Confused by taurus man

  • So, I'm very confused by this man. He has my interest but it is waining. So we hit it off really well (he had my complete interest) and now I'm not so sure where I stand with him. We haven't known each other too long...about 4 months. When we first met i was really curious about him because he seemed like a really good guy and he wasn't arrogant and seemed to be down to earth. When we were together i would always catch him staring at me. Well, the first date we went out on he said he didn't really have enough money to pay for everything (which is ok, everyonce in awhile, I can deal with that on occassion) and we had a great time. We made a couple more times to hang out but they fell through for one reason or another. I understand, stuff happens. But after about the second time it had happened I was feeling blown off. Later, He disappeared for about a week... there was a pregnancy scare and we talked through it (he approached me about the discussion) and he explained that he tends to bottle up with cerain situations (arguments, etc) for awhile. We decided to be friends at that point. Well, he ended up texting me pretty much as soon as i left. I ignored that text for a few days and than got back to him. We keep in contact, over the phone, but not too often. We tend to run into each other at different friends houses. last time i saw him while we were hanging out he would reach over and massage my back for me a little bit (which he did a few times) then we got to talking and he asked me for a kiss. I told him no because we were supposed to be "friends". He later mentioned that I should spend the night with him sometime and than made a comment about how I probably wouldn't with a friend. Anyways, he just playing games because that's what I'm thinking and that is what is turning me off. Is he sincere? He is just confusing...can anyone help?

  • heu taurusmancomfused check out the forum "I need taurus insight" it will clue you into tauruses and you will meet some good people there to help you through this

  • Thank you shadowmist, I will check that forum out 🙂

  • Yeah thats the one t be at right now if your having taurus confusion:) Taurusmanconfusing, do you think he might be canceling because of money issues? like he doesn't feel like he can afford to do the dating thing? I'm getting that, but I think he does like you a lot. I feel hes intimidated for some reason, even if hes not showing it in that way, and showing it by behaving the way he is instead. Your first impression, good guy could be right, but theres insecurities there with him, he may not feel like he can be good enough for you, but he would like to be.

  • Thanks for responding bluecat123 It's nice to know that I'm not the only one in need of Taurus help lol. Right now his job has cut his hours, so yeah, there is a money issue. That's not really a big deal to me unless the person actually isn't trying to do anything about the situation, which he is. I really don't mind staying in and watching movies, playing games, etc...more of a home body myself. Some of the things I had tried to do with him were outdoorsy stuff, things that wouldn't cost money. Maybe I will just be patient and see what comes of it.

  • If you ask him why he dissapeared and he has a good explanation, you could probably start over, let him know he can talk to you, doesn't need to bottle it in so much, although thats his nature. I think hes yours if you want him:)

  • bluecat123 my taurus man disappeared because i thought that i may have been pregnant. I had called him and let him know that i was going to find out and he told me to let him know. Well i tried to get ahold of him to inform him of the results. I didnt hear from him at all but ran into him about a week later and he approached me to talk about it. I had decided after i didnt hear from that he was a jerk and didnt care to find out so i wasnt going to go out of my way to inform him. Thats when we talked and he told me he tends to back away from things or clam up for awhile. He apologized for making me feel that way and for the scare of pregnancy and that he had never meant for any of it. He also said he has alot of things on his mind but lacks words. Maybe i will try to show him he can trust me, like you said, just not sure how at the moment. And i still am into him but i need to know for sure if its one way or not...guess i will just have to find a way to talk about it lol. Thanks for all of your help bluecat123

  • He defintly shouldn't have ran off like that, but I guess fear can do that to a person, he would need to adress that within himself if he wanted to be in a relationship, their all about ups and downs:)

  • bluecat123 i think he handled the situation wrong. He really hurt me but i know people respond differently to things so i decided to give him the benefit of the doubt with this. I know the grace wont extend much farther though. We have hung out several times since then, at friends houses. He said he wanted to stay friends but he kissed me the last time we saw each other and stared a lot at me. He even kept talking about things as we or us. He was even a little bossy, which he hasnt been before, one example being i wanted to take a walk while people were eating fastfood,but he told me i should stay with him. Lol of course i dont listen when i have my mind set on something so i walked by myself.when i got back he was outside smoking (not sure if he was waiting up or not). We talked and flirted awhile before we went back in. I went to bed and He finished up his meal and then went to sleep with me. He didnt try anything sexual-i had let him know ahead of time that it wouldnt happen- but sure got a ton of cuddles. That is what makes me so confused...he says he wants to be friends yet he does things like that. Im not sure if its games, him being interested but wanting to move slow, or him just trying to do a fling thing. I told him initially that i was looking for something more serious. I guess time and talking will tell. Thanks again bluecat 🙂

  • What was his reaction to you stating you were wanting a serious relationship in your life, not a fling partner? and yes that was totally wrong of him to run, and I'm glad you called him out on it. Fear doesn't excuse bad behavior, but he didn't know that, yet, once he does, he has a chance to do it differently. Taurus is very touchy feely, they show affection by touching, hugging, thats their thing, so probably hard for him keep hands off even though he made the verbal friends only agreement since hes still attracted to you. Next time he tests you on that, tries to see if what you say is what you mean about not crossing platonic lines, use your leo wit,pleasantly ask him" is that your way of saying you want to be more then my friend then? because I'm rather sure you know my take on friends with benefits:)

  • When we talked initially and I told him I wanted a more serious relationship he didn't really say what he was looking for. He just made it sound like he understood what I wanted. So I don't really know. Guess next time I see him I will have to try to talk to him or something. Could I be too forward? He is the first guy that has even caught my interest in I have only talked to guys as strictly just friends for awhile.

    I think I wil definetly take your advice BlueCat.:) I really appreciate you trying to help me figure this out. I get that everyone is different and you can't generalize, but it helps to hear something.

  • You will defintly get it figured out, being a taurus he will like a confident female, but he might like to have room to practice his "moves" to so to speak. He might like to ask a lot about you, and come on strong himself at times. If you pay him a little attention, ask him wheres he at with dating , or being friends, then kind of let him take some intiative , they also like to feel "needed" as protective of their loved ones, but in a subtle way, they aren't overly jealous or overbearing about it, but you can tell when they get to tha point. Having lots of responsibility and less money makes taurus me nervous sometimes, so its good to catch them at a relaxed moment when they aren't thinking of work, another thing that takes a huge space in their minds.

  • thanks bluecat 🙂

  • hey bluecat just wanted to give you an update. Totally a string along like i thought. I havent talked to him and can figure it out

  • He strung you along?

  • Mabe its time to be done with him, Leos have better things to do then put up with bull:) Seems hes all yours in the pyshical sense, but he hasn't got his act together for the rest.

  • yeah.i didnt hear from him all week and i ran into him again. I was told that he talks to other females. Well i sure dont want that type so im good.

  • well, some taurus guys can hae a wondering eye, not all though, I've met some very loyal ones! but if hes not one of them, his loss!

  • thanks bluecat

  • Sorry i have to interrupt.. blue, u said a Taurus like confidence,.. mine moaned i was getting stronger.. then he is a control guy.

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