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  • could i have a reading im currenty in a dilema with three people and im currently single.

  • Hi AngelGirll

    Sure thing, let's take a look. A love quadrangle! This will be fun! Three choices, lucky you.

    I created a custom spread for you, you can see my sketch at the bottom of the post. 14 cards.

    1. What you are really, really, really looking for in a relationship?

    The Seven of Cups. The first thing that came to mind was that you are still trying to figure that out. This Cup is all about choices in love, and so that energy is really swirling around you right now. Who, which one, door number one, two or three? So this tells me you are pondering all three directions and trying to settle on the best path for you.

    2. Your recent past - this is something you are moving away from - The Lovers! Wow, that is interesting. My first thought was that one of these situations was pretty close and intimate, and then door number two and three showed up and you are like, "hey, I wasn't expecting that! Let's go shopping!" So life has been serving up some choices for you that you didn't expect and you put "the Lovers" on hold for now. Deep freeze. For a little while anyway while you shop.

    3. Your upcoming future - The King of Pentacles - so this sees you finishing your shopping trip and you bring your booty home and choose door number... ? Well this King tells me that this guy is stable, and materially doing pretty well it seems. Apparently he can help you with future shopping trips. 🙂 Has ha I see a light hearted nature in you, no wonder you have choices in love! Good for you!

    My layout for the cards is all kooky, so you will have to follow along as best as you can. We're going to be looking at three aspects of your "love options" - How you feel about your potential mate, how they feel about you, and what the prospects look like for a long term relationship (I am assuming you want something long term? Let me know should that not be the case and we can look at the other ten guys you have been flirting with lately 😉 So, we'll start with Potential Lover (PL) C - (I am assuming you this is a guy?

    4. How you feel about PL "C" - The Four of Wands - Pretty doggone good! This guy sends you for sure, you see something exciting here, and the prospects look excellent to you for something enduring. This card is very strong so we will want to really zero in on this person for sure!

    5. How you feel about PL "B" - The knight of Cups! Wow - another winner! This knight is all about the love and you love that about him. He see him as very charming and sweet, although you have concerns about anything long term. Casanova ...and he likes pizza. Maybe its the pizza thing that has you concerned.

    6. How you feel about PL "A" - The Queen of Pentacles - Hmm... a queen. This one stopped me. Okay, I see, he reminds you a lot of yourself. You two share a lot of the same interests, books, movies, going places out doors. The activity level with this guy is fun, and you really dig that you have a lot in common. The only thing.. he doesn't light your fuse like the other two. However, you really love just hanging out with him, he seems like a good friend to you. Sometimes you wonder about a "secret side" to him... and that thought keeps you coming back for more.

    Okay, now we get into the good stuff... how they feel about YOU...

    7. How PL "C" feels about YOU - Four of Pentacles - Hmm. He sees you as someone very stable too, and so I have the sense that both of you are thinking to yourselves this could really really work, at least on a material-home-security level. I will be honest I don't see a lot of red hot passion here, this is more like a successful guy who you would be proud to stand beside at the International Convention of Stockbrokers in Milan. So you see some really exciting prospects here with him as regards a more exotic lifestyle and that has you salivating a little. Hey, you might find out that there are some "hidden treasures" here down the road. SO you get the best of both worlds, the financial security and something nice in love you weren't expecting. Right now though, he seems like a more reserved dude... and that I think drives you a little wild sometimes. Like, "what is it going to take to get this guy to really let go? This dress? This one? " ... this could be fun for you... I see you chasing him more than he (appears) to be chasing you. He really likes you a lot... and the energies are very mutual for a very mature and successful life together.

    8. How PL "B" feels about YOU - the Nine of Pentacles - Hey, very nice! Your Casanova really sees you as a lady of means at least when it comes to taking care of her life, and the world around her. He is very comfortable in your arms and you two have a romantic rapport that is very intimate and endearing. I believe he sees you as more of the "material-financial" peace of the pie than himself. What does he do? Is he an artist, or musician or something? "hey baby, can you float me again I need some more dough for a new Fender Stratocaster?" In some way, he really sees you as instrumental in his life, you are very inspirational to him, you could be like a Muse to him or something. The Pizza thing though... hmm...

    9. How PL "A" feels about you - THE DEVIL! hot! To say that you turn on this cat is putting it mildly to the nines. He 'fantasizes' a lot about you, and you are in his thoughts a lot. So there is something in you that really sends him, especially after you leave for the evening. So you see this as more of a friend thing, and he sees it as more of a "what do i have to do to get her to take her 'sunglasses' off? There is definitely a secret place in him toward you that you have not discovered yet. This could be wild once you see that part of him, and once he sees that you see, you could discover a whole new aspect of this relationship that would really send you. He really, really cares about you this guy is sweet as pie and twice as nice. So far I am going with him.

