ASTRA ANGEL Please help :(

  • I am so Sorry to bother you... i was just wondering if you could help me further interpret this! about six months ago me and a friend of mine who used to be really close had a falling out. It was due to a third party being involved. This person an i didnt talk for a while after and i decided to let go... this person has recently come back into my life things are the same between us when the third person isnt around.. but we still havent talked about what has happened and i just wanted some claification on what the reality is of us having this discussion is. If u could help me out thatd be great! if at all possible to pull a couple extra cards to see if theres anything yet to happen this summer that would be SO grealy appreciated!!!

    THANK YOU! x 10000 🙂

    Will this discussion ever take place

    two of cups

    I would say this is a strong yes... shows a strong bond (friendship, maybe more? between two people and in the decck im using universal waite its a boy and a girl.)

    When can i expect this to happen

    I got the four of cups

    For me i look at the picture .. and it shows someone not taking the cup thats being offered to them im not really sure how to define this as when ??? help here please!!

    Why does this discussion need to happen

    Page of swords knight of wands and hierophant

    page of swords discovering a harsh reality. You fully realize that you are in an unfair situation that has kind of snuck up on you. taking a stand and refuse to continue to put up with it which comes knight of wands some sort of message ... and it coming fast i would say so soon i should expect this maybe? ... but the the heirophant confussing me..following tradition thats why this discussion needs to happen

    Advice: Emperor

    taking charge and setting boundaries

    Outcome page of wands and lovers

    a message of good news regarding a decision that needs to be made???

  • Just an interpetation of ur outcome: pw--when all is said and done u'll feel it wasn't even worth the effort; lovers--but u'll do the right thing and the problem will be rmoved or corrected--good luck!

  • Hi candycane22

    Let's see what we can see!

    Will this discussion ever take place

    two of cups

    I agree with your interpretation this is a VERY positive sign and a definite yes

    When can i expect this to happen

    I got the four of cups

    Timing question can be tricky.. so much depends on our choices and such, however fours are the number of manifesting, so I would say soon. No more than 1-4 weeks.

    Why does this discussion need to happen?

    Page of swords... Knight of wands... and Hierophant

    Well, I think you are on the right track... Pages are messengers, like an angel... swords are intellect and communication, this page is always kinda watching his back. So this says to me a need to communicate with this person to be more open and honest so you can be yourself and at peace with them. Some heartfelt discussion... forgiveness perhaps... bring some kleenex...

    Knight of Wands... This knight is on the move, and the wands are spirit and creativity... yes, pretty quick and Spirit will be in the midst of your communications with them, helping you connect nicely... this is a very good sign

    And the Hierophant seems to back up the Page, there could be some written words between you, have you written them? A letter would be good, that is a wonderful way to communicate, or it sounds like you need to write down some of your feelings in this matter, gain some background on the situation. Are you journaling? Personal journaling would help a lot here to work out through your feelings about this person BEFORE you are face to face with them. The Hierophant is always reading from a book... could be the Bible... could be your journal... 🙂

    Advice - Emperor. Yes I see this the same way, this matter has bothered you for some time and it is good that you are wanting to reconnect, communicate. No need to take sides here though, both of you are on the same page, your hearts are wanting to get together.

    Outcome - Page of Wands and Lovers... again the Page, tying this back to the Page Swords we saw at the beginning... so this is a "reunion sandwich" with these two pages... the Page of wands is very spirited, I see this as a very wonderful indication that you will walk away from this meeting or sharing time very liberated... spirit having worked Her miracles for the two of you... and the Lovers, nothing more needs to be said there. very, very beautiful reconciliation, forgiveness, and heartfelt communications... bring extra Kleenex 🙂

    ANd let me pull a few extra cards here and see what comes up...

