Likes and Dislikes about Scorpios...share your words!

  • I dated my 1st and last Sc in 2000. I met him through a mutual freind. This man was manipulator, a liar, in some many word that I was not good enough, cheater, ran a train on my friend with his cousins, made up excuses on valentines day, stood me up and tried to come see me the day after. tried to keep me by getting me pregnate.....need I say more about this Scorpio. May I add they feel that they have the right top pop back in your life when ready.

    When I got sick of getting hurt I faught fire with fire! When he called the house my mom answered and told him I had company and I did, I told him I had been with someone eles,I became so hateful and cold, threaten to butcher him. All of these thing s happen but not inthe order liasted. I did suffer mentally,emotionally, and physically years after the break up.

    That's my reason for for not wanting to be with another one.

    The only Scorpio I admire and love is my granny!

  • Oh Beleza! Very sorry about this no good for nothing man that was in your life. Trust that not all Scorpios are like that... I think this "kid" and that what he sounds like, was just an awful person. Like your Granny most Scorpios are kind. He also reflex' the immature scorp, lost and aloof. Not your problem, absolutely not! Glad you got out. Well hopefully life is treating well dear Cap, as for your outgoing self needs the breathing room! take care and thanks for sharing!


  • ScorpWolf thanks for those kind words. That guy had a horrible up bringing which affected him and how he treated others in the worst way. He was a big lesson and tought me what to look out for when getting to know men as I got older. All a person has to do is open their mouth Lol!

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  • You're welcome Beleza!

    Thanks again dmick59 and yes Blmoon said it best...the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly lololo...

    Have a great weekend everyone, it's my pyjama weekend coming and I can't wait! lololol

  • I'm a Male instincts are always defensice, I wanted to fight ex wife use to say that I killed an ant with a sledgehammer...Scorpios have an undercurrent of emotional energy that NEVER stops....we have 3 paradoxes...we dive down like a scorpion to seek out the truth, we can go where no one else likes to go..such as the deep dark corners of NYC or Harleme, to seek the truth....we seek the truth because people are afraid to speak it....I can look a dying man in the eye to see what's it like to die...or jump from a plane to experience falling....once we know the truth and feel it...we rise like the phoenox, newly born from our experience and we use that birth t soar like the eagle to new heights....we dive to learn, we rise again from the depths and we soar with our new truth of the world......Get it !! if you don't, then you're all about the surface...

  • Beautifully written TruePhoenix...awww the Scorpios lolol! Truth is the strongest quality we practice to a fault!


  • ScorpWolf~ Yes, and it's the hardest thing to us because no one wants to see the truth....thats why we have a bad reputation....but the truth is freedom....I can sniff out a liar from a mile away....and as a Scorpio, I want to expose it, to the world...that can have grave consequences...I was in the military and got stationed in the deep south of Arkansas, I was from NYC and you thought I stepped back in time, like around 1960 during the civil rights movement....a loud mouth Italian Scorpio from NYC in the deep south....God had a laugh with that one.....

  • TruePhoenix - Oh my... yes we have a reputation and I agree about the world not accepting the truth...well when one good man stands in the face of wrongdoing and does or says nothing, he is not so good anymore!

    Let me share a little story from local people in my city.

    Recently, a man was doing his security job in a Loeb (grocery store) parking lot, while taking his break in his car, he saw 4 older teens steal pumpkins...even though theses young adults were big and heavy, the guard still came out of the car, at a distance the teens were seeing that he was calling for backup. Well the teens rushed the guard and killed him with 8 stab wounds.

    The talk is that "he should have minded his own business seeing that it's only pumpkins and that the boys were alot bigger then him and numerous.

    Can you beleive this?

    Anyhow, the will be charged as adults and the punishment will carry a heavy load of time.

    Moral: Yes he could have spared his life by just staying on break, but his job consisted of guarding the property...had it been a police officer guarding a house, no one would have made those ediotic comments.

    Bless the man who lost his life for the sake of doing the right thing!


  • Hey Wolf~ I can believe it, that enrages me...niot just what the people said but the guy had no chance and made a costly decision...if it was me, I would have done the same thing but someone was going with me...never be unprepared..this has 2 stories to it...people who will watch and do nothing and being unprepared for the situation....believe it or not, I study psychology, I have a BA and working on a masters in it...what does that tell you where a Scorpio wants to dwell.....deep inside the mind, that's where...people and behavior fascinate psychology there is a famous study on "bystanders"...a woman was brutally raped and murdered in NYC in front of an apartment building and at least 20 people saw one called in...the discusting thing was, the murderer first raped her in the alley and left, then came back twice more to rape her until she was beatin to one called it in.....that is mind a Scorpio there is so much dynamics in that scene....

