Shuabby, please tell me where this is going.

  • Hi Shuabby,

    Thanks so much for looking into this, first and foremost. I finally heard from Richard (2/6/82- the guy that stop speaking to me because I told him to slow down) He just emailed me out of the blue last night and we have been exchanges emails pretty much all day. He says he misses me alot...he hasnt suggested we give this relationship anothere shot. Do you feel he is trying to mend the relationship or is he just reaching to say hi? Is this relationship going to turn into something serious? Also if you dont mind, can you look into my finances and tell me if they will get better? I'm a nurse recruiter and right now I live with my grandmother and I'm hoping to move out on my own in the near futre. Please tel lme what you see with both my love and my money. Thanks so much in advance. I appreciate you more than you know.


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  • Leahmya,

    Richard is testing you in form of your feelings toward him. I would let him know that you really do not say I Love You only if you mean it from the heart and expect the same from any man that you involve yourself with. Stand up and tell him just what you are looking for and what you expect in relationships. If he is indeed sincere you will have him at your door before you can recite the Declaration of Independence.

    Money wise I see that only with a step up the ladder will you be able to make it on your own, or you will have to move in with a room mate situation. Management would be a good area for you, have you thought of working in a hospital in management? This would give you the money you need to make it on your own. There is a chance that you will change your profession and go into I feel theather management. I do believe that you will be lead as to what to do next by devine intervention. Ask and you shall receive.


  • Thanks so much Shuabby! I am so greatful and appreciative that you take the time out to help me everytime I have a question or need a little guidance. I really hope things will work out between Richard and I. I would love to get into management. Maybe you are refering to the nurses that I manage while they are on the assignments that I ffind for them?? I cant see myself doing theater management because I am one of the shyest people I know so theater would definitely not be for me I dont think. You are usually right so maybe something new is just waiting for me. Thanks so much again for sharing you gift with me.


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