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  • Hi scorpwolf... I was jus wondering, have u dated a Pisces??? I'm in a hugely complicated situation w one. My best friend is a Scorpio. But other than that, I have not had personal dealings w a Scorpio until now. And in ways I am lost, yet everything in me is telling me the answers... I jus am not completely sure if my conclusions r correct. Wut I do kno is no matter how hard I try to make how I feel disappear, I kno, in my heart of hearts, that's NEVER, EVER, gunna happen. Plz tell me wut u can n wut u need ta kno...

  • Hi Corona - before I get into this, please specify if your dealings with a Scorpio (other then the friend) is male or female.


  • My scorpion is a male. I am madly in love w him. He was my brothers friend in school... Years later w shared a kiss. I lost contact. Wen we met again I was married. I hated him. He annoyed me w his kno-it-all attitude. But then I found my husband cheating on me yet again... His girl was cheating on him also. We were both going thro similar situations... He looked so depressed. I felt so awful for him bc I was goin thro the same shit. So we talked. All nite. I cried. Which I absolutely despise doin bc it shows others how weak I can b. He was so sweet. N I jus felt so comfortable talking to him, bc I dnt jus open up to neone. He was desperately wanting to sleep w me. I told him no bc I knew I wud fall in love w him. It was the most amazing experience I had ever had. N I was rite. Bc that was two years ago, n no matter how hard I try to push him outta my head, I cannot. He is like a drug to me. I try n try to quit, but I am addicted n can't stay away. We had an amazing 2wks... N then he got back w her. But he cudnt stay away either... I think he is in love w me, but I'm not sure. Mayb he jus loves the sex n excitement... Sumxs I don't call or txt. but ill get one from him summoning me. He tells me he loves her, n will never love me but his actions say otherwise. Wen ever I'm around, he's rite there. He always finds a way to touch me. If I'm in a room he must b rite next to me. Sumxs almost touching, that said, our union is a secret. But others r beginning to notice by wut he's doin, not me. He asked me to keep this secret yet he does things where others r finally beginning to figure it out after two yrs, bc of the actions he is doin that he doesn't even c or notice... Idk... I'm lost!!!

  • Hi Corona - Keep your feelings at bay. Don't play into him, even you want to or are attracted to do so. Push him off. If you have to put things in the clear as most pisces women do after it. Since it's been awhile and you are confused about him. Show him your determined side and let him know how you feel and that you won't engage in his secret until he is yours and only yours. Scorpio's are usually very honest. Yes, he has feelings for you but I sense a security blanket with the other lady. Maybe some kind of financial agreement they had and he has to stick to it. That being said, I know it's not easy. But pisces are not keen to cheaters and you should put that out. I'm sure your adventure with him was totally exasperating ...don't get lost in his eyes though. Be strong. Think, if you were her, would you stick around? there is your answer. So if you are tired of cheaters, stay away from one. Another thing, when Scorpio's set their claws on someone, it's never an easy way out...from the heart! So I hope this helps you, read some of the threads here to get a better idea. If you continue in this I only forsee that he would cheat on you if you allow this. Good Luck!


  • Sumthin tells me to hold on... His relationship w his gf is bad. He loves her a lot I kno but I believe he's conflicted by the feelings he may have for me. In the beginning wen he went back to her he was different. Like he wudnt kiss me. It was kinda wham-bam-thank-u-mam... Now its more like he NEEDS ta c me. Have sum kinda contact. He makes me feel awesum but small n insignificant @ the same x. I'm not good enuf n yet I'm good enuf to sleep w n depend on. He knos I'm in love w him. Yet he says we can never b. however as stated b4, his actions say otherwise. We have kept this secret union going for over 2 yrs. No one ever guessed. N now bc of his behaviors, others r taking notice n asking ?s... Sumthin he wuda never let happen unless he is slipping. He is always so careful n now he's not taking the extra precautions he used to as if he doesn't care to a point bout others figuring out wuts going on... This las part I'm speaking of started bout 2wks ago. He also keeps saying we need to stop yet he's always calling or txtin to insure I make an appearance. Whether its for a cig or a soda, but small, stupid, insignificant reasons for me to stop over... Am I reading into this the wrong way??? Or am I rite n he jus can't deal w the fact that he's falling as madly in love w me as I am him???

