• Hi Pisces. Sorry I haven't been around lately but as you all know I love Poetry. So I'll let ya'll check out my poems. And I would really appreciate it if all of my fellow Pisceans replied to my poems.

  • Hi Judgmental:

    I'm a Pisces too, and today I just posted some of my poetry I wrote as a teen and in my early 20's. I read all of yours and enjoyed that you shared with all. Keep writing from your heart, from your life experiences and what makes you feel alive. You'll go far.

  • Hi Pisces, and all who are on the Poetry Blog,

    I've been a member of this site for years and just found the "Poems" area today! I ended up reading all the Poems here, because they were all so good! But I also found that quite a few writers have the same experience about 'how' the poetry comes to them. That really caught my attention, because that's how it works with me too. I felt so "un-green"! Although I'd been writing for some time, that 'particular brand' of writing only started in April, 2006.

    It was just coming up for the one year marker (I just HATE calling it an anniversary!), of my son's passing. He was just 17, my only child and I found him on May 8th, Mother's Day morning, in 2005, when I went into his room to wake him for a pancake breakfast. We were so close as I'd raised him by myself; no Dad, no Grandparents, just us! So, I didn't know what to do to appropriately honor him for that day, which was so important and so special, yet so dreadful. Suddenly, the words just came flying at me for what would be the first, of many Poems. And it doesn't end there, oh no! Then, songs come along too. The one I ended up writing for that day is entitled "No Greater Love" and the song that I've put with it is Josh Grobin's 'To Where You Are'. My canned phrase 'the experience is,"I'm just the vehicle, my Maker is driving!".

    Anyhow, I just wanted to say thanks, so much, for sharing your beautiful writing and how it came to you. I'd like to share some of mine, (I have to got 'em first!), which I'll post if you'd like to read them. Thanks again and have a great day! I'll be back soon with "No Greater..." Be well and bye for now...

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