Rut in the love life :( May i have a reading

  • Ive been kinda down in the dumps over a bunch of stuff going on I was just wondering if i could have a reading on my love life regarding the rest of my summer just what I can expect and some guidance for me to follow 🙂 I would appreicate this and be so thankful!

    Thanks 🙂

  • Candy, I feel that life can be BRILLIANT for you in the next few months - yes, BRILLIANT - but only if you turn your back on everyone and everything you are now involved with and strike out in another direction with positivity and confidence. It's time to break away from the things that are holding you back and this also includes your atttitude, how you approach life, and how you see yourself. Any lack of self-belief will drag you down. I feel your current companions tend to bring you down rather than push you up so a change of friends or distancing yourself from any negative family members will make a big difference to your life and luck.

    It's time for a CHANGE!

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