How can I get over my ex? Lesbian Cancer & Aquarius

  • Ok well I'm lesbian a cancer age 33 and my ex she is aquarius age 39. We were together for almost 4 years and she broke up with me about 2 years ago. She has 3 children in their teens now. When she broke up with me I still continued to live in the same house. The reasons I gave myself was because deep down I wanted her back and I thought if I stayed we would eventually get back together. It actually did the contrary affect, she pushed me more and more away. I continued to support her while she was in school. A few months ago another lesbian couple that we know were having issues in their relationship and my ex insisted on having that girl come and live at our house with her child. So I was not okay with this, but my ex got mad and said I was trying to control her again. So I decided to move in with the other girl since she was left with all the bills to pay on her own. Soon enough my cancer instincts started to kick in and I could sense that my ex was falling for this girl. When I confronted her with this she would say that they are just best friends. Part of me wanted to believe her, but part of me knew something was going on. Anyway it was always my ex's dream to move to another state that allow gay marriage so we had made plans once she would finish school we would move to that other state. When came that time because of shortage of money she ended up going on her own to the state while I stayed back since I hand a full time job I could send her money and take care of the kids with the help of her sister. The other girl ended up living in a shelter with her child not going back with her girlfriend and she kept close contact with my ex via the internet and phone and now of course this girl has planned to move to that state too. Everytime my ex would bring her up her name it was like she was the best thing ever and I would get jealous about this. This girl is a libra by the way. I started to try to get answers from my ex about this girl and she would say they are just best friends. One day my ex asked me to access her gmail account for some work she wanted me to do for her. So that morning I went in and as I was doing the work the gmail chat popped up and I read my name so I continued on reading and they were talking about the fact that the libra girl had an intimate relationship with another girl while my ex is still in the other state. My ex in the conversation was hurt because the libra girl had asked my ex not to sleep with me while I was helping her get settled in the other state. Basically they were revealing their love for each other in this conversation. It broke my heart to read this and I did confront my ex with it. And she said it was just an attraction but now I’m learning that they slept together while she lived at the house but my ex does not want to admit it to me. I was so mad at my ex I told her that she’s been using me this whole time making me believe that they were just friends. Now I’m just heart broken, I can’t eat and I have to take sleep meds just to be able to fall asleep and I cry so much. We still talk cause she still needs my help for her move but now I don’t even know if I want to move there. I don’t know what to do anymore. I love her so much and we were so good to each other at the beginning of our relationship, I miss that. She keeps me alive you know and we were best friends. Now I’m alone, I don’t really have friends cause I’m so focused on my work. Please can someone tell me what I need to do here. (by the way sorry for all the mistakes, I wrote this fast and my pain is to big to focus on correcting any of it. So if there are parts you don’t understand let me know and I can elaborate) Thanks

  • Ok they wouldn't let me write my sexual orientation for some reason. So basically we are a women couple.

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