  • Hi True! - that is totally mind boggling! I think people lost out on values, ethics and are simply acting like animals. We have evolution in practically everything except for in psychology...we still ponder the same questions, humans still mistreat eachother, the problems of whatever era are still somewhat the same, such as; rape, molestation, bathered wives, cruelty to animals, name it! I understand why Scorpio's love the "mind" field...little army humour. (never been in the army though) I too get very upset and this kind of human behavior. I have read and have been told that these horrendice things that humans do, will never stop. No! because we don't know love...we really don't! When we come to terms with our wrongs and work on them everyday to make them right, only then are we learning to love ourselves first. If every single living being would practice loving thy self, our world would be better never perfect. I'm sad for that lady who had been raped and no one cared...she is with our great Creator in spirit ...her energy still lingers those streets of lazy minds whom she will never let them forget. Sorry burst of her energy came through.

    I work my spiritually often and am very accurate. Must've came from my native teachings.

    Looking forward to seeing you around here again True. Take care and thanks for the insightful words.

    Megwetch (what you give and share with others will come back to you)

    Nia:wen (Thank you)


  • Hey Wolf ~ I actually like this site..I came upon it when I was reading testimonials regarding Cancers and their weird dramatic emotions...I mean we have them too but they are weird...anytway, I enjoy writing about the psychosis and behaviors of people that you and I are talking about.'re pretty cool and it seems we have like minds....I don't usually drift to sites that are Tarot reading but I was lead here...I'm spiritual but more on the theology side, the Holy Ghost spirit..but a true Scorpio, Im never intimidated and always want to peek in and see whats going on.....about your comments ...I totally agree with you Wolf about the deterioration of our values and ethics...I believe the internet is the culprit and has really created a said something that was very profound and rings true...that through evolution we still have not masterd our unconscious...(this is where I love to be)..we know whats right and wrong but we still act terribly to one another.... Freud called the unconscious the "id"..where hidden away is our tormented desires and impulses that scream for immediate, drugs, addictions, grred...the Seven Deadly Sins are alive and well..and the internet is the crafty, sneeky little tool that we can use to unleash these desires anonimously !!!!...the internet to me is our "id" going wild.....anything goes...just see all around us...the rise in crime, internet solicitations where the predator gets the prey...and all the horror stories....your right....we are bad....I too, feel so sorry for that woman...I wish I was there to help her!!! to me about working your "spirituality" and the energy flow.....thats fascinating and would like to know more if youre ok with that...Later...BTW..I'm Doug...Doug Robinson

  • Great discussion Wolf....

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  • I am interested in a Scorpio women and this thread is making me a little worried. I keep picturing a fight between a crab and a scorpion. They both have armor and claws but only one has a stinger! The crab may be able to use his over-sized claws to keep the stinger away for a time but the scorpion is much faster and eventually moves in for the kill!

  • Cancerman~ it doesnt work that way...the sign means 3 things..a scorpio dives down to explore true emotions at the deepest level...this is a good you will have truth with your scorpio...then, a scorpio rizes up with the new truth and soars like an eagle to new hieghts of freedom...just remeber this...dont VANISH on her...face her with truth...unless ga,es is your deal...the biggets problem I read and the pattern I see is the you Cancer guys run and hide because you cant face your emotions...dont do that....dont run on a scorpio who will love you like no, if you run, you dont deserve a girl like her....I was engaged to a cancer and just met a cancer and man!!!! they disappear and run...wht do you do that???? if you need privacy, if you need time to think and feel your emotions then at least tell her you need space and she will honor that...simple....the difference between you and I face my emotions, the very deep emotions right here on top...I dont run away scared of them until I understand them and then come will only experience thesting if you disprespect one would take that.....just be cool and tell her you need cant imagine the amount of love she will have for you.....because you guys attract us and vis a versa....we are good match if you just pay attention...a scorpio is veruy smart and will will herself/himself to learn and change for the better...good luck man....

  • TruePhoenix Thanks for the insight! And I'm sorry you had not one, but two cancer's walk out on you. I understand now why you are weary of Cancer men. From what I gather Cancers are emotional but not intense like Scorpios. We don't deal well with intense anything. Are you an intense women? Do you get angry easily?

  • Cancerman, I'm a male !!!! The 2 Cancer woman werent the only 2 whoever walked out !! LOL....What I like about us is, we can get the woman on such an emotional level....and when you do, the sex is as hot as fire......Good luck to you....keep your head out of the sand and remember, just communicate before you's ok to disappear, but be a man and tell the woman, she will respect that....and another hint....when you do, fuck her brains out !!!

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    Thank you...

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