So dumb

  • if you've ever been in high school you all know the story about the jock right well i was a big nerd in high school and my boyfriend was a jock he said that the only reason he broke up with me three years ago was because of his friends which i know is common but is so stupid well one of his friends dialed me up a few days ago and he asked me how things were going and i said fine and i asked him whatever happend to my ex boyfriend and he said what did he say was the reason he broke up with you and i was like he said you and some other guys were judging him and he was like well thats not true all of the guys loved you it was because he wanted to have sex with you and you wouldnt do it so i dialed my ex up and he said he still had feelings for me and he wanted to see me again and i automatically blurted out liar and said that i didnt want to talk to him again and we kinda ended our friendship

  • High school students are in such a flux of emotions. They don't think with their heads and they don't really know what they want.

    I can tell that this wound still hurts. It will heal in time, if you allow it to heal. But if you continue to open the wound, it will never be able to completely close. Give yourself the chance to heal. Leave the hurt in the past.

    The past is gone. You can't move toward the future if your head is looking over your shoulder. Keep your head facing the future, but remember the lessons of the past.

  • Hi, he didn't pass the test. Something else was more important. Be happy that nothing happened. Sounds like he was also trying to be macho around friends. I would be saying "next!" You did the right thing.

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