Strong, independant Cancer, hopelessly in love!

  • Ok, so I need some advice... I started dating a piscean man 18 months ago and within weeks he was telling me that I was his world... that he wanted to marry me, have kids etc etc... I was crazy about him too and things were all good, although there were minor issues which I thought would iron themselves out over time. 8 months in to the relationship I found out that he was cheating. He was mortified that I caught him and really angry with me that I had gone to meet the woman he was sleeping with (who knew nothing about me!) and found out everything that had happened! I wanted to give it a go, although in hindsight, I should have left then. Two months later he broke up with me, saying it would never be the same again... basically I think he couldn't forgive himself for what he had done and he couldn't stand the fact that I had lost respect for him. Anyway, we have stayed close, we have continued to see each other (3 or 4 times a week) but he removerd the title (ie partner)...he said he can't give me what i'm looking for... committment etc. Roll on to May 09 and I met someone else... a marvellous Gemini. We connected in a way that is difficult to describe and have been seeing each other for 5 weeks - although he lives about 200 miles form me, so we only see each other at weekends. We are totally in love and already, he has told me that he wants to marry me, he wants to move down to be with me... now, all of a sudden, Pisces man is expressing his undying love again!! Typical! He's not asking for us to get back together, in fact he's quite supportive (if a little jealous) of my new relationship... but now tells me that he is here for me, loves me etc... I'm crazy in love with Mr Gemini, but am finding it a little hard to let go of Mr Pisces.... what do I do?! I don't want to get hurt, or to hurt anyone!

  • Do yourself a favor and move on with Mr. Gemini.

  • No guarantees of not getting hurt whichever guy you choose BUT if I was you, I would enjoy my fun with Mr Gemini and resist the charms of Mr Pisces.....I wouldn't commit myself to Mr Gemini just yet though but you never know what the future may bring! No harm in being flattered by Mr Pisces ...but your glow radiating at the moment is caused by your interaction with Mr Gemini...was it as strong when you were with Mr Pisces? I guess not otherwise 8 months into the relationship he would'n't have strayed. Mr Pisces - keep him as a luscious memory to savour and concentrate on discovering Mr Gemini's true potential! Have fun

  • Blue89

    Your emotions and feelings are not like ping pong balls. Love, devotion and loyalty are the basis of love; therefore, true love is not found as often as people claim. I believe that you can make it with any sign in the zodiac. But always understand what your choices mean. You have gone from an deeply emotional sign to a purely thinking sign. From a basic feeling type to a basic thinking type. The question for you is: is this what I want or am just rebounding or transitioning. This question is important because your thoughts become your reality. You thought Pisces was the one, now you think Gemini is the one. Just be careful and use your thinking skills and well as your heart.

  • MOVE ON with the Gemini... Pisces men are scum bags...

  • Thanks for taking the time to write!... I think You're all right... I need to move on from Mr Pisces (even though I know he loves me) but at the same time I guess I need to examine what's going on with Mr Gemini... is it rebound?... Time will tell... However... do I remove Mr Pisces from my life altogether, even though he has been one of my very best friends?...

  • Hi, Sorry, Mr. Pisces is not your friend. If he is, get a new one (Mr. Gemini.) Pisces is a dual-nature sign. The negative ones will stab you in the back. It doesn't surprise me that he can't stand to see you happy (probably because he isn't.) Even if Mr. Gemini doesn't work, I think you need to move on.

  • Yep, time to move on....

  • Oh Heck! I'm so confused... I feel I have a connection with Mr Pisces... one that I can't explain. Mr Gemini is smothering me with love... I get texts every day and phone calls etc, telling me how amazing I am, that I'm the best thing that's ever happened to him, that he loves me with all his heart and soul, that he can't imagine life without me, that I am the most beautiful, intelligent... blah blah blah... but we're not talking occasionally... I mean about three or four times a day!! It's kinda getting to me. You know... too much of a good thing and all that?! I used to want a man who isn't afraid to express his feelings (especially as Mr Pisces seemed to be an emotional cripple) but this all seems too much. I find myself backing away and starting to get bored of hearing what he says. I'm afraid he's putting me on a pedestal and I'm gonna fall from a great height. Ok, I think i'm a pretty decent person, but I don't want to be sensationalised or worshiped! What do I do? Ive tried talking to Mr Gemini about it and he said "see, that's why I love you so much... your humility knows no bounds!" WHAT??!! In the mean time, Mr Pisces is still around, tells me every day that he loves me, keeps trying to get me into bed, but also keeps saying that he's messed up and that I deserve someone who can give me everything that I want. The problem is, that was him... for a long time. Please help - I'm slowly going mad with these two!!

