolf really appreciate it! The breakup happened in the beginnning of December extremely painful but even through the sorrow and pain (the very next day after the breakup)-I had a strange ephiphany and sought to get rid of him (mentally holding on) and to solely focus on myself in everyway. I had childhood issues (an abusive father, choatic childhood from birth that affected me greatly and made me slightly needy) I mean I was growing and learning about relationship and only (psychologically) saw my father and mothers realtionship and tried to make it better from that. Knowing I had issues long before I met him-I journeyed into myself and actually went through therapy here,excercised, wrote (Im a screenwriter) and focus on school and moving out.

    Everything else has worked fine but Im still in TX because right before I was going of to college (say I month or few weeks before) I had no cosigner for a private loan (for school housing) while everything else was paid for. It tore me apart and really hurt but Im still pursuing my goal of getting out of here (Im a screenwriter and aspiring film director) so Im moving out to Miami-great for the film industry because Hollywood and NYC is wayyy too expensive for me even though it will be great for my career.

    The funny thing is I (pieced it up after awhile) realized he was a drug dealer and I learned through a recent reading he wants to help me and still sees a future with me! Crazy right???! I love him but I really feel I deserve better and have more adventures in love other than him (he was my first and only boyfriend I ever had-Im ver selective lol!) but at the same time something in me tells me things could be ok. Even if I talk to him, I couldnt just take him back like its all good.

    Is it ok if I laid out all my complex feelings about what happened and how I feel when we come back into contact (thats the only part Im nervous about)?

  • Oh and btw when you described the sexualness of Scorps it is appealing and i must say Im very intense too sometimes too much lol! but Im actually a v i r g i n and planned on losing my

    v ir gi ni ty t o him (he knew that, we discussed it after 6 months together-he said he respected it) but in a way Im glad I didnt. Do you think he respected that about me?

  • 🙂

  • Did I hear V I R G I N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Asia - No don't tell him how it tourmented you. You need to move on really, you will have to toughen your skin.

    Good luck.


  • Ok ScorpWolf thanks you too!

  • True - don't. lolol!

  • Hi Asia118X - was just wondering how you are?


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