  • He has a child w the other woman. He is afraid she will walk out on their child. Rite now, he doesn't kno that I kno this but she doesn't wanna b w him. She is his first love. they never wuda even been together had she not got pg. She treats him like shit. Literally. I was appalled to c wut extent she went to to belittle him. I made me sick. Rite now she's away. Been away for almost a year. She's always cheating on him as well. He was not a cheater. Until me. Wen he caught her cheating he left her. That's wen we started. But he cudnt end it. So now not only is he dealing w feeling for me, he is also dealing w the fact that he's doing exactly wut he despises in her. I was never a cheater until him as well. I met sumone else, n tryd to forget about him. N yet I cudnt. I left the Sag bc I knew I cud never give him my all bc my Scorpio has it regardless of my attempts to forget him. As for his eyes??? I cannot escape his gaze, as he is fixed on mine... U c, I am capable of giving him those same looks back, n as much as he tryd to look away, he gets as sucked into my eyes as I do him. I think I scare the crappy outta him bc I can make him feel as he does to others. We both can read each other to the point of it being scary n almost creepy. A lots xs we say n think the same things n ways... I believe he is my soulmate. Even tho I kno I shud stay away, everything in me screams, he is. N I am almost certain of this...

  • Hi Corona - When you love for real, there are no barriers on either side! The man needs to stand up like one.

    Sorry, I don't sympathize with you situation because no one is being honest in either way....good luck with your decision and with your heart.


  • Scorpios - what can I say - they are great but don't make them mad - big ouch.

    My best friend in high school was a Scorpio. I am Pisces. WE were artists of different sorts. She was weird. I was werid. It was great fun. Til she started going out with guys I wouldn't "bring home to mom." But we were still friend til we moved to opposites sides of the country.

    One of my best friends is a Scorpio guy - if I can call him a friend. I laughed when I saw some of the posts - Asia's story about her friend blaming HER for his cell phone battery dying! My friend did the same to me. Also blamed me for the crick he got in his neck while talking to me on the phone one night for 2 hours. Also got pissed off at me because his GF got pissed off at him for talking to me too much. Keeps his emotions bottled up so no one can see them. Except for an intutive person like a Cancer or Pisces or another Scropio maybe.

    I do believe that when they get mad and have these short temper outbursts, they do feel remorse - even if they never say they are sorry. I do the same thing. Note that these temper outbursts are not situations where Scorpios get really mad. If they get really mad you need to take cover and they will likely leave and never ever return - even if they utimately realize that it wa partially their fault. They are survivors. They are calculators and if they see something they want or want to do, but they can't have it right now, they will slowly plan and work and rework their plan until they reach their goal - but you may not understand the steps they are taking when they do it. Even though I am Pisces - I do the same thing. Sort of like an architect visualizes how a house will look when it is finally built and starts to draw the blueprints before drawing a final picture. I will have an idea for something in the yard. I know I have to dig a couple holes. SO I dig them, but my husband will not understand what I am going to do with the holes. Then I will do something else out of sequence because maybe I do not have the money or time to do everything insequence so that you can see it taking shape - but I know what the final outcome is supposed to be. Except I think Scorpios have more concrete and realistic ideas about how their visions will come to pass, whereas mine are a little more difficult because maybe I don't realize the full extent of grabity on this planet or something like that. Scorpios can be very kind but they can also be very crueland harsh. Because they keep their emotions bottled up until they overflow you may never know how they really feel until the bottle overflows unlike a Pisces who cries when they are sad and screams when they are mad - who show all their emotions to everyone almost all the time. Scorpios are much better poker players. 🙂

  • Scorpwolf... I must not have clarifyed enuf... I left my husband a couple years ago. The person I was w while w Scorpio wasn't serious which is y I let him go. Bc I one I cud never fully give him my heart. The gf is not around rite now. Hasn't been for about two yrs... But he still loves her n considers himself w her.

  • Turtledust... Wow!!! U pinned us both rite on the money!!! I find scorpios very curious creatures bc they easily find n point out others weakness, faults, or mistakes, yet nothing is ever their faults even wen it is. But everyx I try ta explain where they go wrong, I'm not rite. Even if it was the exact same thing they had faulted me for 2 wks prior... Sumhow, sumway, the situation is completely different for them, n I'm still in the wrong. N that always seems to cause fights... But the r my favorite ppl in the whole world to b around bc no matter how much we differ, we think the same in so many ways, n they help cum down from the clouds, n stay firmly ground wen I need that extra push, bc reality is about to bite me. With all honesty wen they do. For a real opinion, they r who I run to, n always seem there, even while miles apart...