  • I went through a similar situation with a guy in the past and he did exactly the things that your Piscean man is doing although the man I was with was a Virgo, it got to be a case of he didn't really want me but didn't want anyone else to have me. He wanted to carry on with other women behind my back and told me I was attractive etc etc just so that he could sleep with me, but he didn't want commitment and he certainly didn't want to call it a relationship. My advice to you would be just to carry on with things with the Gemini guy and just get as far away as possible from the Piscean guy who will just mess your head up.

  • Thanks "Sky80"... You know, my head is telling me you're right... and everyone else who has told me to run for the hills! Why does my heart find it so difficult to let go?!... I KNOW that Mr Pisces loves me... We irritate each other sometimes, but it's all the little stuff - the stuff I know a coupe can work out. He told me recently that seeing me with Mr Gemini drives him nuts and he's really jealous, but he realizes that it would be really unfair of him to ask me to leave Mr Gemini, as he has no guarantees about our future. He also said that he truly believes that one day we'll end up back together.... I feel so guilty even thinking about what a future could be like with Mr Pisces, when I have a loving, loyal, sensitive (if a little clingy) Mr Gemini who is dying to have this relationship with me... Maybe neither of them are right for me, eh???

  • Hello Blue 89

    you need to step away from these two energies~ clearly they have got you so off balanced~~ you need to collect your thoughts ~ in peace & quiet~ allow your Angels ~guides ~Whomever you seek enlightenment ~ stay calm & allow your Gut Intuition to Take the Wheel~~

    you allowed their energies to confuse you ~ they did nothing wrong But seek your love & affection ~ you are torn by two different astrological signs each carrfying their own emotions ~ Still no fault of theirs ~~ you on the other hand ~ need to decide ~ and allow the right energies to come to you !! this is why you need to Step away & meditate for awhile ~ and see how you Feel ~Start Fresh with Clear thoughts ~~~

    something will come or change for you !!!

    GoodLuck with this ~~~

    i am asking all angels to bring clarity & wisdom you way.... xoxoxoxox



  • Hi Mille... thank you - you're right... I need to get away and spend some time alone ( with the angels). I planned to do this next week, when I go away for a few days, but Mr Gemini has invited himself along (and bought his ticket to join me, without telling me first!)... I need some peace and and I do need to "clear the clutter" in my mind. I feel unsettled and this isn't the only thing playing on my mind!.... Thanks for your advice... I thnk an angel sent you! xxxx

    PS... I love your gif.

  • You SEE your Angels are already working ~~~

    This time away will help you tremendously ~

    Though you say that Mr.Gem~ is tagging along~ WHY did you Mr .Gem about your going away ..

    What did you expect ~ you gave him that an opportunity ~ to join you ~~ Sorry ~

    I hope you get into your peace & calm~~~~


    L*L mille

  • He invited me to something and I told him I couldn't go because I was going away. I'm actually going with a girlfriend... we had planned a week away in the sun, reading, chilling, swimming... doing nothing but "re-grouping". He obviously like the sound of it.... seems to be a little love-sick too...and asked my friend if she'd mind if he tagged along... to which she (being polite and nice) said "of course not - you're welcome!"... He took her seriously, booked a flight and then told me the next day. I'm sure he could detect the surprise, tinged with disappointment... I love him to death, but this was "me time"... then he got all upset and sensitive and then I ended up quetioning myself, thinking I was being selfish.... the stupid games we play, eh? SO... he's coming along... it'll be nice, but I have told him to expect me needing some time to myself!...

    I think it could be make or break next week!!...

    In the mean time, Mr Pisces is coming home from being abroad tomorrow and wants to see me and talk to me tomorrow night... oh heck... what do I do now??!


  • Dear Blue,

    Re read the posts & suggestions ~ Hmmm your Guy Friends are beign themselves~

    though i did not approve at how he invited himself to TAG along~ WTF

    & not first check -in with you Wow ~ Just Barge in why doncha ~ sheeeeeeeeesh

    Afterall if you are going away with a GF ) RIGHT ???

    that alone should have been clear enough that you desire Time alone

    Listen !! ~~~ I am not here to put any kind of fault on anyone ~~

    but let's face it ! some Men simply just don't get it ~ I recommend you tell both your guy friends ~ you seriously need to get away ~ for your Heath &for your sanity ^ well-being~ & that you will keep in touch as soon as you possibly can~ PERIOD ~ your Mr Gem thinks becausehe has a Ticket to join you ~ well Fine ~ okay ~ he can be elsewhere ~ & not necessarily in your space ~~~ he invited himself & he can unvite himself as well ~~~~~ Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Woman y ou are in control ~ get yourself busy LOL

  • This post is deleted!

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