New Life.....Not at all sure what my next step is? Please help...

  • I have only just started my new life and now eager to start what ever it is I am meant be here on this earth plane for. But I am not sure what my next step is. Could someone please help me with a general reading for my life's purpose or what ever is in store for me. Please

  • What is your birthdate?

  • my birthdate is July 20 1980

    Thank you TheCaptain

  • Hello,

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    Thanks a lot

    Simon neil

  • PF, you are called in this life to develop the self-acceptance and self-confidence needed to step into the public spotlight and become a leader. You probably feel set apart from others in some way. You have an unusual personality. Since early childhood, you have known deep down that you march to the beat of a different drummer. This understanding can befuddle you a bit or give you an attachment to low self-worth, since you cannot grasp the reason for it. It's as if you don't feel you belong or are truly loved. You may have accepted you are unusual but not made peace with it. Being a social individual, you surround yourself with friends for validation. Little can assuage your insecurity, however, until you believe in yourself and feel confident in your messages or mission. Only then can you fulfil your destiny. Whether you become a political leader, the head of a business organisation, or simply the charismatic centre of a group of friends, you are called to lead. However, you must base your desire to become a leader, not in a need for approval, but in the purest of intentions - the desire to further the highest good of your group or society. Your core lesson is to release your insecurity and believe in yourself. Your goal is to step into the role of leader, whether by example or as an authority, using your gifts of inventiveness, vivacity, and commanding manner.

    You will have to work to accept your highly charged emotional nature and your tendency towards wild swings of mood if you are to gain the benefits of self-esteem and assurance that are implied here. You will also need to temper the propensity to take undue risks out of insecurity. Cultivating personal discipline will prove particularly important and you would do well to surround yourself with those who have a genuine faith in your ability to succeed on your own terms, rather than those who would diminish or disapprove of you for an inability to fit in. Once you understand that your greatest strengths lie in your dauntlessness and moral courage, and not in your ability to suppress your emotions and passions under a mantle of dreary and unfulfilling conformity, you will be able to take up the higher challenge to leadership with grace, self-assurance, and a dash of genuine creative inspiration. Finding the confidence to pursue your creative visions will be the biggest fulfillment of your life. Just don't get so obsessed with being creative or sexually desirable that you hinder your own prosperity. When you lose your fear of being trapped by your own need for love and sex, or being controlled by society's values, you will be truly free to be your authentic self.

    You have a nearly insatiable desire to receive love, which can lead you into the trap of wanting to feel the acceptance of your peers. But others can never give you enough support for you to break out as an individual and take advantage of the exciting opportunities life holds for you. You must become your own best friend and encourage yourself to go after those things that will bring you happiness. And be careful not to get caught up in an unending search for knowledge - "If I have enough information, I will then feel confident to take creative action". You may never feel you have enough knowledge to ensure successful creative action, so you continue to go with the flow, waiting for happiness to find you somehow. The bottom line is that at some point you must take the risk and begin creating your own happiness. The irony is that once you take action to create your own happiness, the knowledge you need to succeed will come to you effortlessly.

    You belong in professions that reward individual creative effort, such as the entertainment industry (singing, acting, etc.) because of your natural charisma which you don't always appreciate, also entrepreneurship, art or craft, service or healing-related work in the broadest sense, or some other way of being at centre stage that releases your tremendous creative energy in constructive ways which bring joy to all. Other good options include activities dealing with children, speculation, games or sports. You have the gift of objectivity - you can accurately see what the 'game' is. When this skill is used as a backdrop for achieving goals that are fun for you, your ability to see things objectively becomes an asset, especially in intensely creative projects. You are very creative in terms of finding deeper wisdom. Because of an inherent, though not always manifested, love of the outdoors, you would make a very good backwoods guide or ranger, but you would equally excel at a high-tech career. You like time alone so you would make an excellent researcher. Your deep empathy and emotional depth can compensate for a perhaps overly mental approach to life, if you let it. By letting go of mental processes and entering a dimension of feeling untroubled by the turbulence of thoughts, beliefs and opinions, you will release your enormous dam of creativity.

    Due to past lives spent as a monk, recluse or nun, you may have a subtle negativity or mixed feelings about money and worldly success. If money is scarce in your life, you may want to reexamine your positive and negative beliefs about it. Self-trust issues can also hold you back in some areas of work. Your presence and depth will pull you towards leadership positions and you will then earn enough money to meet your needs - and then some.

    In 2011, your thoughts and energy need to be directed to career opportunities, business, work, and security. This is a year to build a foundation, make important connections, keep your nose to the grindstone, and save your money. Expansion in this year will be slow but positive. Try not to feel too restricted. This is an opportunity to consolidate and retrench, as your life will become very active and expansive in the year to follow. Build firm friendships and strive toward balance in family relationships. This is a good year for engagement and marriage, a good year to follow a routine, pay off debts, start a diet, or quit smoking. In other words, you are well advised to get your house in order in terms of relationships, body, mind, and spirit. It is possible that long awaited opportunities will come your way before the end of this year.

  • Thank you very much for your precious time TheCaptain. It is very spot on and I will think about all that you have said and it has also made me re examine a few things. Its a lot to take on 🐵

    I will be re reading this over the next couple of days so it can all sink in properly. Again thank you for your time.


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