Likes and Dislikes about Scorpios...share your words!

  • Hello Everyone!

    I've seen many positive and negative strong comments about Scorpios and thought, it would be nice to see in one topic all of your comments. A few words will do. Insight is the key here and ofcourse being a Scorpio myself, well I'm curious as to what you have to say and so Dear Tarot friends write away....

    Please keep in mind that this is not a right or wrong "topic", just a tell me what you think "topic".


  • Hi ScorpWolf,

    My Mum and sister are both Scorpios and what I pick up from them is that they are both sexy, powerful women with an air of mystery about them, once you gain their trust they are both generous and loving and will go out of their way to help you. whoever comes to mums is always welcomed with tea,coffee and cake or a sandwich. People say Scorpios are jealous people but I don't think so, but they do have a mad temper and their words can sting. Talkative and charming company.

  • Thanks for sharing LeoLou!

    True Scorpion traits...good for you LeoLou for identifying the good and the that I'm sure as a Leo you can work around it as Leo's can! Take Care! 🙂

  • When talking about Scorpio, they are in different forms of evolution. The scorpion being the lowest form. The eagle is a step higher and then, of course, the Dove. I wouldn't say Scorpios are jealous. We're territorial and woe be unto him/her that crosses that line. We never forget and revenge is sweet. On the other hand we are the most loyal of friends, mates and partners unless you cross us.

  • So I'm a Pisces and Scorpio is supposed to be just right for me... But my moon is in Gemini, so my emotions don't quite match the Pisces demographic. However, my Ascendant is Scorpio. I've got a few Scorpio friends that I respect and can relate to pretty well until I start to space out or have a less "heavy" attitude. I've noticed that they're very perceptive, and I'm quite oblivious sometimes and I can do something without realising others might judge it to actually mean something... So while I'm not thinking about a specific word I use and every direction the meaning can take, they have taken it to heart and get offended... Or while I have a semi-care-free attitude about one particular subject, they tend to have a very strong opinion or passion towards it and then begin to "chew" me out!

    But I cannot say I've never done that to anybody... I have a temper, I have a jealous streak, and people have a hard time figuring me out even when I feel like I'm an open book... I do attribute that to my Scorpio Ascendant.

    Aside from the small amount of egg shells, I love that they are true... Passionate, perceptive, caring, and mysterious... With a noticeable bit of "touchiness" and bite.



  • I have yet to meet a Scorpio I haven't gotten along with. The good - loyal, generous, easy to talk to, charming, great friends, passionate. The bad - passionate (sometimes at the wrong moment and or over insignificant things IMO), can have dark moods, impulsive at times, can be down right nasty if they feel they are betrayed or disrespected. All in all, I have a great fondness for scorps although I don't always agree with their methods.

  • Thank you all for your responses ...very insightful!

  • I haven't had very good experiences with scorpios... mainly the women. I try to keep them at a distance because from afar they are really admirable people, most of them very strong and able to hold a poker face. They work hard, find something they love and have enough of a one track mind to dedicate themselves to it until they feel satisfied enough with the outcome.

    What I DON'T like about the scorpios is how they are horribly hypocritical. YES, I know you're sensitive, but a lot of people are sensitive. Most scorpio women i know.. they can go behind your back and treat you horribly, and you either have to love them for it or get out of their way. A scorpio can do very unloyal, hurtful things to you, and avoid or deny you if you try to bring their mistakes to their attention, and then HATE you if you ever try to do something back to them in attempt to feel equal. It's happened to me on many occasions, a scorpio has done something to hurt me and I try to talk to them about it and they deny it or just walk away, and then I do something that's a fraction as hurtful, and suddenly I'm dead to them. Not very fair.

  • Yes I agree Laleonazul, some scorpios can be hypocrytical, hurtful and even two-faced. Being a Scorpio myself, it's happen to me as well with other female Scorpio's... thanks for sharing and sorry for the bad experiences...good luck in the future hopefully you'll come across some genuine Scorpios.

  • Anyone else want's to tell your Scorpio story or good/bad experience?

  • Wow, all very true. I'm not sure if we're confused to be jealous as much as sometimes we're insecure about ourselves and in turn that seems to be seen as being jealous. Sure, we're all hard working people who portray that we don't really care about things, but deeply inside we really do. I think we care more than we are willing to let on because people can take advantage of it. Some of us can feel tension to it's highest degree even just anticipating walking into a room. When we worry about things and say it to those closest to us, they tell us not to worry so much, which just frustrates us. Some of us Scorpios get urked at stupid people/ stupid questions while others embrace that as a chance to teach them and help them. The more mature ones can look inside themselves and see their faults and correct them to their best degree and will welcome constructive criticism, not belittling. We are considered strong because we take a certain pride in doing something ourselves without anyone's help, even if it puts us in a bad predicament. Have you ever heard a Scoripo say something like, "It's my problem, not yours and I will fix it."