  • I would have to say most Scorpio's I have ever come into contact with are pure drama. I have never-ever in my life seen so much drama come from one sign.

  • Thanks Turtledust for sharing.

    Corona - I apologise for not reading your story right. Well since you are both single, go for it! A heart is made for many reasons and the best one is to love. Sure you might get your heart broken at times, love holeheartedly with your Scorpio and you'll see great results.

    Sorry for the drama LoveDetox. You're right for the most part. Mature Scorpio's don't dramatize everything mostly because it is understood that people lie, cheat and are fakes. After a while, the Scorpio tries to pull back from righting the wrongs and just let people sink in to their problems without interferences. I say this because at heart Scorpio's love to shine especially for doing good deeds or helping someone in need...if anything Scorpio's have great communicative skills to listen, to speak our minds sometimes gets a little deep or dramatic and most don't understand or comprehend the "why" Scorpio's are so intense. Most live for and in truth. Most Scorpio's have little patience for the obvious or ignorance, even though they don't know everything themselves. Most are honest to a fault. Hope your future runnings with Scorpios will be more calming.


  • @ScorpWolf Sorry to bother you, I see all the wisdom and knowledge you have and I was wondering if you can help with some insight in my post under Astrology, Love advice, regarding scorpio male. Any help would be appreciated!

  • Hi ScorpWolf - you posted something else I laughed at because my Scorpio friend's always listened to me better than anyone else - but I think its partially the "intuitive" part of the Scorpio/Pisces connection because you can already figure out what the other one is going to say - or they can say it in a way you understand. My Geminii husband NEVER listens to me. I will be talking to him, get 2 words out and he walks away.. I will tell him the same thing 300 times and he swears I did not tell him. (WE are in the middle of a divorce separation) But both the Scorpio and the Geminii have one thing in common that irks me - they both want to shine over other people. Scorpios are sneakier about it whereas the Geminii just busts in and takes over the stage - IMO. No matter how hard I worked, what I did or how great of a thing I did, it would always get overshadowed by one of the "superstars." I hated that. My husband stole almost every little bit of my 5 minutes of fame for himself and them some.

    At least the Scorps complement me the same percent of the time they are telling me what I did wrong :). On the other hand, I also know that if my Geminii go real mad. he would probably come back and he won't let me starve out in the cold. If a Scorpio gets real ticked off at you - I feel that you are out of luck. BtW - My scorpio friends can see right through the Geminii and all the BS he is pulling while trying to steal credit for himself.

  • Hi turtledust - my apologise for being tardy. Gemini's are particular. They are very intelligent but don't always act it. Gemini's do not listen often to other for that reason and so especially if you repeat, they become deaf. For the "shining" part I understand, a relationship is more then that's the respect of "each your turn" that really gets to Scorpios. "Sure have your stardum, let me have mine too"!!!! It really goes both ways...and Geminis have a problem with this. Sorry.


  • I hate the fact that every once in a while I get to hating people for no good reason. I crawl into my shell and stay there and also how people are intimidated by me. I'm very friendly and approachable but I guess all people see are my stingers 😕

  • Divine - I know how you feel. I've taken on smiling more often to change that impression.


  • Scorpio men are true to their inner selves. the core which no one can take away from them. This requires guts and deep knowledge of who they are. This is the source of their true power and has to be respected. They instinctively know what TRUE love is all about... beat that. Women are usually oblivious to that and perceive the search for the true as 'games'. Ha!

    On the minus side.. the unevolved ones cannot TALK and ASK about the real underlying issues of their relationships, i.e. an emotional truth... in all its glory, even when it entails hurt and suffering.

    Can't help but love these guys.... they see the unseen.

  • VeroNess - that is beautiful that you see Scorpio males that for the women, well I'm a Scorpio and I don't take any offense to what you wrote, just interesting. Scorpios altogether, have a changing skin like snakes but this is only like this because Scorpios need to evolve, grow, always working forward.

    One year later and do you still feel the same?


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