    ACE OF CUPS... so wonderful again, really sweet outcome for you and them, you have learned a lot about one another surprisingly from the time apart, and now it is like the relationship will start again on a new footing. A very nice sign from the Universe for you.

    and... JUSTICE - Just when you thought that life was against the two of you, and for whatever reason matters deteriorated between you two, the Justice lady shows up to restore balance between you and them and will answer all questions, fill in the missing places between you, and wisdom will prevail.

    Keep doing the work you are doing, stay calm and balanced with this person, they respect that about you, and expect the most wonderful, sweetest outcome, because that is exactly what I see for you and them. I sense that you must have been very close and the whole affair has torn you up inside somehow, you hang in there, all is being worked out by Spirit for the best possible outcome for this situation.

    I hope that helps... I am wishing positive energies of love and real communication for you to expect in this matter... take care candy cane!

  • Well im glad im getting better at interpreting im so new to this!!! anyways thank you so much for this its amazing that your so good at this 🙂 AND so very accurate!!

    We had a falling out a while ago and i wrote him two letters .... one went without a reply due to the third party involved.. and thats why id love to be able to talk to this person! Theres soooo much that has gone on thats never been talked about that needs to be talked about ... so its nice to see that the reading turned out so positively!! I guess time will tell 🙂

    Thanks again 🙂

  • AHHH sorry to bother you again i just have one more thing if at all possible i know ur REALLy busy and on vacation!! sorrryy!!!

    The person i just asked about about five months ago i deleted him from everything... i needed some time to go over things and what not and ive had a feeling that ishould add him back but i dont know ... could u help me interpret this if at all possible and draw a couple cards again ... Thank you so much for helping me 🙂

    Should I add him back - ten of cups (clarifyer as to why six of cups)

    ten of cups i think is a strong yes a strong foundation is there ... six of cups with id say a strong foundation to something from the past correct?

    What is the reality of the situation if i do add him back

    Page of cups three of cups judgement (three of wands as clairifier)

    A mess of good news which then leads to some sort of celebratory feeling possibly a party that will make me decide something or a decision will be made .. the right decision will be made?

    how will he feel if i do

    queen of cups queen of wands ace of cups fool...

    queen of cups letting your feelings show and not holding back queen of wands is about passion and with the ace of cups and fool a new beginning im not really sure about this combo

    Outcome: knight of swords page of wands and four of wands

    Again all about fast action and messages and a celebration at the end ... the right decision being made...

  • Hi CandyCane,

    I replied to a more recent topic you had started a little earlier - I wanted to pick back up on this thread. Is this the same issue? I sense it must be. First of all I can tell you are really, really seeking some answers related to this individual. You are in a place that I have also been for quite a while.

    I just pulled a card for you... and also got the same last card you did in your OUTCOME


    SO this is absolutely wonderful news for you, and I want you to know that it is obvious to me that Heaven has you covered in this matter and it is going to work out so beautifully. I can't say when or how, I know it will work out with this person. Hang in there, i Know that can be hard in these situations, you are deepening, deepening in your journey and anytme there is growth there is some pain. The Universe arranges these situations between people, you lose a relationship for bizarre reasons and it sends your life into a tailspin... you cry your eyes out... believe me I know what that is like... it is hard to understand, it is then that we have no choice but to reach out in Spirit and trust that everything will work out. You sound so much like me... I was in a situation and was crying out for answers, and no matter what I did the answers would not come, I pulled cards over and over agonizing over the matter... and the pain was simply there, and I could do nothing more than wait.

    THE FOUR OF WANDS - you hold on to that one card, I mean, pull it out of your deck and set it somwhere you can see it often, and that is the Universe saying to you, candycane, you have nothing to fear. You will find the perfect resolution in this situation, you will be so very happy, a very sweet and tender resolution and reunion.

    Wishing you much peace and calm energies as you walk out your beautiful path with your head held high. Don't be afraid to cry either, that is why we are here... to feel everything... and keep going... you are a Star Child, you are very beautiful to Heaven.... you have some very beautiful days just ahead...

    Love and peace,


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