    We are considered survivors, as being one of the strongest creatures out in the zodiac, as we will sting you if crossed without hesitation. We can walk away and never look back if that person happens to anger us to our highest degree. But in my experience, it takes a whole host of a lot to make me angry, but watch out when I do get mad. I have to hold back words so that I can get my point across and the other person will be receptive to my view. Otherwise the stinging words get dismissed and ignored.

  • I have a sis that is scorpio and boy her temper!!! (I have the scar to prove it) most scorpio women that I have met are very selfish, egotistical & want what other women have & they will do what ever it takes (now I am not saying all scorpio women just some of the ones that I have met ) on the flipside I find that the women don't like to expand on knowledge but what they have an interest for they know it and makes for interesting conversations.

    Now the men are very dark but they are intelligent and can give you a run for the money when debating topics and I found that they are very intuitive - I had a male friend for many years but I guess he got mad when I told him I couldn't give him what he wanted or needed and I thought we were only friends but I guess he holds a grudge as we haven't talked in the last 4 years

    but other than that most of them are good people

  • Thank you shadowmist for sharing! I as a Scorpio and my two Scorpio brothers lolol can relate to the sibling stinging! Being the oldest, I stang alot when we were younger, now it's the flip and let me tell you... make Scorpio are intelligent and they always have an opionion (geeezzz !!!) I agree with you for most part...females, well, I've had alot of Scorpio female friends, are we still friends? NO. we are alot alike even though some direct their strength in a negative way, so I'm part of the mature group lolol..."I stopped throwing things a long time ago" so cudoos to me lolol!

    Scorpio1967, I agree with you mostly because of our intenseness, we sometime come off as careless or heartless...we do not tolerate ignorance while knowing we don't know everything ourselves we sometime have the suave that we do, and we do it elegantly lolool.... I've learned throughout the years though, that I can't possibly fix everything!

    Thanks to both...


  • To be honest I dont have a lot of scorp female friends...close ones. But when we meet each other in casual settings we always give each other the smile and nod.

    The things I LOVE about myself: I'm resourcesful. I'll make a million out of two scratched up pennies, I'm loyal. I want everyone around me comfortable and fed. I'm very sensitive, I'm strong even though i cry easily I can take a lot. The people I love can and do depend on me.

    The things I HATE about myself: I'm too sensitive, I take things too seriously. I take on too much of peoples problems. At least I used to. I hate being misunderstood. I bottle up my feelings about someone else forever and then when it comes out it seems to freak people out. I hate bully's ( to other people even people I barely know) and I hate being taken advantage of. If I feel like either of those things are going on just change my settings to search and destroy and walk the hell away. Also when the people I love let me down it HURTS SO BAD. I don't let real things slide off of my back. I just shove my feelings away so no one notices.

    Not jealous...dont know why we have that rap...possessive yes. Those are two different things. Jealousy is based in insecurity...Don't know a lot of insecure scorpio's. 😉

  • Scorpio is my opposite sign, so it can be total love or total hate, or bits of both!

    Likes: Intense gaze, hardcore work ethic, very sexual, some are greedy but most I've met are very generous (to loved ones).

    Dislikes: VERY critical and judgemental, jealous

    Some of my hugest celebrity crushes are on scorpios: Ryan Reynolds, Matthew McConaughey, Owen Wilson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gordon Ramsey...

