About The Magician card.

  • Today's card on the website is The Magician. The description with it is greatly lacking in my humble opinion! The idea that the Magician in early tarot cards was not clearly a Magician due to the oppression of witches etcetera and that the modern pack with a clear Magician is a celebration of our freedom to practice, sounds completely ridiculous to me. For a start, the whole Tarot pack is esoteric and you wouldn't flash it around in the old days. I'm sure it was quite obvious what the Magician was. It was not incriminating to include the Magician card when the whole pack obviously represented being a Magician if you had one! But more to the point, the card is not so much about being a Magician as about the nature of Magic. (the High Priestess and The Empress speak more to me of being a witch or something like that). If you take the whole major arcana in order to be a life cycle starting and ending with the Fool, then the Magician is aged 2 when we are learning words and what to make of our surroundings. The card is about PERCEPTION and when you get it in a reading it means - it depends how you look at it. This can be very powerful, like saying "it's all up to you". It is generally coined as "confidence" and if you get is as the answer to "why did this happen?" then it means "to change your view" or "to open you up" or maybe "to test you". So, there's a lot more that could be said about this card if you see it as the nature and process of magic, which is to make people see things a particular way and change events all according to how you look at it, yourself. Above and beyond that, it's about quantum physics and parallel realities because you can jump off at a different angle, from a different diving board, and make a whole different thing unravel, according to your own perception, and this is because reality is always subjective and the only thing you can ever control is your own feelings... etcetera... so it certainly is about magic, but not really the witch / healer.

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