    10. The outlook for a long term relationship with PL "C" - The Ace of Swords! This is very intense. This could be a wild ride as you two learn to harness your material means together and I see success-success written in the clouds over you! The Ace of Swords is the root of the power of the air, and this sees you two in the air, I see travel and some really fun world experiences somehow. Exciting, daring, adventurous are keywords for this couple. And that sword of his - Ooh la la! 🙂

    11. The outlook for a long term relationship with PL "B" - The Sun! OMG! This is about as good a card as you can draw for this position! The Sun says you are are both dancing in a field of daisies together, laughing and having the time of your lives! This guy is a romantic with a capitol Ahh!~ He lives to love, and with you now in his arms he devotes himself to you with a passion that is almost intoxicating to you. I see that his Trip Hop, Psychedelic band really takes off and you are sharing i the rewards with him. The Sun says Hun and Fun and Guns and Roses, (squirt guns, as i see you playing in the pool, or the tub and making melody together). This is a very romance centered relationship and would be exhilarating for you. 🙂 The only challenge I see is the pizza thing.. you can buy these premade dough things at WalMart and make your own - together! What, is this guy Italian?

    12. The outlook for a long term relationship with PL "A" - The TOWER! Usually this card portends some kind of destruction like something coming apart. Not in your case. Something else is coming and it has explosive force! It looks like you finally woke up the Devil in this guy and he turns out to be little demon! It looks like the only issue you might have is control - like getting him to keep his hands to himself in the Movie Theatre or at Barnes and Nobles. "Excuse me miss, I am going to have to ask you and your 'freind" to leave our bookstore, we simply do not permit this kind of, er, erotic behavior in here." Okay, so you take it home! And i see a very very sweet home life with him. You have a lot in common, and now with the DEVIL in the mix, it will only get better, and better. And, it looks like your shared interest in movies sees you making your own movies... you know, documentaries on Rabbits, that sort of thing.

    13. Something Fun for you - The NINE of Swords - I am not even sure why I added this card to the spread, I felt led to add something in here that is not really related to the lover issue that is for YOU something as a little gift from Heaven to treasure. This Nine shows you in bed, and not exactly asleep. You look a little concerned, or is that a smile? I see you with your hands buried in your ..face, as you try to hold back the tears of happiness. This card seems to be suggesting that you always take care of yourself first, and don't overlook your personal time, as you seek to make the right decision about your lover. The Swords all seem to be pointing to the right - does that mean pleasurable thoughts about Mr. "C"? Hmm...

    14. And... the Advice card - The Hanged Man. Well this one should be self-explanatory. The advice here is to not get too hung up on any one guy just yet. You are in a wonderful position. Sure, it feels a little stressful, as any Quadrilateral Love Box will be. You actually love it though, and truth be told, I think you would have fun with a love pentagon, hexagon, or octagon or whatever! You are a very free spirited angel girl and your happiness right now lies more in discovering YOU than discovering someone else. You will always have love knocking at your door, and so you can relax and enjoy the ride.

    Now, were it up to me, and I HAD to suggest which Love to go with, there is no doubt in my mind... I would go with Door Number A for two reasons. 1) There are untapped feelings in your heart toward him, and this would work in the relationship's favor over time. You would always be seeing new aspects of him and the relationship as he showers you with 2) Passion! That is what I see here, first beginning with him as that Devil reveals himself! He will always be wild about you... the only thing you have to be careful about is that Barnes and Noble. Hint: Look for the aisles with the bibles, I think you would be less likely to get caught there. 🙂

    Hey Angel Girl, i hope you enjoyed this reading. I wanted to have some fun with you, as I see you as that kind of lady. You are a real free spirit and that is your real charm. You have fun, take your time, and you WILL make the right decision. And.. you got me hungry for pizza! 🙂

    Peace and a LOT of spicy love for you! 🙂


  • OOPS i forgot my little sketch of the spread...

  • aww this was such a lovely spread I enjoyed it so much AstraAngel seeing as our names were quite simliar on here shows we seem to have abit in common hehe 😄

    It took me me abit of time to realize which one was who But i figured it out in the end 🙂 person C owns a jewellery shop so he is financially stable also he is quite reserved so i'm guessing that is about him.

    person B is studying cooking so i guess that were the pizza came from? 😉

    person A is someone im seeing more as a friend which would be the person i went to the movies with yesterday he seemed abit touchy and feely, but something keeps me wanting to know more about him ;P.

    haha i hope i have got them all right....Im going to enjoy my time shopping around, I'm having so much fun I know eventually it will have to come to an end but im getting to know myself so much, Like I didn't know how flirty I was untill now ;)....Astra you seem so cheerfull and kind and I thought that little sketch was cute.

    Thank you, Got to be the best spread I've ever had so far xoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

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