Reading? Anyone? Pls!!!!!

  • Me: Apr 1, 1982 (initials VL)

    Man is Sept 2, 1972 (initials NC)

    I reached my limits with him and we said good bye to each other after 9 month of relationship.

    I feel like I truly got him out of my system by now, but here and there I still feel his presence, like random signs every other day that he still around.

    Just strange feeling of his presence..

    Also I met a new man. b-day July 18, 1977 (initials GL) We are attracted to each other, but I do not feel that connection that I had with NC...

    Please clear it up for me.. is NC truly gone and my mind plays tricks on me? Should I give my new guy GL a fair chance?

    Thank you so much!!! You helped so many ppl here.. I read lots of your answers..

  • You and NC: you need to let this one go - it was not good for a love relationship. It was adventurous and challenging, but the differences between you were such that the relationship may have become wholly involved in seeking out a basis for understanding, an effort that may not have produced much reward. You two have completely different approaches to life, with you Vic acting more on your intuition and your ex tending towards structure and logic. Faced with an upcoming event or challenge, he will plan things out to the last detail, whereas you tend to fly by the seat of your pants. You two make good co-workers but very bad lovers. In more intimate settings, your energies will clash. Both love and marriage here can be undermined by your ex's emotional problems and by your inability to deal with them. When he sinks into a depression, there may be little that anyone can do for him. His nervous instability can unsettle you, with your positive, breezy attitude, leaving you both a bit unsteady and lacking the confidence to cope with any crisis that may arise. This relationship demands an emotional investment that in the end neither of you was prepared to make. Any nostalgia over it you feel is fantasy and not how the reality of the situation really was or would be. You were both just incompatible.

    You and GL: a romantic or sexual chemistry is often missing here, with a mental orientation being the strongest connection between you. But the two of you can still function together effectively as co-workers or as part of a professional team. Both of you are ambitious however, and power struggles can result as a consequence. Independence and boundaries are top priority here. The relationship will usually focus on communication through the spoken word mainly - your interactions will often elude the physical and take place via phone, text or email, with face-to-face meetings restricted to certain convenient times and places. This relationship can feature considerable emotional conflicts which will cause problems in love or marriage. Your friend is more emotional than you, who is the more intuitive, and you will not always feel comfortable with each other as feelings and impulses are often deemphasized here. This is a very difficult relationship for love.

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