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  • Well i got speakin to a lad who wen't to my old school he's much older 21 to be exact, I'm turning 18 in september, We seem to hit it off like a house on fire, we spoke for weeks before we actually met up at a nightclub...and when still liked eachother..But he seems to get really jealous and so do's caused us to just argue all the time, and when i'm trying to keep things on good terms he dosen't seem to like it....we didn't speak for abit then he texted me asking if i was missing him, i asked if we could build it up as friends hes replied with '' i don't wan't to be fucking friends I wan't to be your boyfriend twat''..He hates it when i act mature...I said to him I gave him a chance for us to build it back up he replied with ''Uve just gave me a chance, Like i've done something wrong, that text you just sent is insulting jess! See ya later, Delete my number! Game over sexy x''...The fact he said game over makes me think is this all a game to him, it seems like to me he acts on emotions...I wan't things to work out between us...I was wondering if anyone can help me out on this and the best possible way to make it work...

    my birthdate is 13/09/1993

    His birthdate is 14/09/1989

  • Just my opinion, you can do better, he will never change most likely, sounds very controlling to me. Lose his number and move on, you can do better. 🙂 Said with a Motherly love.

  • I do really like him , but it's just breaking away...if he don't contact me I'm fine....But he allways seems to get in touch with me which sets me back abit more ...thank you for that, so sweet of you xxxx

  • You are welcome, change your number. I don't like the vibes about him you seem very sweet though.

  • Angelgirl,

    You need to take a long pause and look ahead in the future a bit here. Make a list of the qualities that you want in a future husband. Ask yourself what you will be doing in a year from now and what kind of people you want in your life? These are important questions to answer for yourself because they will help you set your lifepath that you will walk.

    At eighteen years old your whole life is ahead of you and if you settle for a controlling insercure man now , I believe the expereince would leave you feeling low and with a negative vibe towards men. You are a lively young woman with a lot of good energy that needs to be put into a career which you would find fullfilling. What areas have you looked into career wise? Focus there for awhile and beleive me the rest will come to you , like love, friends ect.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks poetic, He ended up sending me some very abusive texts earlier, thats done it for me now, I've been there done that with other boyfriends, Shubbay I would like someone who would care for me and look after me at my best interest, make me feel special, have a job, wan't to be succesfull in life, I am going to college in September I eventually wan't to go to university....I just think all the people I'm attracting right now..are of the wrong type, I need to focus on Myself for now before i attract another wrong one x

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