  • Scorpios are a big part of my life. I have alwaysattracted them and have long term bonds. My mate of 40 years is a scorp and I raised two scorps. First, I believe you can't lump them all in one group but I do divide them in two groups as the higher evolved or safe ones and the lower ones--those I do not attract and stay away from as anyone who underestimates the damage a unevolved scorpio can do is in for a shock--they are ruthless, calculating in a way most can't see coming. But lets not waste words on those. My favourite scorpios are powerhouses of possability--they are loyal to the max but do not call them whining over the small stuff or you will get a sharp response a little sting as Scorpio males abhor weakness so you must be a tough cookie to earn that famouse loyalty. BUT in your darkest hour it will be the scorpio who raises you from the deepest despair with just the right medicine--they are the great protectors when they love you. But they expect you not to question it it over the small stuff. The spiritually evolved ones are often very psychic and do great good for humanity--they lead others and always pay homage to the goodness of others. They have the best work ethic--unbelievable stamina. I love them! I love their respect for truth--you can always be yourself with a scorp and if you are not they will call attention to that which is why some folks think they are not nice---they see the hidden in people and will expose the BS so I've learned to not take a scorpio barb personal as yes they can dish it out but they also can take it. They do play fair when it comes to truth and they respect being put in their place when wrong. They almost always have a few secrets and do not reveal themselves to everyone. They are deeply emotional--intense YET can put up a cool steale front. I admire their strength. They can be moody--specially when feeling crowded--they like their space. If you truelly do tick one off--HIDE! The gifted ones are inspiring to be around--they create huge productive energy. I believe they test you before they let you in and that confuses many people. The spiritual ones are warriors with the highest of charactor--and never make a choice because of what others think---they honestly don't care and stand firm in their truth. They have a dry wicked sense of humour--a sharp tongue but they usually keep that just below the radar. I'm the opposit sign Taurus and consider myself their match. Scorpios are very misunderstood. They are not for the weak. Not sure if it's my psychic gifts that helps me see past the smoke they blow at times. It has to be more because anywhere I find myself in a gathering--the Scorpios will find me and we instantly connect. They are magnetic--mysteriouse--challanging and yes a bit dangerouse. Not bad dangerouse as I walk away from those and they rarely go near me either but dangerouse as as even the good ones they can sting. That famouse sting is real! Many of my greatest life altering changes have been through a scorpio partnership. I love my favourite Scorpios! BLESSINGS!

  • Hello Blmoon,

    I happened by here and I want to say "Thank You"! I am a Scorpio, definitely the evolved version, lol, and after reading your 'dialog' is hit me like a "Tribute" of sorts to us unique/one-of-a-kind folks! You have definitely paid a lot of attention/analysis to the Scorpio make up! I appreciate your wise insights/interpretations of 'us' 🙂 One thing that you so insightfully pointed out is that we are "...very misunderstood...". This is sooo true, and not many realize/get that about us, but it is was aspect that bothers me so, because at the core we are very good hearted people with good intentions for the most part! You couldn't ask for a truer more loyal friend; but once we are deeply wounded it is hard for us to rebound from it....

    Wishing you continue blessings with your Scorpio mate and children!!

    Light and Love surround you,


  • Hi EarthgGoddess22,

    I have to agree with you on the celebrity Scorpio hotties, lol!!! I too think Leonardo DiCaprio is red hot sexy, lol!!! He truly does have the signature mysterious look in his deep eyes 🙂

    Intense we are!! Passion should be our middle names, but I respectfully beg to differ about us being "...VERY critical and judgmental", very "opinionated' to the point of bordering on sounding like 'know it all', yes, lol, but critical and judgmental??? Have never heard of us described as such, I think that falls in with the 'being misunderstood' as Blmoon noted above. We seek to inspire and motivate, and we can't stand to see folks demonstrate weakness and so we will tell them about themselves with the intention of building them up to be strong; reminding them who they are; at least as an 'evolved' version of a Scorpio that is my motivation.

    As far as 'jealousy' is concerned, you only get to see this side of us, when we are obviously given a reason to display it; otherwise this characteristic will lay dormant and no one would ever know it were possible for a Scorp. We are very possessive and territorial when it comes to our mates/family so unless one has demonstrated 'suspect' behavior or disloyalty/betrayal toward our hearts/trust/devotion, this trait would never come forth, but once it does, all hell can break loose and it could be near impossible to regain our trust 😞 Sad, but true. We are the last sign anyone should cheat on unless they want out of the relationship....

    Love and Light,


  • My daughter's boyfriend is a scorpio and he is like a volcano. At thelast bit, he explodes. I have never liked scorpios personally.

  • Hello Everyone... I completely love all the comments that were made!!!

    Well here goes:

    tonib3741: I think the daughter's boyfriend is possibly young and has other issues, still immature. As for immature Scorpio's, yes there are many but then again, there are many in all signs.

    TheTransformed: I agree 100% with you on the betrayal part...oh boy, when we get crossed, the whole world can read into our vibe. Good point.

    Blmoon: I simply love your analogy, ofcourse being surrounded by Scorpio's has teached you a thing or too. Our hearts are our biggest organ lololol (too bad some have bad notions of Scorpios) glad you pointed them all out! Just wanted to add something...most Scorpio's I know are leaders, executives, detectives...always some kind of strong roll. So yes weakness is not our forte... but then again, there is always a time for laughs and a time to heal and let does tears fall. Very perceptive. Thank you!

    EarthGoddess: Thank you very much for sharing, it's important for Scorpio's to see the truth of what others think. Not that we take it personnally...cause like Blmoon wrote: "We don't care what others think" comparison, it's just insightful.

    MaketheBest: I think all Scorpio's can relate to what you've written. Please read Blmoon's can help! Thanks for taking the time to share certain things about yourself, hope this has been good for you as an individual and maybe you can take some to the bank!

    Thank you all....others welcome to share!


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